LA CREPERIE MODERNE: Home of Crepes & Galettes in Salcedo, Makati!

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LA CREPERIE MODERNE is a French-inspired modern cafe in Makati, specializing in crepes and galettes. It’s the sixth La Creperie branch overall but the first to finally open in Makati (the other branches are in the Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Quezon City areas).

We had our business meeting here with our Ledesma partners, and here’s our experience… 

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La Creperie Moderne has a bar with a chandelier as the focal point of the interiors.

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You can reserve the dining area on the left side of the resto for private functions. 

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Menu: Galettes de Sarrasin | Les Gastronomiques | Gourmet Crepes Sucrees | Make Your Own Crepes | Le Petit Dejeuner, Les Soupes  &  Les Salades Composees | Les Pates, Hearty Meals | Ice Cream Delights, Le Jus de Fruits, Le Chocolat Chaud | Le Cafe, Les Boissons

Drinks: Red & White Wine | Sparkling, Champagne 

The menu specializes in crepes and galettes but is not limited to it because they also offer a la carte dishes with rice.

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Love their eco-friendly Christmas tree design! 

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French Onion (P295) with Gruyere cheese.

The French onion soup has the right sweetness from the onion, with a generous topping of cheese.

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The kitchen prepares the crepes upon order. They’re best eaten immediately while hot.

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Quatre Fromages (P395). Gorgonzola, Fontina, Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese with roasted garlic, mushrooms, and arugula.

The galettes are the savory ones with thin crepe folded into squares. A good, light appetizer with different kinds of cheese and arugula to cut through the cheesy flavor.

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Angus Beef (P355). Crepe topped with Angus beef tapa, egg, chopped tomato, and green salad.

It’s like Tapsi-Crepe using Angus beef with salad on the side. Only thing is it’s not filling; you can order the rice version of this instead.

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✮ Fontina (P405). Fontina cheese, prosciutto, fresh mixed mushrooms, and arugula.

Prosciutto-cheese-arugula is a popular pizza flavor combination served in a gallete form.

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✮ Sole Meuniere (P395)Fillet of sole sauteed in butter with lemon, caperberry, and parsley, served with rice and green salad

They have good rice meals, like this fish fillet in butter with rice. 

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✮ Angelina’s (P210). Our piece de resistance, Paris style rich hot chocolate with dark chocolate couvertures and a side of whipped cream.

For dessert, make sure to order the Angelina’s, served with dark chocolate the size of a big coin. Mix it with the hot chocolate and a bit of whipped cream to taste. A nice chocolatey finish.  

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✮ Crevette (P295). Shrimp, crab roe (aligue), and spinach in bechamel sauce.

This is my wife’s personal favorite because of the distinct flavor combination of shrimp and aligue, with spinach to make it healthy. It’s bigger than the thin gallettes, and the sauce oozes out when you cut it.

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Nami (P255). Rolled crepe with Herbed cheese, fresh mixed mushrooms, and caramelized onions.

A popular crepe in Nami resort in Boracay, which is owned by the same family. The crepe is simple and made to look like soft crust lumpia.

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Make sure to reserve the corner spot for a nice business meeting venue with your friends or partners. 

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Churro Crepe (P195). Crepe with butter, cinnamon sugar, and Spanish-style dark chocolate served two ways (for dipping and sipping in an espresso way).

A popular and unique dessert crepe–Spanish churros in crepe form with chocolate served as a dip. You can dunk pieces of the crepe in it before eating or have it as a chocolate espresso for sipping after each bite.

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Super Christine (P265). Fresh strawberries with balsamic glazed strawberries, strawberry jam, whipped cream, and homemade bittersweet chocolate.

We love this crepe with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolatey sauce.

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Butter and Sugar (P95)

It was surprisingly simple but very good–just a plain crepe sprinkled with sugar.

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The crepes are very good and can stand on their own. The place is a great option for a lazy afternoon merienda or a dessert stop, but isn’t too filling if you’re going for lunch.

We recommend the Crevette, Fontina, and Sole Meuniere for your savory choices. Then order the Angelina’s, Butter and Sugar Crepe, and Super Christine Crepe for dessert. Budget about P500/head.

LA CREPERIE MODERNE is a great addition to the flourishing Leviste Food Street in Makati. 🙂

At the back side of of the V Corporate Center at 125 L.P. Leviste St.
(facing Soliman St. side), Salcedo Village, Makati City
Mobile: +63 942 582-4946
Facebook: La Creperie PH

Other Branches:

Broadway Avenue cor. 14th Street, New Manila, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 705-7100

403 F. Calderon St. Little Baguio, San Juan City
Telephone: +632 570-1788

88 Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 709-2446

2nd Floor, West Wing (near Ralph Lauren) 
Telephone: +632 584-6540

2nd Floor Veranda
Telephone: +632 477-7089


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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of the Ledesma family. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Let me know what favorites are at La Creperie in the comments.

3 thoughts on “LA CREPERIE MODERNE: Home of Crepes & Galettes in Salcedo, Makati!

  1. I’ve tried their San Juan City branch, and the crepes were just blah. Even the savory crepes had little flavor, you can only taste the cheese and little else of the filling. I went there because of an online coupon and even at discounted price, it was a total waste of money.

  2. Hi, Anton how are you? The foods that you posted make me hungry. Nakakagutom talaga. I love crepes with of course hot coffee or hot chocolate. French onion soup is also my favorite soup. Thanks for your post. Have a nice day always.

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