THE FRUIT GARDEN: Sunshine Medley, Fairy Flush, & the Sexy Provençal Collection!

The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-3.jpg
The Gift Box (3 assorted jams of 120 gr – P510). The Provencal Collection: Strawberry Rose, Apricot, Peach Thyme.

FRUIT GARDEN is a boutique jam maker in Asia where each fruit jam is cooked in the French tradition of small batches in copper cauldrons. It’s 100% natural, with a minimum of 60% fruit content, and only fruit, sugar, and fruit pectin are used.

Every Christmas season, they release limited edition luxury fruit jams in elegant packagings. This year, the Luxury Jam collection is inspired by the fruits, flowers, fresh thyme, and rose water from Provence, France. It’s a great foodie gift this 2014 Christmas season!

Watch the video below as Pierre and Ria Marmonier explain the story behind this collection.

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The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-8.jpg
The Fruit Garden Luxury Jam Provencal Collection was launched in Chef Marc Aubry’s Champêtre in BGC, and allowed guests to experience the flavors, aroma, and traditions of Provence.

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The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-29.jpg
I love this “Santon” Nativity Scene by artisans of the House of Fouque in Provence. Santons, which means “beautiful saints”, are little clay figurines typically depicted in 19th-century dresses and traditionally displayed under the Christmas Trees in Provence.

Watch the video of Pierre and Ria Marmonier explain the story of the Provencal Collection of The Luxury Jam.

The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-16.jpg
The Christmas Collection (120g Wave Bottles – P300/bottle)Sunshine Medley (Apricot Lavender) and Fairy Blush (Mix Berries – Spices).

The Christmas flavors are very “sexy”, and they are only available by the end of December.

The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-17.jpg
The Wave Set (2 assorted jams in wave jar – P650) with traditional “indienne” pattern from Southern France

Pierre and Ria designed the Christmas boxes inspired by the “indienne” pattern that were first printed in the south of France in the mid-seventeenth century.

The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-4.jpg
The Provencal Discovery Set (6 assorted jams of 30gr – P395). Apricot, Orange Marmalade, Peach Thyme, Strawberry Rose, Mango Lavender, Pineapple Coco-Rhum. 

It’s a good sampler set to give to foodies for them to experience different kinds of flavors.

The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-14.jpg
The Biot Coffret (5 jams of 120gr – P990). Mango Lavender, Pineapple Coco Rhum, Apricot, Strawberry Rose, Peach Thyme.

I would go for the 120g jars because the 30g jams are a bit bitin, especially if you like the flavor. 

The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-21.jpg
The Grasse Coffret (4 jams of 120gr & 2 Capiz shell bowls – P1,300). Strawberry Banana, Pineapple Coco-Rhum, Mango Passion, Calamansi Brandy.

Check out this coffret with proudly Philippine-made Capiz shell bowls. 🙂

The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-6.jpg
The Aix Coffret (2 jams of 120gr, 1 jam of 350gr, 2 Capiz shell bowls, 2 spoons – P1,490). Apricot, Peach Thyme, Pineapple Coco-Rhum.

A good gift for foodies who love fruit jams, with a 350g bottle of their favorite flavor or the seasonal flavor with 2 mini spoons for the jam.

The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-7.jpg
The Tarascon Coffret (4 jams of 30gr, 2 jam of 120gr, 1 jam of 350 gr, 2 Capiz shell bowls, 3 carabao horn spoons – P1,850). Berry Duet, Orange Marmalade, Strawberry, Guava, Pineapple-Mango, Mango Passion, Pineapple Coco-Rhum.

The ultimate luxury jam foodie gift. 🙂 

The Provencal coffret
The Coffret Provencal Line limited edition boxes can be specially wrapped with Provencal fabric.

  • Biot Coffret (P1,200)
  • Grasse Coffret (P1,500)
  • Aix Coffret (P1,850)
  • Tarascon Coffret (P2,350) 

The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-11.jpg
I also love this Orange Marmalade in a big bottle, which is a great partner for breads at the dinner table.

The Fruit Garden Champetre Collection Launch at Champetre-25.jpg
Nice to see all of our foodie friends during The Fruit Garden Provencal Collection launch at Champêtre!

Box offer

295 Haig street, Mandaluyong city, Metro Manila, Philippines
(look for “Lyric apartelle” green sign)
Telephone: +632 621-4603
Email: or
FacebookThe Fruit Garden

Individual Bottle Prices:

  • 30g Jar – P53
  • 120g Jar Hexagonal – P160*
  • 120g Jar Wave – P300
  • 350g Jar Hexagonal – P300*

* For raspberry flavor add an additional cost of P20 for the 120g jar and P50 for the 350g jar.

Note: All prices are VAT inclusive – Minimum delivery for Metro Manila P10,000 – 50% down payment on order, balance at delivery.

Product Shelf Life: 18 to 24 months.

Volume Discounts:

  • Php 15,000 and above = 5%
  • Php 25,000 and above = 7%
  • Php 50,000 and above = 10% 
  • Php 100,000 and above = 15% 
  • Php 250,000 and above = 17%
  • Php 500,000 and above = 20%

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Disclosures: We attended the launch event of The Fruit Garden Provencal Collection. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. The countdown begins–10 days before Christmas! 


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