The NOBU Manila Restaurant Experience (A Review) @CityofDreamsPH

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The NOBU Restaurant is a Japanese & Peruvian-inspired restaurant by Celebrity Chef Nobu Matsuhisa in City of Dreams Manila. It’s the signature restaurant of the Nobu Hotel and the 2nd Celebrity Chef Restaurant to open in the metro.

We had a special date with our foodie friends, Tina and Chef Guy, to check it out. Here’s our experience and some tips to have an awesome experience at Nobu…

Level 1 Tower 3 Nobu Hotel
Telephone: +632 691-2882, 691-2885

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We had a 2-hour tour of City of Dreams and I was able to compress the highlights into a 5-minute video entitled, “10 Things about City of Dreams that is Like No Other in Manila!” Watch the video above! 

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NOBU MENU: Nobu Cold Dishes: Tiradito, Ceviche, Nobu Style Taco, New Style Sashimi, Nobu Salad  | Nobu Hot Dishes: Premium Japanese Wagyu, Toban-Yaki, Omakase | Sushi & Sashimi, Sushi Roll | Nobu Yakimono, Brick Oven Dishes, Kushiyaki, Soup & Noodles 

Nobu Manila is a casual-fine dining restaurant specializing in Japanese & Peruvian-inspired dishes.

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NOBU BEVERAGE MENU: Nobu Sake Selection | Cocktails 1 | Cocktails 2 | Glass List | Champagne & Sparkling | White Wine 1 | White Wine 2 | Red Wine 1 | Red Wine 2 | Dessert Wine | Whiskey | Vodka | Gin & Tequila | Beer, Non-Alcoholic, Ikaati 

They exclusively serve the Nobu Sake and Matsuhisa wine.

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I love the hip, young, and Japanese-inspired ambiance with cool background music.
 The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-5.jpg
You can sit on the Chef’s table-sushi counter… 

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-60.jpg
…or reserve this more secluded table with surrounding wood panels… 

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-39.jpg…or the al fresco Floating Cabana with a minimum consummable of P60,000.

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-61.jpg

There’s also a special Teppan-yaki table with a separate set and a la carte menu. Will try this next time.

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-9.jpg
Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño (P920 +10% service charge +local tax)

The hamachi sashimi was delicate, with a smooth sauce and a nice touch of jalapeño to spice it up. 

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-10.jpg
✮ Sushi Roll House Special (P540 +10% service charge +local tax) 

This is a signature sushi roll at Nobu with fresh flavors of the ocean–flying fish roe, tuna, salmon, white fish, and snow crab–all in one big sushi bite. 

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-35.jpg
✮ Rock Shrimp Creamy Spicy, Creamy Jalapeño or Butter Ponzu (P990 +10% service charge + local tax)

I personally love this! It’s spicy, with a light, flavorful cream and an addicting crunch. The flavors are well-balanced and not too overpowering.

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-41.jpg
✮ Black Cod Miso (P1,430 +10% service charge + local tax)

You have to order this Nobu Matsuhisa signature dish!

Premium black cod fillet marinated with white miso paste, sake, mirin (sweet japanese rice wine), and sugar. The cod meat itself is creamy with a sweet and spicy miso flavor.

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-44.jpg
Beef Kushiyaki (P785 +10% service charge +local tax). Choice of Teriyaki or Anticucho.

We ordered this skewered beef marinated with teriyaki. It was very meaty and can be paired with rice. 

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-47.jpg
Nobu Paella (P1,345 +10% service charge +local tax) 

The paella is good to share with 3-4 people. The flavors are light and balanced. The rice was OK but I was missing the tutong. It’s a good, filling course to go with the other dishes.

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-49.jpg
✮ Jidori Free Range Chicken (P1,010 +10% service charge + local tax)

The chicken was chopped and ready for chopsticks. The chicken meat is very lean with a light sauce. I would recommend this, especially if you’re sharing. 

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-48.jpg
We had an 8-course family sharing degustation from the a la carte menu so we could taste as many dishes as possible.

You can check out the Chef’s Daily Creations Omakase (P6,160) or Nobu Signature’s Omakase (P4,480).

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-53.jpg
✮ Genmai Cha with Matcha (P235 +10% service charge +local tax). Delightful savory aroma of roasted rice balanced by sweet vegetal notes.

The green tea was strong and bitter–just the way I like it. 

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-57.jpg
NOBU DESSERT MENU: Dessert Wine | Dessert Menu

You have to save room for the Nobu Desserts, which were part of the highlights of our Nobu experience. 

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-59.jpg
✮ Chocolate Bento Box (P365 +10% service charge + local tax)

Chocolate fondant lava cake done well with green tea ice cream in a bento box.  

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-55.jpg
Guru-berii (P450 +10% service charge +local tax)

This is my personal favorite! Frozen Greek yogurt ice cream with blueberry foam, fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce, topped with smoked almond.

The Nobu Manila Experience City of Dreams-56.jpg
Miso Cappucino (P385 +10% service charge +local tax)

For coffee lovers, a good, sweet ending to the Nobu Meal–made of miso-chocolate brulée, vanilla ice cream, candied pecans, and cappucino foam. 


The NOBU Restaurant Manila is a great place to celebrate your special milestones with your loved ones, or for going on a foodie date with your family and friends. The restaurant is ideal for foodies looking for better quality of food in the metro. 

Make sure to order the signature dishes–Sushi Roll House Special, Rock Shrimp Creamy Spicy, and the Black Cod Miso. Don’t forget the Nobu-exclusive sake and wine.

You can really taste the flavors of the ingredients without overpowering sauces–light, balanced, and elegant.

The a la carte dishes are small portions but can be shared with 2-3 persons. And you can assemble your own 8-course degustation so you can try more dishes. 

Make sure to save some space for dessert. I recommend the trio of their best desserts–Chocolate Bento Box, Guru-berii, and Miso Cappucino.

Budget P2,000-P3,000/head, or P4,000 – P6,000/head if you’re going with the Omakase.

The portions on their own aren’t very filling, and some people may find the dishes outrageously expensive for the size. But we love the attentive service staff, who go as far as wiping the table clean without you noticing it. 

Congratulations to the successful opening of  Nobu Manila in City of Dreams!

Level 1 Tower 3 Nobu Hotel
Telephone: +632 691-2882, 691-2885

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Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: We paid for our mealI wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. While it may not appeal to everyone, I still think Nobu is a must-try for any foodie at least once. #MasabiLang

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