BUFFALO WILD WINGS: Hand-spun Chicken Wings and Blazin’ Challenge Now in Manila!

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BUFFALO WILD WINGS is the first Asian franchise of the popular Buffalo chicken wing restaurant and sports bar concept by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery. Founded in Ohio, USA 30 years ago, BWW promises the best Wings, Beer, and Sports experience in Manila.

The Bistro Group’s timing in opening BWW couldn’t be more perfect, capitalizing on the two biggest trends in Manila–passionate sports fans + a booming restaurant scene.  

Here are some tips on what to order and a preview of how to beat the Blazin’ challenge…

Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings. Beer. Sports
Ground Floor Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City
General Manager: Clint Brian Peck
Mobile: +63 917 604-5998
E-mail: bwwestancia@bistro.com.ph

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You feel welcomed the moment you enter the restaurant, with a cheerful service crew happy to serve you.

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-20.jpg
Buffalo Wild Wings Menu:  Sharables and Sides, Thin Crust Flatbreads  | Hand-Spun Wings | Beefy Burgers and Satisfying Sandwiches, Kid’s Meal | Wraps and Buffalitos, Desserts | Drinks, Beer 

The menu is focused on the buffalo wings and pica-pica items that are easy to eat while watching sporting events. There are no pasta or rice toppings.  

Buffalo Wild Wings First Day-2.jpg
Buffalo Wild Wings Drinks Menu: Magnificent Margaritas, Premium Pours | The Perfect Draft | Starting Line-Up, Overtime Teas | Ales, Mojitos | Lagers, Other Styles

Most of the seats have a good view of the 40+ wall-to-wall, flat-screen HDTVs, featuring the best of sports. 

Buffalo Wild Wings First Day-28.jpg✮ Jalapeño Pepper Bites (P395). Breaded jalapeños stuffed with cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and bacon. Served with southwestern ranch dressing.

I recommend this unique appetizer treat of jalapeño sticks that give just the right spicy kick to whet your appetite.

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-21.jpg
✮ Tennent’s Original Irish Cider (P245). Unlike beer, hard cider is fermented with apples. You could say it’s practically nutritious. (We’re not going to say that, but here you’re free to express those types of ideas.)

Start off with a light apple cider drink, which matches perfectly with the jalapeño.

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-30.jpg
Spinach Artichoke Dip (P375). Served with warm pita chips, carrots, celery, and red peppers.

The pita chips were a bit hard but we enjoyed the dip–not too creamy but flavorful.

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-29.jpg
Chips & Salsa (P235). Warm corn tortilla chips served with salsa.

The serving size is big enough to share, but you have to request for extra cheese to really enjoy this. 

Buffalo Wild Wings First Day-23.jpg
Hand-Spun Wings. Our famous wings are spun FRESH in your favorite Buffalo Wild Wings sauce and dry seasoning, and served with your choice of celery, carrots, bleu cheese, or ranch dressing.

The highlight of the meal here is the New York-style Chicken Wings with 18 signature sauces and seasonings, ranked according to spiciness levels. 

We tried most of the flavors and here are our favorites…

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-34.jpg
✮ Parmesan Garlic (Small size at least 10 – P495)Roasted garlic and parmesan sauce with Italian herbs.

For us, this is the best among the non-spicy wings we’ve tasted. The chicken does not have any flavor on it’s own, but it’s juicy and cooked just right. The flavor is coated and you can request for the sauce on the side. 

Buffalo Wild Wings First Day-22.jpg
Honey BBQ (Snack size at least 5 – P295). A sweet, sassy sauce. Savor the flavor.

If you like something sweet, go for the Honey BBQ. Order the snack size if you insist on having your own mini-taste test of the different flavors of wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-35.jpgBuffalo (Snack size at least 5 – P295). Classic heat and soothing buttery flavor.

I didn’t like the dry-spiced wings, but order the Buffalo if you’re not a fan of saucy wings. 

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-44.jpg
Tennents Whiskey Beer (P245). Bigger than pale ale, yet smaller than a barley wine. This malty, amber to reddish copper beer is rich and complex.

It’s interesting to pair the wings with the whiskey beer, which gives the chicken a different dimension. 

Buffalo Wild Wings First Day-12.jpg
Thai Curry (Snack size at least 5 – P295). Herbs and spices combined with sweet chilies and curry flavor.

My wife loved the Thai Curry flavor, which wasn’t spicy.

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-36.jpg
✮ Mango Habanero (Snack size at least 5 – P295). Feel the burn, savor the sweet. Two sensations, one sauce.

I’m know to love spicy wings and this is my favorite! It has a seductive, sweet mango flavor with a spicy traydor kick.

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-37.jpg
✮ Paulaner Heffe Weissbier Draft (16oz – P295, 22oz – P395)

I prefer to pair my chicken wings with draft beer–it’s either San Miguel beer or Paulaner for me.

Buffalo Wild Wings First Day-20.jpg
Blazin’ (Snack size at least 5 – P295). Keep away from eyes, pets, children. The hottest sauce we got.

This was so spicy that I was already sweating just after eating two skins. I felt the burning sensation in both my fingers and mouth. 

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-46.jpg
For all the chili heads out there, you’ve got to try the Blazin’ Challenge, which is to eat 12 Blazin’ wings in 6 minutes without drinking and wiping your mouth.

Watch how Ely Paguia–who does not like chili at all–was able to beat the Blazin’ challenge! 

Buffalo Wild Wings First Day-15.jpg
Parmesan Garlic Chicken (P375). Our signature Parmesan Garlic sauce tops this crispy, oven-baked flatbread pizza along with chicken and mozzarella-provolone cheese blend

Aside from the wings, you can order the flatbread pizzas, which are good pica-pica dishes to share while watching your favorite sports.

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-28.jpg
✮ Juicy Steak Burger (P625). A grilled burger patty with a pile of juicy prime rib, fried onion rings, pepper jack cheese, and your choice of Buffalo Wild Wings sauce

We tried 3 burgers, and the best one for us was this burger with a steak-like consistency.  

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-48.jpg
Don’t forget to take a photo with the Buffalo Wild Wings mascot when you have a chance.

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-31.jpg
Congrats to The Bistro Group for a job well done in bringing this beloved American Buffalo chicken wing franchise to Asia for the first time! 🙂

Buffalo Wild Wings Opening-1.jpg

BUFFALO WILD WINGS is a great place to watch a big game while enjoying draft beer and wings. For the chili heads out there looking for a challenge, their Blazin’ wings are waiting for you. 

Start your meal with the Jalapeño Pepper Bites and the Tennent’s Original Irish Cider.

Then make sure you order snack sizes of the different chicken wing flavors for variety. We recommend the Parmesan Garlic for the non-spicy options, and the Mango Habanero for the spicy. Also order the Juicy Steak Burger if you want something filling and meaty.

Take the Blazin’ challenge to get a free T-shirt and bragging rights!

Budget about P500-P700/head. The place is best enjoyed in the company of sports-loving friends!

Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings. Beer. Sports
Ground Floor Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City
General Manager: Clint Brian Peck
Mobile: +63 917 604-5998
E-mail: bwwestancia@bistro.com.ph

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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our friends from The Bistro Group during the media launch. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Here’s an MTV highlight of the grand opening of Buffalo Wild Wings in Manila…

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