COCO ICHIBANYA: #1 Japanese Curry House in the World…Now in Manila! @CoCoIchibanyaPH

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Curry House CoCo Ichibanya holds the Guinness World Record for the largest curry restaurant chain in the world–with over 1,400 stores. 

The first store in Manila finally opened at Basement 1 of Estancia Mall, franchised by Hubert Young of UCC Philippines and Mitsuyado Sei-men fame.

Here’s a guide on how to enjoy your CoCo Ichibanya Curry experience in Manila…

B-006, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Meralco Ave. Cor. Shaw Blvd, Pasig City
Facebook: CoCo Icibanyan PH
Instagram: cocoichibanyaPH
Telephone: +632 696-1649

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Coco Ichibanya Menu: Recommended Mix Menu | Meat Curry | Seafood Curry | Original + Vegetable Curry | Salad, Dessert & Drinks

The menu allows you to customize your curry and provide options for vegetarian companions, as well as for those not looking to eat rice. Most of the ingredients are imported from Japan to provide an authentic and uncompromised Japanese curry experience.

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Sausage Salad (P180 +10% service charge)

Start with the fresh salad with their goma dressing and these Japanese sausages with a good, snappy bite. 

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✮ Pork Cutlet Curry (P320) with 200g of rice and Crazy Hot level 5 sauce.

I love their curry because you can taste the freshly prepared sauce that is light, well-balanced, and velvety smooth. There’s no cornstarchy taste or sweetness to ruin its yummy flavor.

TIP: The standard sets come with 300g of rice, but you can order less rice at 200g (less P20) or double the rice at 600g (add P120). 

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For chili heads, I recommend the crazy hot curry level 5, which is just enough to make you sweat yet still be enjoyable to eat. 

NOTE: They only offer up to level 5 here. In Japan, the max is level 10.

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✮ Pickled Plum (complimentary)

I love this pickled plum that goes well with rice, curry sauce, and the meat!  

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✮ Pari-Pari Chicken Topping (P130 +10% service charge)

You can order toppings on the side for your standard sets. I recommend this lightly fried chicken without any thick breading but still crunchy and flavorful.

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✮ Sausage Topping (P130 +10% service charge)

You won’t get enough of these Japanese sausages! 

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Shrimp Cutlet Topping (P180 +10% service charge)

For your pescetarian and vegetarian companions, they offer shrimp tonkatsu with real shrimps underneath the breading. 

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Kids are welcomed here with their kiddy plates, utensils, and bibs. 🙂

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Calamansi Iced Tea (P100 +10% service charge)

The only locally sourced ingredient on the menu is the calamansi, for their custom iced tea for the Manila market. 

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✮ Cheese Hamburger Curry (P360 +10% service charge)

Another great option is the Japanese burger with stuffed cheese inside–highly recommended for kids. Make sure to order the mild curry sauce. 

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I would suggest incorporating spinach into your curry sauce for a balanced meal. 

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This Shrimp Gratin was just OK. I wasn’t impressed with the shrimps, which were a bit small and not too flavorful.

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For dessert, they have an off menu Coffee Jelly made from a specific coffee blend from UCC.

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Ice Cream 2 Kinds (P100 +10% service charge). The ice cream was just OK. It’s just good for cleaning off the curry taste from your palate.

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Congratulations to Hubert Young for finally and successfully opening CoCo Ichibanya in Manila!

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Overall, I love the curry sauce, where you can taste the flavors of all the different spices–star anise, cumin, garlic, and cinnamon. Because it’s not heavy, it’s the type of curry that you can eat every day. Order the Crazy Hot Level 5 if you like your curry spicy, but I do hope they also consider bringing in Level 10.

The rice is also good–the grains are not too fat and still have a good bite even when soaked in the curry sauce. Eat with the pickled plum to complete the experience. Also, make sure to order the eggplant or spinach topping to balance out the curry sauce flavor and make it a healthier meal.

For family sharing, order the 600g rice with enough curry sauce. You can just order the toppings separately to enjoy different meat flavors. Order coffee jelly for dessert and a nice brewed coffee to end your meal.

Budget about P500/head

Thank you to Hubert Young for bringing Coco Ichibanya to Manila!

B-006, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Meralco Ave. Cor. Shaw Blvd, Pasig City
Facebook: CoCo Icibanyan PH
Instagram: cocoichibanyaPH
Telephone: +632 696-1649

Soon to Open:
G/F One Rockwell, West Tower, Rockwell Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati
Unit PB-105A & B, Connecticut, Arcade Bldg., Greenhills, San Juan
Shop 7 & 8, Parklane Burgos Park, BGC, Taguig


Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Our CoCo Ichibanya meal was courtesy of Mr. Hubert Young. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. I’m loving the Japanese Resto invasion in Manila! Can’t wait for Maisen, Pablo, etc. to arrive in our shores!

4 thoughts on “COCO ICHIBANYA: #1 Japanese Curry House in the World…Now in Manila! @CoCoIchibanyaPH

  1. Is this the same as the coco curry in Japan? Also, aside from the sauce, how did you find their pork? I remember that pork in Coco curry in Japan was soooo tender.

  2. Was so looking forward to the opening of this restaurant, having had it numeroous times in Japan, as well as in Hong Kong. Had lunch there today, but it was a disappointment!
    Ordered the Hash Beef Omelette…so so…the sauce was just okay…beef was hidden in all the sauce. Worst of all, while it was served fast, it was served lukewarm! So much for hot and fast food!
    Service was fast, but not pleasant. Waitress named JHA could not properly explain the various “hotness” of the sauce. May family ordered the pork cutlet curry, which was just okay. Have tasted a whole lot better in other restaurants. I had a taste and was NOT impressed at all!
    We asked our waitress if we could have a small sampling of the sauces to taste for it’s hotness, given that they only had 5 levels compared to 10 in Japan. She outright said no. I did not want a whole bowl, maybe a half teasponful. But NO!!! She just said the next level is times 2. Wow! That was a lot of help. I asked her to check with her manager, and she reluctantly said yes. BUT – she never came back, she did not serve our food (three other waitresses did) and did not show her face anymore. Wonderful customer service, isn’t it???
    I did not enjoy my meal at all, neither did my family. It was an utter disappointment!!!
    Will recommend – definitely NOT
    Will go back – drag me back, and maybe will consider.

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