HOUSE OF WAGYU: How does Saga Prime A5 Wagyu cooked on a Stone Grill Taste Like?

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Ever since the Philippines lifted the ban on Japanese Beef last 2014, Manila has been enjoying a Japanese Wagyu craze of the available top variants–Kobe, Matsusaka, and Ohmi. Now, the strictest quality Wagyu can be added to that list–Saga.

Have you ever wondered how A5 Grade 11 Japanese Wagyu would taste like cooked on stone grill? Take a look at our House of Wagyu Saga Prime A5 experience…

2Ecom Building, Harbour Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay
Telephone: +632 553-8437
Mobile: +63 917 834-1248
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Best Steakhouse in Manila Series 2015!

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Champagne Henriot Brut Souverain. Brilliant light straw gold. Effervescence is dense and persistent, with fine bubbles. Aromas are precise, expressive and refreshing, with notes of citrus and yellow fruit. Pastry and spice on the palate, with fruity notes. Full and clean with a refreshing finish.

House of Wagyu in the Mall of Asia area enjoys a stunning elevated view of the Manila sunset! Start your meal with a glass of champagne for cocktails as you watch the sun go down on the horizon.

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I was excited to see how Saga Prime A5 Wagyu with a Grade 11 Rating marbling actually looks like.

Beef Grading
The Saga Japanese Wagyu brand only accepts wagyu beef with a minimum rating of 7 and up.

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I like the casual-fine dining feel of House of Wagyu, which is perfect for a milestone celebration or a date with your special someone.

(Check out the House of Wagyu Menu: Appetizer and Salad | Wagyu Steak Menu)

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Montes Alpha Chardonnay. A strong fruity wine. Evident banana, pineapple, and tropical fruits in the upfront with well-integrated oak. A long and pleasant finish with a nice buttery after taste.

I love the fruity, refreshing feel of the Chardonnay to prepare your appetite for the delectable Wagyu meal ahead.

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The Wagyu meal started with a flavorful Cream of Carrot Soup with a light consistency.

House of Wagyu Saga-25.jpg
Scallop and Shrimp Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette

Make sure to eat a healthy salad before the steak main course.

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The Saga perfecture is located near the Fukuoka area in Kyushu Island. 

Japanese  Black Wagyu
Saga perfecture is known to produce one of the highest quality Wagyu Beef in Japan.

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We were excited like kids to see one of the highest grades of Japanese Wagyu on our plate here in Manila.

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Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon. Deep ruby red. Lots of berry fruits and hints of tobacco & vanilla. Abundant soft-rounded tannins, full-bodied, very pleasant and sophisticated with a delightfully long finish.

I recommend ordering a glass of the Chilean wine, Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon, with lots of tannins that cut through the fat of the Wagyu. 

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The highest grade of marbling seems to have more fat portions than meat. 

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Typically, potatoes are served, but I was glad to know you can order garlic rice to balance the rich flavor of the Wagyu.

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It was awesome to meet Carmelo Santiago, the man behind the successful Melo’s and House of Wagyu steak houses in Manila.

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Saga A5 Wagyu on Stone Grill 

Carefully put one slice of wagyu meat on the hot stone plate. Wait for 15-30 seconds for the steak to cook (this may vary based on how hot the stone is from the time it was served). 

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Season one side with just salt and pepper to taste. 

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Make sure to turn over the steak just once and sear it on the opposite side. Season the other side as well to taste. 

House of Wagyu Saga-41.jpg
Best to sear it to Medium Rare with a pinkish-red inside. But even if you prefer to eat it well done, this type of high quality Wagyu will still taste very good.

House of Wagyu Saga-40.jpg
Best to slice directly on the slab. Take your time to savor and enjoy the flavor!

House of Wagyu Saga-47.jpg
Olive Oil Ice Cream with Strawberry and Mango Mille Feuille with Vanilla Ice Cream

Order an ice cream with fruits to refresh your palate and end on a sweet, happy note.

House of Wagyu Saga-22.jpg
Congrats to Corinne and Carmelo Santiago of House of Wagyu for bringing the best Japanese Wagyu experience to Manila! 

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The taste of Saga Premium A5 Wagyu is buttery rich with full-on Wagyu flavor. You can feel the umami richness after the 3rd or 4th slice; some people even had a bit of a headache after eating.

The steak is so tender and soft that it literally melts in your mouth! This is also a point of criticism for this high grade Wagyu, as it feels like you’re eating more of the fat that you can no longer taste the texture and beefy finish as you chew on the meat.

Overall, this Japanese Wagyu experience at House of Wagyu in MOA is the perfect steak date place. It’s best enjoyed with a special someone who appreciates high quality steaks and the awesome view of the Manila sunset. 

2Ecom Building, Harbour Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay
Telephone: +632 553-8437
Mobile: +63 917 834-1248
FacebookHOUSE of WAGYU

Other Branches:

House of Wagyu Ortigas Center
5th Level, the Podium at ADB Avenue
Telephone: +632 635-3056
Mobile: +63 917-817-1248

House of Wagyu Eastwood Mall
Ground Level, Eastwood Mall, Orchard Road, Libis, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 706-5385
Mobile: +63 917 823-1248

House of Wagyu Greenhills
Mckinley Arcade, Ortigas Corncer Club Filipino Drive, Greenhills
Telephone: +632 725-7450
Mobile: +63 917-857-1248

Best Steakhouse in Manila Series 2015!


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Disclosure: Our wagyu meal was courtesy of House of Wagyu. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. JJ suggested that it’s better to eat an A4 or A3 Japanese wagyu to get a balance of flavor from the marbling and the meat taste of the steak. And I agree! 🙂

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