TOURISM STAR Philippines: Honoring Individuals Who Truly Make it #MoreFuninthePhilippines! @TourismPHL

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The Philippines Tourism Stars are a batch of individuals recognized by the Department of Tourism (DOT), who have exemplified excellence and dedication in driving the Philippine tourism industry.

“The Philippines tourism is undoubtedly the fastest growing industry in the country, taking on a significant role in our economy. We believe that we owe this tremendous growth to our people. Without them, our destinations would only be a mere landscape. It is our people that give beautiful destinations life and meaning. And the Tourism Star Program honours these individuals who truly make it more fun in the Philippines,” DOT Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr. said.

The first Tourism Star Philippines award was held last Feb 12, 2015 at the Raffles and Fairmont Hotel, Makati. Watch the video below:

Department of Tourism honored the first batch of awardees, celebrating the contribution of Filipinos from the tourism industry, media, and local government units. 

Join us in congratulating the first batch of Tourism Star Awardees in the Philippines:

Dalimag, Gerry Bie “Andoy” (Individual category)

Toursim Star AwardAndoy spent his childhood as a trained volunteer tour guide at the famous Callao Caves, Cagayan de Oro trying to earn money for himself and his single father. Through his passion, he received a scholarship, and is now taking BS Tourism and sees himself as a tour guide and tour operator in the near future.

Andoy continues to be a model example for the youth, showing that his passion allowed him to open new possibilities for himself. He continues to inspire young Filipinos about the wonders of our country and also help promote the Filipino spirit.


Adrao, Bobby (Individual category)

Toursim Star AwardAdrao, is a licensed Butanding interaction officer and a dive master in Donsol, Sorsogon. Besides advocating safe and environment-friendly diving practices. Adrao had gone beyond his call of duty when he saved the lives of two Australian couple that went adrift in the rough seas while diving due to harsh weather.


Arellano, Drew (Media category)

Toursim Star Award Drew is a popular celebrity host on a local TV show called Biyahe ni Drew. Through featuring his fun adventures in the Philippines, he has successfully embodied the “it’s more fun in the Philippines “concept.


Anton Diaz (Media category)

Tourism Star Awards-3.jpgOur Awesome Planet was awarded by the DOT, for being a top lifestyle blog that showcases the best food and travel destinations in the Philippines. Founded in 2005, we have generated thousands of followers and readers, sharing our experiences and discoveries in various places in the country.


Calo-Medina, Susan (Tribute)

Toursim Star AwardA tribute was given to the late host of the local tv show Traveltime Mrs. Susan, for continuously inspiring us that it is more fun in the Philippines.


Salceda, Jose “Joey” Ma. Clemente (Local Chief Executive Category)

Toursim Star AwardGov. Salceda, led the Albay’s region phenomenal growth in tourism as it rose from the ruins of disaster. He has successfully implemented a comprehensive tourism work program in Albay bringing various regulations and investment projects to achieve significant tourism development.

One of his centerpiece projects includes the Daragang Magayon Festival and Albay Planet Festival that highlighted the province’s rich culture and heritage.  


Toursim Star AwardCongratulations to all the Tourism Star Awardees, We hope this award would inspire more Filipinos that it’s never too late to love one’s country!


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I dedicate my Tourism Star award to my wife Rache who believed and supported me for the last 10 years blogging in Our Awesome Planet! Thank you Mrs Awesome Planet!

Live an Awesome Life,


P.S. We had an exciting follow up meeting with Secretary Jimenez and watch out for the exciting Food & Travel projects with Department of Tourism in 2016!

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