Asia Chowzter Awards 2015

Pepita's Kitchen Popup-3.jpg
(Chowzter Asia Bloggers with K.F. Seetoh of Makansutra)

The largest network of passionate food bloggers in Asia came together over the weekend in Singapore to feast on authentic Singaporean food and to celebrate the tastiest feasts in the Chowzter Asia awards.

It was a weekend of yumminess, bonding over food and Chowzter fun.

Friday Night

Chowzter Welcome Day 1-15.jpg
Anton Diaz (Manila), Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto (Jakarta), Catherine Ling (Singapore), Juliana Loh (Macau), and Dan Gray (Seoul).

The Chowzter weekend started with a welcome dinner at Izy’s to break the ice and get to know the fellow Chief Chowzters in Asia.


Saturday Chowzter Food Trip

Chowzter Welcome Day 1-13.jpg
We stayed at Carlon City which is in the center of the heart of the action in Singapore near the Chinatown Area where the hottest places are located like Maxwell Hawker Center, Club St., and Tippling Club.

The Saturday started with a food trip of the best hawker treats in Singapore with the Chowzter kids of Yukari Sakamoto (Tokyo) and Barbara and Vu (Saigon).

Tian Tian Chicken Rice-17.jpg
The first stop is in the world’s famous Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, awarded as The Tastiest Rice on Earth in the 2014 Chowzter global awards in London.

Tian Tian Chicken Rice-26.jpg
Kaniska Chakraborty (Kolkata), Kalyan Karmakar (Mumbai) with Shibaji enjoying the Best Chicken Rice in Singapore.

Sungei Road Laksa-4.jpg
Next stop was the Sungei Road Laksa with its signature charcoal-oven-cooked laksa and infamous long lines during peak times.

Sungei Road Laksa-8.jpg
The laksa noodles are cut into pieces so that you can scoop it together with its creamy coconut gravy sauce with fresh cockles and sambal chili. Yum!

Fishball Story-25.jpg
Final stop for the lunch food trip was the inspiring 23-year-old Douglas Ng, who decided used his grandma’s heirloom recipe and startup his own hawker stall.

Fishball Story-22.jpg
The fishballs were dense and bouncy made of pure yellowfin meat without any artificial flour or other ingredients.

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Pepita's Kitchen Popup-7.jpg
After the afternoon siesta, we continue the food trip with a detour to the Pepita’s Kitchen popup, awarded as the Tastiest Regional Specialty in Asia during the 2014 Global Chowzter Awards in London!

Roland's Chili Crab-2.jpg
The couple duo of Mark and Ying Wiens (Bangkok) was doing their own video shoot of the entire Singapore Food trip for Chowzter’s Foodie Hub and beat us at Roland’s.

Roland's Chili Crab-46.jpg
We enjoyed the 6-course Lauriat feast with fellow Chowzters: ______ (Adelaide), Kristy Kinzett (Perth), Anton Diaz (Manila), Juliana Loh (Macau), Jenny Gao (Shanghai) and Daniel Gray + wife? (Seoul)

Roland's Chili Crab-39.jpg
Roland’s grandmother is credited to have invented the Chili Crab. It was a treat to savor one of the best Chili Crab in Singapore by dipping the fried mantou bread in the chili sauce.

Roland's Chili Crab-45.jpg
Roland’s is also known for its signature fried salted egg crab with taro fries that was preferred by some of the Chowzter folks.

Roland's Chili Crab-50.jpg
Roland’s with the Chowzter Asia Community!


Sunday Chowzter Awards

Popiah Making-27.jpg
We visited the famous Kway Guan Huat to learn how to make the Joo Chiat popiah from scratch.

Popiah Making-42.jpg
It was easy to put the stuffing of turnip + carrots in seafood stock, egg, lettuce, crispy bits, chili and a special fruity black sauce on the popiah wrapper. But once you start rolling it, it breaks apart if you are not careful and if you over stuff it.

Chowzter Asia Awards-20.jpg
The Chowzter Asia Awards was held in the hip Wild Rocket restaurant at Hangout Hotel in Singapore with _____ hosting it with his signature food stand-up comedy jokes.

Chowzter Asia Awards-9.jpg
We were treated to a Chef Willin Low 6-course degustation over conversations of professional food blogging techniques and plans for future food trip in China.

<Insert Award Winners here>

Chowzter Asia Awards-19.jpg
The awards culminated with the Overall Tastiest Feast in Asia which was awarded personally to Douglas Ng of The Fishball Story!

Chowzter After Party-11.jpg
The Chowzter Awards after party was held in a late-night Korean joint with chicken and soju with Helen and Nic (Kuala Lumpur), Natalia (Chowzter),  David Hagger (Melbourne) and ______ (Adelaide) and Daniel Gray who gave us a preview of what it is like to feast in Seoul.

Chowzter Asia Awards-26.jpg
Congratulations to the Chowzter Asia Award winners!



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