First LEGO® Certified Store in the Philippines in BGC near Kidzania by Aidan! @LEGO_Group

by AIDAN DIAZ (Aidan’s First Blog Post!)

Lego Store Philippines-3.jpg
This is the first LEGO store in the Philippines. It’s a bit expensive but is a fair deal.

There are some newly released Lego sets like Simpsons, some old ones like Ninja Go and Star Wars, and some hard to find Lego sets like Minecraft.

There are tables where you can play Duplo and see Legos in display cases. You can engrave your names on bricks, and you can choose the color of the brick and the text.

Let me tour you around the first Lego Certified Store in the Philippines:

Lego Store Philippines-2.jpgThis is a sneak peek inside the Lego Store


Lego Store Philippines-89.jpg
Meet the first customer, Jill Lejano with her new Lego Creator Detective’s Office set.

Lego Store Philippines-105.jpg
A closer look at the 2,262-piece Lego Detective’s Office 10246.

Lego Store Philippines-107.jpg
The back of the creator box which costs P10,149.75. I couldn’t afford that but I can save up for it.

Lego Store Philippines-54.jpgCheck out the other Lego Creator, Lego Architecture, and Lego Animals sets.


LEGO MINECRAFT – My Favorite Lego Section

Lego Store Philippines-42.jpg
Here’s the Minecraft Crafting Box 21116 that has 500+ bricks and 10+ models to make. It costs P4,799.75.

Lego Store Philippines-41.jpg
And in front of the Crafting Box it shows you some of the bricks that you can use.

Lego Store Philippines-43.jpg
Here’s Steve in full diamond set going to battle the Ender Dragon and the Endermans 21117.

Lego Store Philippines-44.jpg
This is the back of the Ender Dragon set that costs around P5,599.75.

Lego Store Philippines-47.jpg
The biggest and most expensive Minecraft set – the Mine Shaft 21118 (P7,999.75).

It has TNT that explodes when a lever is pulled, you can place TNT in mine carts that can move with a push, and there are spider webs + ores like diamond and iron. The set includes Steve with armor and a weapon, a pickaxe, and some mobs.

Lego Store Philippines-46.jpg
This is the House of Steve 21115 which costs P3,199.75.

Lego Store Philippines-49.jpg
Here’s the Minecraft farm set 21114 (P2,399.75) which you can add to the house. It has a weird looking pumpkin that Steve can wear [not in real life].

Lego Store Philippines-111.jpg
We were the first boy customers in this store, and this is what we bought.

Lego Store Philippines-125.jpg
This is the Minecraft set we bought and constructed. Steve’s house with a creeper, a pig, wooden tools, and bread or sausage.

You can make your own creations… just don’t follow the instructions.

Lego Store Philippines-126.jpg
Bird’s eye view of Steve’s House.

Lego Store Philippines-128.jpg
This is me and my bros [brothers] with our first Minecraft set.

Lego Store Philippines-11.jpg
Here’s a promo if you have a single receipt purchase of P3,000+,  you can get these for free from:

  • May 12 to 13: Valentines set
  • May 14 to 15: Painting Easter eggs set, and
  • May 16 to 17:  Build A Mini set of 3 (worth P499.75)

Lego Store Philippines-101.jpg
This is what we chose out of the 3 promo sets – Build A Mini (BAM) figure.

Lego Store Philippines-109.jpg
This is all our creations: A knight, a Dj and a surfer dude.



Lego Store Philippines-28.jpg
This is me in my second favorite section – Star Wars!

Lego Store Philippines-26.jpg
Here is the AT-ST and some Lego Storm Troopers.

Lego Store Philippines-10.jpg
This the Star Wars LED Lite characters and Darth Vader’s LED Lightsaber.

Lego Store Philippines-94.jpg
The Star Wars Sandcrawler 75059 (P19,599.75) and the Jawas.

Lego Store Philippines-96.jpg
The Empire’s TIE Fighter 75095 (P13,749.75).

Lego Store Philippines-113.jpg
This is the most expensive Lego set in the store — The Death Star 10188.

Lego Store Philippines-115.jpg

It costs P28,299.75!



Lego Store Philippines-9.jpg
This is the Super Heroes section: Avengers Age Of Ultron 76038 (P6,899.75) and The SHIELD’S Helicarrier 76042 (P23,379.75) which is exclusive to the LEGO-Certified store.

Lego Store Philippines-15.jpg
Check out Lego Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout 75919 (P12,499.75)

Lego Store Philippines-19.jpg
Here’s Batman’s Thumbler 76023 (P13,949.75) made of 99% Lego (minus the lego wheels).

Lego Store Philippines-7.jpg
You can customize and Pick a Brick (PAB) sold at P679.75 per 100grams.

Lego Store Philippines-5.jpg
Monthly Mini Build (MMB) Program for kids age 6-14 – no purchase required.

Lego Store Philippines-59.jpg
This is my little bro Joshua with his free Lego MMB creation (given by the Lego-Certified store at the start of each month).

Lego Store Philippines-62.jpg
My other little bro Raphael with his free Lego MMB creation.

Lego Store Philippines-88.jpg
This is my baby brother Yugi playing with the Duplo.

Lego Store Philippines-74.jpg
This is the Minifigures Series 13 71008 (P249.75/pc) in a glass case.

Lego Store Philippines-117.jpg
This is the girly section and the new Lego Friends and Elves sets.

Lego Store Philippines-23.jpg
Also, check out the Lego Mixels (P379.75/each).

Lego Store Philippines-21.jpg
Lego Bionicle Robots?

Lego Store Philippines-40.jpg
This is the newest addition to the Lego family – The Simpsons!

Lego Store Philippines-72.jpg
Lego Simpson Minifigures!

Lego Store Philippines-60.jpg
This is the engraving machine that engraves your name into the brick. (P100/name on one side)

Lego Store Philippines-67.jpg
This is how they engrave the letters of my baby brother Ysrael’s name into the Lego brick.

Lego Store Philippines-86.jpgOur names engraved in the brick color we have chosen.

Lego Store Philippines-12.jpg
The Lego Brick Keychain costs P179.75 + P100 engraving.

Lego Store Philippines-121.jpg
Congratulations on the grand opening of the first Lego Store in the Philippines on May 12, 2015! See you there!

First LEGO® Certified Store in the Philippines
Park Triange, 11th Avenue corner Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(Ground Floor of the Kidzania building, parking in the basement).

Life is a game,



P.S.  On May 12-17, you can get the Spiderman Glider for only P50 – nice deal!

Lego Store Philippines-63.jpg
LEGO will be selling 5,000 pieces of the 30302 Spider-Man Glider V29 for P50 in support of rebuilding classrooms in Malabon.

30 thoughts on “First LEGO® Certified Store in the Philippines in BGC near Kidzania by Aidan! @LEGO_Group

  1. Fantastic post, Aidan! Thank you for the great tour around the store and for all the info on what visitors can expect. The store looks so big. I bet you didn’t know what to look at first! Haha Those bricks with your names on them look really cool. Hope you are enjoying your new Lego! 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful post, Aidan! Thank you for the information, its very helpful! I cant wait to show my daughter, Rain around and look for lego sets that interest her..
    I will look forward to more post from you.. Keep up the great work!

  3. Awesome work, Aidan!!!:-) you write very well!:-)
    Did you notice if they have the Disney Princess Lego DUPLO set?:-) I know it’s for girls but I just wanted to ask in case you noticed it 🙂 I want to get that for Rain!:-)
    Hope to read more posts from you Aidan!:)

  4. You’re quite the writer, Aidan! The content was great, but I was particularly impressed with your grammar and use of the Oxford comma. Looking forward to more posts by you!

  5. Aidan, you wrote a very good article on the Lego Store! I will make sure to tell my friends to show their kids your post so that they can plan on visiting the store. What’s the next thing you’re planning to buy there? I’m saving up to buy the Death Star for my husband for his birthday (he’s a grown up but loves Star Wars). I’m looking forward to reading more posts from you in the future. What do you want to write about next?

  6. It’s an amazing post, Aidan! You write very well and you DO KNOW your stuff! Impressive! I look forward to reading your next article!

  7. Aaaah! My eyes! Next time check your white balance, or shoot in Raw. 😉 Anyway. nice artice! Looks like you had fun! I shall visit the store tomorrow!!! <3

  8. @ BlessyT, -Thanks
    @Peejay – Thank you Peejay
    @Daniel -Ok I’ll tell my dad [photographer] . Also thank you.
    @Clay – thanks for the comment .

  9. I’m sorry but charging $228 over and above the Lego retail price of $399 for the Death Star is not “a bit expensive”, it’s ridiculously expensive and overpriced. The Creator set – overpriced by $75 – after this, I didn’t bother to look at the rest – usual overpricing which we have come to expect and accustomed to here in this country.

  10. Hi I liked your tour in the Lego Store. Is there a 2×2 tile in the pick a brick section? Thank You.

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