GIFTED.PH: Greet your Loved Ones in Manila with a Personalized Gift Certificates! @Gifted_PH

Gifted Mother's Day

Gifted.PH is an online internet startup in Manila that aims to provide an easy, practical and personal way of giving gifts to the people that matter to you anytime, anywhere you are. Finally, we now have an online Gift Certificate service in Manila!

Here are 5 Things You Need to Know about the Gifted.PH Personalized Gift Certificates Service in Manila:

#1 Gift.PH Founders

Gifted.PH is founded by Filipina Elaine von Grabowski with the support of her German husband Marc co-founder of dating internet startup in Hongkong.

The idea was a reapplication of the popular gift certificate service in US and Germany. Also, it was born out of their frustration during their wedding, where their guests from Germany and outside Manila have limited online gift sites options in Manila.


#2: Get Gift Certificates instantly!

Once you purchased it,  you can send the Gift Certificate instantly in PDF via email.  It will be valid immediately, and there’s no expiry date. 

Below is a sample of the Gifted.PH GC Voucher from Fully Booked – our gift to send as a GC:



#3: The Best GC Gift is a Restaurant GC!

You won’t go wrong with a food-related GC. I would recommend a GC from Gino’s or Museum Cafe.

Gifted.PH- Restaurants



#4: Give an Ampao Online!

Yes, you can send cash as a gift like an online ampao 🙂 Your GC recipient needs to go to the site and click on “Redeem a Gift”

Gifted for Money


5. Send physical greeting cards!

Gifted Greeting Cards-1.jpg
You can also send old-school physical greeting cards with your GC gift.



At the end of the day, our relationships are our #1 priority. We only want what’s best for our loved ones. But often, we lack time to find the perfect gifts to show the people who matter how much we appreciate them. A million things get in the way such as heavy traffic, crowded malls, parenting duties, exams, work deadlines and long distance. To make matters worse, once you eventually find time to shop, you go around in circles finding the right gift. You wish you could just buy a gift certificate, but these are often perceived as an impersonal way to give gifts.

Thus the idea for Gifted.PH was born: A simple, easy, practical and personal way of giving gifts conveniently; made out of the desire to help people be more thoughtful despite their busy schedules. The first of its kind in the Philippine market, Gifted is an online gift certificate retail website where you can send gift certificates (GCs) online anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Each GC is sent with a personalized greeting card and a recommended gift item, eliminating the perception of GCs being an impersonal gift, and making giving GCs more acceptable, fun and personal. The GC can be sent to your recipient for free via email, and they simply need to print and present it in the store. Or you can have it shipped in a small memorable gift box. 

Visit to send your Personalized Gift Certificate now!

Twitter: @gifted_ph
Instagram: @gifted_ph

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Disclosure: Elaine Yap was my colleague during the P&G IT days. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. You only pay for the actual price of the GC + a web admin fee.


P.P.S. Use coupon code: “ourawesomeplanet” for a P500 coupon discount as a thank you for the first 5 OAP readers who would try this. 

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