MIDGET BOXING in Manila with @MsKristinaWong (A Photo Essay Guide)

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MIDGET BOXING is a entertainment sport where two little people box for 3 minutes. It’s now a popular tourist attraction along P. Burgos–the red light district of Makati. My activist and performance artist friend Kristina Wong from LA wanted to experience it as part of her first time in Manila, so we decided to bring her.

Here’s a guide on how best to experience Midget Boxing in Manila…

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Midget Boxing is located on the hipster and red light district side of Makati, in Brgy. Poblacion.

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Before going, make sure to eat Balut (P15) for that extra boost of energy needed when you watch Midget Boxing.

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On May 23, Ringside Bar will be celebrating their 9th year of providing midget and lady boxing entertainment in Makati.  

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The midget boxing show runs throughout the night, with ladies dancing in skimpy outfits as the commercial break in between rounds.

Alona entertained us while waiting for the midget boxers and ordered ladies drink (P390).

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Kristina was game to be the guest referee for the 3-minute midget boxing match.

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To be a guest referee, you have to buy tequila shots (P390) for each of the midget boxers and for yourself. 

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It’s all just for show, but sometimes, you can feel that maybe the punches are real.

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Your main job as referee is to break up the fight…

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…and to decide on who the winner of the match is.

Watch this Midget Boxing video with @MsKristinaWong to see who won the fight!

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You have to get into the referee role to really enjoy it!

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The midget boxers are treated like stars at Ringside Bar (more than the ladies).

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According to Kristina, Manila is known in the tourist circle for Midget Boxing and Midget Basketball because of the book Pacific Rim (by Rafe Bartholomew).

I must admit, it was an assault to the senses and I wasn’t quite sure how to react to the experience. 

The midgets don’t feel exploited though, and the lady guest relation officers are very friendly. You don’t feel hustled into doing or paying for anything without your consent.

Welcome to Manila, Ms. Kristina Wong!

4853 Kalayaan corner P. Burgos St., Makati City
Opens at 7 p.m. until 4 a.m. daily
Telephone: +632 899-7106.


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Disclosure: We paid for our meal. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Here is our total bill for the ladies and midget drinks plus our own drinks. You have to give tips (P100 each) to the midget boxers.

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7 thoughts on “MIDGET BOXING in Manila with @MsKristinaWong (A Photo Essay Guide)

  1. Seriously? It’s a brothel, the girls are for sale — you and me both know that — and to present it as a tourist attraction on a popular blog is disingenuous at best.
    Look, I make no judgement on those that work there and those that go there, but to say that there’s no hassle or pressure is to have never known anyone that’s gone there as a men only group, or a single man.
    I can’t say whether the ladies are exploited, or the little people, but I’d urge to read this and then reconsider the next piece like this you do: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-14882877
    I look forward to this comment being moderated into oblivion.

  2. i tried all the numbers listed to contact this bar but to no avail. the bartender did not mix the right drink and when we went out of the bar, the bartender rushed to us with a KNIFE and a bamboo stick (which everyone saw and he was threatening us), claiming that the glass was thrown at him but that was not what really happened. i wish they could check the cctv cam or at least make a truth drink. we paid for the drinks that we did not drink and get that kind of treatment. the first and last time visit certainly.

  3. Is it open late on sunday? (we fly in Sunday and are off to naga monday morning on an early flight and this looks like a good laugh place to go sunday evening to kill time till our early morning flight if its open till 4am then too)

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