PIZZERIA MOZZA with Filipina Exec Chef Karla Mendoza (A Review) @MarinaBaySands

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Pizzeria Mozza is an Italian Pizza Restaurant by celebrity chefs Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali with restaurateur and winemaker Joseph Bastianich. It’s the second outlet after the main Los Angeles restaurant, and it opened in Singapore last 2010.

Most Filipinos are proud to eat here because the executive chef in the Singapore branch is a Filipina–Chef Karla Mendoza. Its fine dining counterpart–Osteria Mozza–again made it to #45 of the 50 World’s Best in Asia in 2015.

Here’s what to expect and what to order at Pizzeria Mozza…

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The restaurant opens at exactly 12nn and it’s best to reserve a table that’s near the window or the kitchen.

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Pizzeria Mozza Menu | Dessert | Drinks | Osteria Mozza Tasting Menu | Osteria Mozza Menu

The main focus is the pizzas, and they are handcrafted and made to order (up to 35 minutes waiting time).


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They serve complimentary bread, but it’s still better to order antipasti and salads as starters while you wait.

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✮ Mozza Caprese (S$19 +10% service charge +7% GST)

The best one is these slow roasted cherry tomatoes on top of Burrata cheese dish with fresh basil and olive oil!

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White beans alla Toscana, extra virgin olive oil & saba (S$17 +10% service charge +7% GST)

You can also have the bruschetta with mashed white beans but is just a bit heavy and may ruin your appetite for the pizza.

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✮ Fried pig’s ears with salsa Calabrese (S$15 +10% service charge +7% GST)

For something different, check out the Pig’s Ears fries. There’s a bit of both the sliminess and crunch from the cartilage in the pig’s ears. A bit addicting.

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✮ Fried squash blossoms with ricotta (S$16 +10% service charge +7% GST)

Squash blossoms stuffed with homemade ricotta cheese. I love the crispy outside and creamy cheese inside. 

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✮ Spinach, ricotta salata, lemon, pine nuts & anchovy (S$19 +10% service charge +7% GST)

The spinach salad was light with a bit of lemon and cheese, with a nutty and salty flavor from the anchovy. 

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Service is very attentive. Of course, it’s a bonus if you get a Filipino staff. 🙂

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The place gets packed for lunch but there’s a high turnover of 2 to 3 times, so you can eat even if you just walk in.



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✮ Burrata, slow roasted tomato & Sicilian oregano (S$30)

This is like the pizza version of Mozza Caprese with burrata, slow roasted tomato, and Sicilian oregano in a Neapolitan-style pizza. 

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The pizza has a thin and soft crust that bubbles on the edges with a nice charred texture. The middle is soft and usually topped with simple ingredients. 

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✮ Prosciutto di Parma, rucola, tomato & mozzarella (S$31 +10% service charge +7% GST)

We also love the classic combination of Prosciutto ham with arugula to cut through the taste of the meat.

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✮ Napolitana: tomatoes, olives, anchovies, mozzarella & fried capers (S$27 +10% service charge +7% GST)

We all agreed that this is the best pizza among the three we ate, with simple toppings of tomatoes, olives, anchovies, mozzarella, and capers. The pizza is cut into four big triangles so it’s best to fold the slices when you eat them. 

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(From left to right: Daphne Oseña-Paez, Karla Mendoza, Ces Drilon, and Doreen Yu)

Congrats to Executive Chef Karla Mendoza for the continued success of Mozza in Singapore! 



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✮ Caramel copetta: marshmallow sauce & salted peanuts (S$16 +10% service charge +7% GST)

It’s the best dessert for us! Imagine salted caramel with actual salted peanuts and a soft sweet marshmallow on a thin wafer crunch.

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Butterscotch budino: Maldon sea salt & rosemary pine nut biscotti (S$16 +10% service charge +7% GST)

The butterscotch was a bit heavy and rich.  It’s best eaten together with the biscotti.

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Espresso Gelati (S$9 +10% service charge +7% GST)

The homemade ice cream is also good if you’d like to end with a nice, sweet finish. 

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PIZZERIA MOZZA is officially one of my favorite places to eat in Singapore for good Neapolitan-style pizza!

I recommend starting with their Mozza Caprese, the Fried Squash Blossoms with Ricotta, and the Spinach, Ricotta Salata, Lemon, Pine Nuts & Anchovy

For pizza, order the simple flavors: Napolitana: Tomatoes, Olives, Anchovies, Mozzarella & Fried capers or Burrata, Slow Roasted Tomato & Sicilian Oregano. For meat lovers, try the Prosciutto di Parma, Rucola, Tomato & Mozzarella.

End with the Caramel Copetta: Marshmallow Sauce & Salted Peanuts for dessert!

Budget about S$50/head. You can split the bill up to 3 credit cards.

Make sure to get a reservation if you want to eat during the first seating at lunch time.

PIZZERIA MOZZA by Chef Mario Batali
The Shoppes, Galleria Level, Marina Bay Sands (B1-42 to 26)
Lunch Dinner & Bar
Operating Hours: 12pm – 11pm
Telephone: +65 6688-8522
Website: http://singapore.pizzeriamozza.com/ 


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P.S. I heard that Chef Mario Batali is finally coming to Manila! It’s 90% confirmed–they’re just figuring out how to properly import ingredients to Manila. I wonder which hotel he’ll be housed in–Discovery Primea or Shangri-La? Please share if you know. 🙂

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