Augmented Reality Diorama Experience of the Philippine History: First 3D-on-3D Experience @AyalaMuseum (Photo Essay)

Ayala Museum 3D ARThe 3D Augmented Reality (AR) Diorama Experience of the Philippine History is an awesome rehash of the popular exhibit with the use of Augmented Reality; historic scenes come to life on a smartphone through exciting animations, realistic sound effects, and voice narrations. Learning history got even more exciting thanks to Ayala Museum in partnership with the Harish and Johnsen Group.

On Independence Day, the AR technology and the Museum will be free for Globe Postpaid subscribers while Globe Prepaid Subscribers get discounted rates on June 12, 2015.

Ayala Museum 3D ARWe had an entertaining time going around the exhibit, this is something not only kids will be interested in, but also the adults will love. Here’s our fun and educational experience… 😉

Ayala Museum 3D ARYou can Park your car at the Greenbelt mall along De La Rosa Street.

Ayala Museum 3D ARThe exhibit is on the entire second floor…

Ayala Museum 3D ARThe 3D Augmented Reality (AR) Diorama Experience of the Philippine History has an additional charge of P95 pesos, that can be availed at the Ayala Museum ticket counter.

Ayala Museum 3D ARYou will be given an AR installed iPod touch a headset and an instructional guide on how to use the gadget.

The user can choose which language to listen to and apart from listening, one can also read the text of the narration on the iPod.

Ayala Museum 3D ARFor Android users, you can download the app for free, and take a glimpse of the 8 out of 18 AR-ready dioramas. Be sure to bring your headphones to enjoy the experience even better.

Ayala Museum 3D ARThe dioramas are part of the inaugural exhibition of the Ayala Museum when it opened in 1974. They depict iconic scenes of the Philippine History that date back to the pre-colonial period.

Ayala Museum 3D ARBe sure to check the floor for the AR stickers to know which diorama can be animated.

Ayala Museum 3D ARStand and hold the camera steady at the diorama.

IMG_6993For the AR installed iPod touch, the app will automatically detect the diorama and start the animation. But for Android users who downloaded the app, be sure to click the menu and choose the number of the diorama you are standing at.

Ayala Museum 3D ARBe patient…and watch the dioramas come to life! 

Here are some of our favorite exhibits…

#05 Banawe Rice Terraces

Ayala Museum 3D AR

Ayala Museum 3D AR


#04 Pottery Making in Bicol 

Ayala Museum 3D AR

Ayala Museum 3D AR


#34 The Revolution Against Spain Begins

Ayala Museum 3D AR


#58 Guerilla Activities Against the Japanese

Ayala Museum 3D AR


#18 Kudarat’s Defense

Ayala Museum 3D AR Ayala Museum 3D AR


#39 Proclamation of Independence from Spain

Ayala Museum 3D AR

01 Cagayan Valley Life
04 Pottery Making in Bicol
05 Rice Terraces
09 The First Mass in the Philippines
10 Battle in Mactan
18 Kudarat’s Defense
23 The British Occupation
34 The Revolution Against Spain Begins
35 The Execution of Rizal
39 Proclamation of Independence from Spain
43 American Occupation of Iloilo City
44 The Battle of Quingua
49 Surprise Attack at Balangiga
50 American Reprisals in Samar
51 A Scene from a Zarzuela
55 Japanese Forces Occupy Manila
57 The Death March
58 Guerilla Activities Against the Japanese

Photo of Diorama number [Diorama Number], “[Diorama Title]” As seen in the exhibition The Diorama Experience of Philippine History 

Ayala Museum 3D AR

Tips for using the Augmented Reality App:

  • Be patient.
  • Steady the camera at the diorama.
  • Press the restart button, when it’s still not loading.
  • For android users, don’t forget to change the channel.
  • Wear earphones for a better experience.
  • If you are having a hard time, ask the staff for assistance, they are very happy to help.
  • Enjoy and have fun learning history!

Ayala Museum 3D AROverall, we loved it! It was an awesome and educational way of learning Philippine history, It’s a fun activity both students and adults alike would enjoy. We also enjoyed the quality they put into the animation, storytelling and sound effects.

We heard they are even planning to do AR feature on the Gallion displays next. It’s definitely something to be even more excited about when visiting the Ayala Museum.

Happy Independence Day Everyone! Mabuhay! 😀

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Disclosure: We attended the media launch at Ayala Museum. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Here are the regular rates for the Museum Pass:

Ayala Museum 3D AR

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