100 Photos of Great Cuisines in the Philippines (Series 1 of 4) #LGG4PH #LGG4TheGreat

Our Awesome Planet, in partnership with LG Electronics, present 100 Photos of Great Cuisines in the Philippines as Shot using LG G4. 

100 Great Cuisines in the Philippines Photo Exhibit(1-25) | (25-50) | (50-75) | (76-100)

Prime Rib
U.S. Prime Rib Carving (@ Cafe Ilang Ilang).  

Medley of SausagesSausage Platter: Merguez Lamb, Kitayama Beef & Marrow, Moroccan Chicken, and Toulousse Pork (@ Fig Mediterranean Restaurant).


Scallops with Mango
Cold Scallop with Mango (@ Mabuhay Palace)


Kafe Batwan Batchoy
Madrid Fusion Super Batchoy (@ Kafe Batwan)


Quinoa Squid Ink
Squid Ink Quinoa  (@ Karen’s Kitchen Kapitolyo)


Chocolate with Caramel
Spiced Chocolate Mousse Cake with Mango Coulis (@Fig Mediterranean Restaurant).


Healthy Artichoke Dip
Artichoke Hearts & Garlic Olive Oil (@ Karen’s Kitchen Kapitolyo)


Brotzeit Crispy PataSchweinshaxe / Pork Knuckle (@ Brotzeit Manila).


Truffle Mushroom Pasta
Mushroom Truffle Angel Hair Pasta (@ Karen’s Kitchen Kapitolyo).


Duck Wrapped
Peking Duck 1st Way: Sliced crispy duck skin with pancake and condiments (@ Mabuhay Palace)


Papaya Salad
Goi Du Du (@ House of Bawai).


Smith Steak
Best of Steaks: Japan’s Matsusaka, France’s Fillet Mignon Tenderloin, and Ireland’s Faus Fillet Sirloin (@SMITH Butchery & Grill).


Karen's Red Velvet Cake
Karen’s Signature Red Velvet Cake (@ Karen’s Kitchen Kapitolyo).


Saganaki Pan-fried Malagos quesong puti with poached pear and dates (@Fig Mediterranean Restaurant)


Iron Man
Breakfast Plate with Ironman pancake, salmon, garlic rice, longganisa, chicken tocino, curry, dimsum, and taho. (@ Cafe Ilang-Ilang).


Minced Duck in Lettuce LeavesPeking Duck 2nd Way: Stir-fried minced Duck  (@ Mabuhay Palace).


Bahn Mi-3
Banh Mi Heo Crispy Baguette with Glazed Pork  (@ House of Bawai).


Salted Egg Ice Cream
Salted Duck Egg Ice Cream  (@ Mabuhay Palace).  


Pepita's Lechon
Pepita’s Stuffed Lechon with Truffle Rice (@ Pepita’s Kitchen)


Chicken with Quinoa Medley-2
Herbed Chicken with side dish of quinoa vegetable medley (@ Karen’s Kitchen Kapitolyo).


Salt & Pepper Duck-2
Peking Duck 3rd Way: Crispy-fried duck bone with minced garlic and salt pepper (@ Mabuhay Palace)


Lamb Tagine
Lamb Tagine with chermoula, figs, ginger, carrots, cinnamon, saffron and coriander   (@Fig Mediterranean Restaurant)


Pho Bo
Pho Bo Traditional Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Herbs & Beef Medallion (@ House of Bawai).


Tower of Pork Belly
Tower Mei Cai Pork with steamed Chinese steamed buns  (@ Mabuhay Palace)


Frozen Brazo
Frozen Brazo: Vanilla, Green Tea, and Strawberry  (@ Karen’s Kitchen Kapitolyo).


100 Great Cuisines in the Philippines Photo Exhibit(1-25) | (25-50) | (50-75) | (76-100)

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Disclosure: 100 Great Cuisines in the Philippines Photo Exhibit using LG G4 is a collaboration of LG Philippines and Our Awesome Planet.  I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Once you have experienced shooting with LG G4’s 16 Megapixel (5312 x 2988) Mobile Phone Camera with Manual Mode for your food shots, you won’t go back to using your iPhone 6 (or sometimes even your DSLR).

One thought on “100 Photos of Great Cuisines in the Philippines (Series 1 of 4) #LGG4PH #LGG4TheGreat

  1. All these look amazing! I never really used to think of The Philippines and great food together in the same sentence, but this really makes me rethink that. I have been trying to plan a trip out to Asia/The Pacific for a while and I’m seriously thinking about adding The Philippines to my list!
    Thanks for the pics!!

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