WAVES: Heartbreaking Island Romance and the Beauty of Mangenguey, Cebu, & Ilona Struzik! @WaverlyPictures

I felt so proud after watching Waves, a high-quality Philippine movie about an intimate island love story, starring alluring Polish model Ilona Struzik, and Filipino Actor Baron Geisler. Audiences are sure to be mesmerized by the cinematic backdrop of Mangenguey Island in Palawan and the Whale sharks of Cebu, both featured throughout the movie.

Could we finally be seeing a renaissance of the art of film making in the Philippines? Thanks to Waverly Pictures, a Cebu-based motion picture company dedicated to more in-depth, quality, and narrative films, that just might be the case.

WAVES opens today (June 24) in Philippine Cinemas!

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss watching this island love story…

Waves is a story of an intimate love affair between Ross (Baron Geisler) & Sofia (Ilona Struzik)–two troubled souls who decide to rekindle an abandoned friendship.

A jaunt to an isolated island brings back emotional struggles and sheds light on new ones, making any kind of relationship between the two characters an unlikely proposition

Watch the Waves Official Trailer by Waverly Pictures

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The film elicits fantasies of escaping to an isolated beach in the Palawan Isles with a special friend.

90% of the plot is shot on the romantic island of Mangenguey in Palawan.

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The Whale sharks of Oslob in Cebu provide an artistic contrast to and symbolism for the forbidden love affair.  

One can’t help but be immersed in the seductive beauty of Ilona Struzik!  

The sexy scenes are not cliche but rather very artistic and engaging.

Maybe you’ll want to watch it just for the love scenes, but you will get emotionally involved with the character’s struggle in the end (and way after the movie).

bangka dolly
Waves marks the directorial debut of Don Frasco after finishing his studies at the New York Film Academy.

I admire him for courageously coming back to Cebu to establish Waverly Pictures.

I love the unconventional and intimate angles from Don’s lens.

The movie also stars veteran actress Pilar Pilapil and her brother Leo, as the couple owners of the remote island in Palawan. 

I can still remember Sofia’s question to Pilar Pilapil’s character, “Was it worth it?”, referring to the 14-year marriage of the couple.

The movie really makes you want to experience the beauty of Palawan. Mangenguey Island is sure to be on many travelers’ bucket lists in 2015 after seeing this film.

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Waves was created by the awesome team of Scott Curtis Graham (screenplay), Adrian Morales Ramos (editing), Barbara de Biasi (musical scoring), Anna Skrypka (Los Angeles-based producer), and Ayana Jimenez (Executive Producer).

MakingWaves_Don5D 1064b
Watch WAVES (R13)in Cinemas today, June 24, 2015.

I. METRO MANILA (6 Cinemas)
1. Robinsons Galleria
2. SM North 9 (S – After the Ball)
3. SM Megamall 12 (S – Burying the Ex)
4. SM Sta. Mesa 6 (S – Film Fiesta)
5. SM Fairview 10
6. SM Bacoor 8 (S – Film Fiesta)

II. LUZON (1 Cinema)
1. SM Clark 3 (S – Jurassic)

III. VIZ/MIN (3 Cinemas)
1. SM Lanang 2
2. Gaisano Starscene Davao 6 (S – Kruel)
3. SM Cinema 6 (June 24-26; 7:15pm & 9:00pm)

Waves Poster 01 - Ross and Sofia
With the exception of the dragging build-up at the start, I like the overall pacing of the movie, the beautiful cinematography, and the romantically twisted ending.

The acting was convincing, with Baron as a victim of love’s circumstances. Some may find Ilona’s beauty distracting, but her ability to empathize with the character’s dilemma is also commendable.

I would be interested to know what happens to the lives of the characters after 10 years.

For more info, visit http://www.waverlypictures.com/waves.


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Disclosure: Thanks to Ayana for sending me a screener of the movie. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Watch it online now via Vimeo on Demand: WAVES ($4.99) 48-hour streaming period.

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