MASTERING INTERNET CONTROL: Influencer Master Class and Coaching Program with Anton Diaz (An Invitation)!


Dear OAP friends,

Greetings from Our Awesome Planet!

I would like to invite you to join MASTERING INTERNET CONTROL, a 10-day Blogging Master Class and Coaching Program every Thursday, from June 18 to August 6, 2015, 4pm to 6pm at the One School.

There will be a FREE introductory class on June 11, 4-6pm in the same venue entitled “Professional Blogging: The Business of Food & Travel Blogging” where I will explain the Master Class program in more detail. 

I’ve conducted the Maven Secrets Coaching program since 2009 and most of my students have been very successful with their online businesses.

A lot of OAP friends have asked me to conduct the program again but traveling and starting new businesses always get in the way. Thankfully, I was able to fix my schedule in Manila this June, July, and August.

I would love to personally train and coach you to be a successful influencer, effective internet marketer, and profitable internet business entrepreneur! It would be my privilege to train more Filipinos to dominate online in 2015 and beyond!

Here is the schedule of the 10-day Mastering Internet Control Master Class



Learning Objectives

Internet Control #1:
Internet Control Philosophy & Strategy

June 18,
4-6 pm

  1. Defining the Audience
  2. Building a Brand Online
  3. Internet Control Strategy

Internet Control #2:
Mastering Blogging Evergreen Content and SEO

June 25,
4-6 pm

  1. How to blog timeless content?
  2. How to land the first page of Google?
  3. Case Studies

Internet Control #3:
Mastering Social Media Marketing and Strategy: (
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest)

July 2,
4-6 pm

  1. How do engage the audience in FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest?
  2. How to strategize your content in FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  3. Case Studies

Internet Control Special Class: 
Photography and Photo Blogging

July 4,

  1. How to take awesome food and travel photos?
  2. How to tell a story via a photo essay?
  3. The basics of mobile photography

Internet Control #4: 
Mastering Viral Content and Marketing

July 9,
4-6 pm

  1. How to create viral content?
  2. Understanding awe and what makes people click and share
  3. Case Studies



Blogging Project

Internet Control #5: 
Building Traffic Tactics and Strategy

July 16, 
4-6 pm

  1. How to build your traffic to 1,000/day?
  2. Traffic Hacks, and Effective Tactics
  3. The Building Traffic Mindset

Internet Control Special Class:
Videography and Video Blogging

June 18,

  1. How to create your first video blog?
  2. How to tell a story using video under 3 minutes?
  3. The basics of Youtube video blogging.

Internet Control #6:
Professional Blogging and Business Model

July 23,

4-6 pm

  1. How to earn money from Blogging?
  2. What are the best practices?
  3. Digital Business Model 

Internet Control #7:
Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies

July 30,

4-6 pm

  1. What are the best practices?
  2. List Building
  3. Product Launch Model

Internet Control #8:
Graduation & Ongoing Mastermind Program

August 6

  1. Final Project Presentation
  2. Networking and Ongoing Mastermind
  3. Socials and Celebration

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I pick and choose the classes and pay on a per class basis (and not for the entire program)

The program is designed as a progressive training to get everybody on the same page with the basics before the advanced topics. It is also designed to create a mastermind environment to learn from your peers. 

Having said that, we are offering the photography and video classes to the public for a separate fee.


Q2. Is there an early bird rate for those who would like to book now?

Yes, there is a 15% early bird rate for the first students to book during the introductory class.


Q3. How big is the class size of the masterclass?

I want to go for quality and keep the class small. There are only limited slots because some of my friends who asked me to train them are already joining the program.


Q4. Why is it so expensive?

I’m looking for like-minded individuals who are committed to learn how to dominate online. The program investment is small considering I’ll be personally coaching and training you throughout the program.


Q5. Why not just do a 3-day training program to cover all the topics?

I find that seminars are not very effective if you want to learn a new skill or if you want to take your business to the next level. You need a coach or mentor to guide you, a mastermind of peers to help and cheer you on, and expert practitioners to teach you on what’s working now and future-proof your business.


Q6. I want to be part of the program, but I cannot physically attend. Is there an online equivalent for this class?

Yes, I plan to launch an online program after this class for those who can’t attend physically, starting September to November.


Q7. What are the payment terms?

You can make a 50% downpayment and pay the other 50% in the middle of the program.


Q8. What is your refund policy and do you have a money back guarantee?

I follow a No Refund policy because I believe in the effectivity of the program. But you can join future coaching and mastermind programs.


Q9. I want to run this for the company, can we do a private masterclass session for our employees?

Yes, after the class I’m running a private program for a professional group. You can contact me directly to organize this for your company.


Q10. When is the next schedule of your program?

I plan to do the program online on an ongoing basis so that I can do the classes even when I’m traveling. I might do another face to face class in 2016.


Don’t miss this opportunity! Please contact me directly at Anton Diaz +63 917 5683627 or via email at if you want to join the program.


Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. For past Maven Secrets members who want to join the program, you have a special fee to attend and be part of this new batch. Please contact me directly.

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