How to Build a Resto: BACKYARD KITCHEN Episode 1 (OAP TV)

How To Build A Resto (Our Awesome Planet TV Series)

Have you ever wondered about the processes that go into launching a successful restaurant business?

Join Our Awesome Planet TV as we go behind the scenes to give you an All-Exclusive glimpse into the makings of some of Metro Manilas newest culinary endeavors.

I’m excited to share our premiere episode with Chef Ed’s Backyard Kitchen!


Backyard Kitchen + Brew (Episode 1) Transcript

Chef Edward Bugia:

“My name is Edward Bugia. I’m a chef and one of the partners of Backyard Kitchen & Brew. And we are opening our newest branch here at the grove here: The Grove by Rockwell. It’s a new retail spot here. 

We’re actually opening two new spots—one here at The Grove and one at circuit in Makati. So today we’re gonna show you guys the site here in The Grove area first.”

Rico Blanco:

“We wanted a place where we could hang and chill and just be ourselves. And we wanted food that doesn’t alienate so much, but at the same time doesn’t…it’s as too ordinary. So we wanted something special, but not too far out. We knew that, but we didn’t have a name yet. We didn’t have…we hadn’t finalized our concept yet.

So we were throwing around ideas and while we were thinking of a name, we stumbled upon a word “backyard” because of the area. UP town center was going to be our first branch, and we felt that was the vibe there.”

Paolo Paraiso:

“Everything about Backyard should remind you of home: the food, from the people you meet, from everyone who hangs out there. And…we actually stumbled upon Backyard being a place where people actually drink a lot and their friends meet up—that was basically the idea, but we were thinking in terms of food;

that people who gather there to eat, drink a little, and it kind of evolved into a night spot kind of thing, which we were, at first, hesitant about doing, turning it into a bar because we were supposed to be a restaurant, but we were able to find a balance between how to make it into a restaurant.”


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