Most Remarkable Ultimate Taste Test Ever @AyalaMalls! (Photo Essay) #UTT15

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Thank you to all the foodies and food purveyors who attended the 13th Ultimate Taste Test 2015, held for the first time at Glorietta Activity Center, Ayala Malls!

We had a good mix of savory and sweet products from 40+ new vendors and over 80+ yummy dishes. The venue offered better exposure for the concessionaires to showcase the new flavors in the metro.

Here is a photo essay of the Ultimate Taste Test 2015 experience…

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-10.jpg

The Best Truly Home-Made Chips in Manila by Trisha! Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-81.jpg

Spanky Enriquez, the Ultimate Foodie Host of Let’s Eat TV, with Chuckie Dreyfus (, Yen Dreyfus (, and my Mercato partner, Rj Ledesma (

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-13.jpg

Best home-made Hummus and Falafel in Manila by Elijah. Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-33.jpg

The most beautiful food blogger in Manila, Jill Bantang of The Food Scout.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-17.jpg

The foodies kept raving about The Peppermill’s Laing Fettuccine

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-27.jpg

Vladimir Bunoan and Jeeves de Veyra of ABS-CBN News Online.

UTT 2015

A bucket of Irish Potatoes gourmet fries with thick, skin-on, straight cut, fancy grade potato fries topped with real cheese sauce, bacon and button mushrooms. Visit

UTT 2015

Poco Deli’s new Wagyu and New Zealand Sausage and home-cured Bacon! Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-34.jpg

Beatriz Acosta, the charming foodie of  

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-11.jpg

My personal favorite Papa Didi’s Mango Ginger Ice Cream! Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-25.jpg

I also like the super moist Choco-Liquor Cake by Maricar Reyes with gold packaging! Call +63 917 864-8282 or Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-31.jpg

Bettinna Carlos of Baked Bites of Nutella Rocks fame with family! Call +63 917 861-BITE (2483) to order or follow @abettinnacarlos.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-2.jpg

Green Tea Beignets by Kapeng Mainit! Related Post: Kapeng Mainit by Chef Bryan Francisco.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-7.jpg

A new way to enjoy cold coffee–Boom’s Cold Brew! Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-35.jpg

Arroz–non-caffeinated Roasted Rice Drink by Gawad Kalinga Farms! Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-111.jpg

Katrina Lagman and family. Follow our foodie chatter with Katrina at

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-32.jpg

Shiv Hiranand x George Weineke‘s latest innovation–Pizzacle (Pizza on a Stick). Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-74.jpg

Beloved Food Bloggers of Manila–Richie Zamora (The Pickiest Eater) and Rina Zamora (Rina’s Rainbow), B’ley Villones of Blogalog, and Yedy Calaguas (

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-36.jpg

Chivy’s Sous vide Hainanese Chicken got the thumbs up from the foodies at the Ultimate Taste Test.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-4.jpg

My favorite flavors at Gelato LabMatcha Choco Chip and Bailey’s Irish Cream! Visit GelatoLabPH.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-44.jpg

Awesome Thanks to Myrna Fernandez for believing in our Ultimate Taste Test event!

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-46.jpg

Pappy’s Barbecue House Organic Wagyu Meat Products from Banderas Wagyu Farm in Tagaytay. 

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-53.jpg

Thank you to San Miguel Lifestyle Brews for the Food & Beer Pairing with San Miguel Premium All Malt, San Miguel Super Dry, and Cerveza Negra!

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-49.jpg

Cheers to the freshman HRM Students of STI College in Alabang for being food critics for the day!

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-52.jpg

My favorite Kofta Tagine and Signature Chicken Shawarma from the Arab Tent! Follow @TheArabTent.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-57.jpg

Nines Sy Licad ( vs. Mr. Jeng ( of the Kain Tulog Gang!

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-59.jpg

Herb’s Bistro Pan fried Crispy Deboned Rosemary Chicken Leg was a hit! Visit Herbs Bistro Group Inc.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-58.jpg

Kat Catapusan, food blogger beauty, of the

UTT 2015

Team Fillypiñana’s Rari-Tea Sugar Drops with flavors. 🙂 Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-77.jpg

With one of our Chef idols in Manila–Chef Carlo Miguel of 71 Grammercy & The Brewery.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-70.jpg

The Sultry Chef Ivory Yat’s most raved  Roasted Angus U.S. Beef at The Beef Barn! Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-56.jpg

I prefer to pair food with San Miguel Premium All Malt, but this beef goes well with San Miguel Super Dry. 

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-71.jpg

Aidan vs. Richie. How time flies… 

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-87.jpg

Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm’s First Harvest – Salted Coco Caramel is the best! Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-93.jpg

Thank you to all the foodies and OAP friends who support the Ultimate Taste Test year after year! 

UTT 2015

Kumori’s Signature Hanjuku Japanese Cheesecake and the Krone! Follow @KumoriPH.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-97.jpg

Thanks to our Instagrammer friends, @KimiJuan, @ThomasCaja, and @JelitodeLeon, with Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-90.jpg

Balbacoa and Al Pastor Taco at Su Casa Mexican House. Check out Su Casa Mexican Grill.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-94.jpg

Voila! 3-Step Jar Cake which is a good interactive baking project with your kids. Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-98.jpg

Awesome thank you to Junie Jalandoni for believing in the Ultimate Taste Test! Yes, let’s bring this to Iloilo, Davao, and Cebu. 🙂

UTT 2015

My favorite wine ice cream flavors are the merlot and chocolate shiraz. Follow @ViceCream_PH.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-100.jpg

Thank you also to Rowena Tomeldan and Jocene Magahis of Ayala for the awesome support!

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-99.jpg

Another favorite from Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farms–Kabutehan Crispy Mushrooms! Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-104.jpg

Thanks to Pierre Marmonier of the Fruit Garden Jam for the continuous support of Ultimate Taste Test!

UTT 2015

I like the Spanish Callos from Tarlaqueña. Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-127.jpg

Troy Barrios of Food Magazine, Cyrene de la Rosa of InterAksyon, Dulce Magat Gibb of A Table, and Dedet Santos the Lechon Diva of Pepita’s Kitchen.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-107.jpg

Andros Cookies Sunny Thumbprints with homemade Mango Jam! Visit Andros Cookie Chronicles.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-119.jpg

Thank you to the Purveyr Team of @MarvinConanan and @SaraaaMartinez for designing the poster for Ultimate Taste Test 2015!

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-14.jpg

Check out the Coco CreamPie by The King’s Crumbs Bakeshop when you are in Tagaytay! 

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-124.jpg

Stonibert and Joan Lim of The Food Alphabet and Jazmin Yap of EricJaz Foodies.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-116.jpg

Finally, Smoked Deboned Milkfish Belly by The Fisher Farms! Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-128.jpg

Erika Cantor of Hunger Buster fame. 🙂 Visit

UTT 2015

Angus Beef Salpicao by Auntie May’s–Ang Salpicao ng Bayan!

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-129.jpg

Thank you to Jhoey and BG Hernandez for our mini-reunion chat. Let’s volt in soon!  

UTT 2015

The best homemade Indonesian food you’ll ever taste in Manila! 🙂 Visit Bakmi Nyonya.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-130.jpg

Thank you to Darlyn with family and friends for supporting the Ultimate Taste Test every year. 🙂

UTT 2015

Thanks to the Zynappse Team for creating the Our Awesome Planet Mobile App. 🙂 

UTT 2015

Portobello Bakery‘s Quezo de Bola Ensaymada for dessert. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-134.jpg

Our Awesome Family with the cousins. 🙂

UTT 2015

Manila Creamery’s Mangga’t Suman with Latik Gelato and Bacio (Kiss) Gelato. Visit Manila Creamery.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-140.jpg

Shout out to the up-and-coming Qrated.PH teamLori Linsey, Pearl Ganzon, and Charz Mendoza!  

UTT 2015

Sweet Seduction’s Chocolate Espresso Truffles and Cocoa Nut Butter.

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-144.jpg

Team Molina Market Project! We had pretty good applicants to the Molina Market and we are excited to announce who made it. 🙂

UTT 2015

Our kid’s favorite–Rita’s Mango, Strawberry Basil, and Lemonade Italian Ice! Visit

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-145.jpg

Welcome to Jay and Donato of the Casa Italia Philippines Team! Visit Casa Italia soon in Manila. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 2015-147.jpg

Thanks to Chef Bryan Francisco and Kapeng Mainit team for supporting the Ultimate Taste Test! 


UTT Tiny Planet Photo Sphere by Peter Paul Dumdum. Follow @Peter.Pub.

Thank you all for coming and for making Ultimate Taste Test 2015 the most remarkable UTT ever! 🙂 

And the winners of the Ultimate Taste Test 2015 are… (stay tuned!)


Live an Awesome Life,



Full Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is the Founder of the Ultimate Taste Test series.

P.S. Thank you to Ayala Malls & Glorietta for hosting Ultimate Taste Test 2015!

Thank you to our co-presenter San Miguel Lifestyle Brews for the food and beer pairing with San Miguel Premium All Malt, San Miguel Super Dry, and Cerveza Negra!


Thank you to Cheers for wiping foodie’s mouth and hands with your tissue during the UTT.

Thank you to Dinsmor Promo for the UTT Ballpens used by the foodies to rate. Call +632 400-8716.

Thank you to Breakfast Magazine for the delicious magazines and for the support!

Thank you to Waters Philippines for quenching the thirst of the foodies during the event! 

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