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Finally, we are ready to present the mouth-watering new flavors in Manila from over 40+ home-based food businesses and new food discoveries participating in the Ultimate Taste Test 2015.

Ultimate Taste Test Event 2015 (Buy your Tickets Now!) 

What: Ultimate Taste Test 2015 — Be a Food Critic for a Day!
When: September 12, 2015, Saturday, 11.00 am – 9.00 pm.
Where: Glorietta Activity Center, Ayala Center Makati 

Ultimate Taste Test  Fee: P500/head . Inclusive of:

  • Food Taste Portions from a minimum of 40+ Home-Based Food Vendors & New Food Discoveries for the entire Saturday
  • A bottle of San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt or Cerveza Negra
    (For foodies 18 years old and above only)
  • Food Critic Ballot for voting your favorite food discoveries. 
Ultimate Taste Test Tickets
1 – Regular ticket P500.00 PHP
2 – Regular tickets P1,000.00 PHP
3 – Regular tickets P1,500.00 PHP
4 – Regular tickets P2,000.00 PHP
5 – Regular tickets P2,500.00 PHP
6 – Regular tickets P3,000.00 PHP
7 – Regular tickets P3,500.00 PHP
8 – Regular tickets P4,000.00 PHP
1 – Senior Citizen ticket P400.00 PHP
2 – Senior Citizen tickets P800.00 PHP

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Here is the tasting menu for Ultimate Taste Test 2015 on Sept. 12, Saturday at Glorietta Activity Center:



1. Casa Del Formaggio by Mercanti Veneziani

Mercanti Veneziani’s goal is to be the first to locally produce quality Italian Style Cheeses in Negros and the rest of the Philippines. With more people aware of the health benefits of having quality products, our ultimate goal is to provide a stable income to the local community and emphasize the importance that we are capable of producing natural products right in our doorstep. 

  • Cheese Plate
    Assorted samples of our Italian style artisan cheeses. Made from pure cow’s milk from our own grass fed cattle, we pride ourselves in being one of the first to produce high quality Italian style cheeses, all natural, without extenders or preservatives. 

For more info, visit www.casaformaggio.com


2. THC (Truly Home-made Chips)

  • Freshly-made potato chips in 4 different flavors
    There is nothing like eating freshly-made potato chips for potato chip lovers. They just taste different. 

Appetizers are what I enjoy most in a meal. Our Sunday lunches and parties always start with a wide variety of cheeses, dips and spreads, canapés and cocktails. It was this milieu that encouraged family members to come up with their own creative dishes. I didn’t like grilling (I left that to the men) or sweating over a stew, so I focused on preparing appetizers instead. My freshly-made chips were more creative than grabbing a bag from the store plus I had left over healthy snacks to offer my children after the party.

Our private clients have brought our potato chips as “pasalubong” to foreign friends in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Canada, India and to the US which is a great compliment. We hope you think the same way when you try our products.

We’ve just begun our culinary journey so we’ll have more flavors and varieties of fresh chips in store for you in the coming months. 

  • Freshly-made variety of sweet potato (camote) chips in 4 different flavors.
    Sweet Potato or Camote is a super food having unique attributes not seen in other plant-based foods. We mix several varieties of seasonal sweet potatoes so that you get the best of what this root-crop has to offer. Vitamin A, C, B6 and anti-oxidant enzymes are some of the great nutrients they contain.  

In terms of their sugar content, a surprising fact about sweet potatoes is their ability to help regulate blood sugar, even in type 2 diabetes patients. It even lowers insulin levels when needed. 

They are made the artisanal way and sliced as thinly as possible. Deliciously flavored, they make an unbeatable healthy snack for all ages.

We had clients that loved our potato chips but could not eat them because they were diabetic, gluten intolerant or allergic to potatoes and so we experimented with sweet potatoes which their doctors gladly allow them to eat. We took advantage of this super food and added a mix of varieties to allow our clients more “bang (nutrition wise) for the buck” plus they looked so pretty. Our clients thanked us for creating them.

For more info, visit THChips.com


3. Kabutehan

  • Spicy Adobo Mushroom Sushi
    Using our signature product, Spicy Adobo Mushrooms, we will create a unique take on a traditional Japanese recipe with a Pinoy touch.

The mushroom sushi we are creating will use Kabutehan’s Spicy Adobo Mushrooms, a product made by our partner mothers from Gawad Kalinga using fresh mushrooms from farmers in the area. We wanted to create a product that showcases the talent and love of our partner mothers, and at the same time would create opportunities for Filipino farmers all over the country. It is a new take on a traditional Filipino dish, full of all the nutrition of fresh oyster mushrooms, that creates goodness for the communities, the farmers and the consumers.

  • Spicy Adobo Mushroom salad
    Showcasing another use of our Spicy Adobo Mushrooms, we will create healthy farm fresh salad that can be eaten either as an appetizer or an entree.

This is the best way to showcase the advocacy of the enterprise as we show people the versatility of mushrooms together with other produce that comes from our farmers. The enterprise aims to provide sustainability for Filipino farmers by integrating mushroom farming within their usual crops in order to add to their income. We then help create market by producing higher value products such as the Spicy Adobo Mushrooms; products which will be more recognizable for the market as we continue to build on this industry.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/kabutehanmushrooms


4. Irish Potatoes

Irish Potatoes was inspired by the resilience and strength of the Irish during the potato famine and how potatoes is an important part of their daily subsistence.  Irish Potatoes Gourmet Fries has that much needed added extra to boring potatoes. 

  • Pot o` Gold
    This bucket of gourmet fries includes thick, skin-on, straight cut, fancy grade potato fries topped with cheese sauce, bacon and button mushrooms – the messier the better.

    Pot o` gold is cheese melt with mushroom and bacon on top of perfectly fried potatoes.  A bite of this and you`ll definitely know what`s waiting at the end of the rainbow.

  • Celtic Storm
    On top of thick, fancy grade fries is a burst of pleasantly contrasting flavours from cheese sauce, sour cream, olives, jalapeño, beef, and salsa.  This is what supreme potatoes is all about.

For more info, visit facebook.com/irishpotatoesphilippines


5. Homegrown Organics

  • Organic edamame
    Organic, fresh, locally grown

    We are the first grower of Edamame in the country. These are organic and freshly harvested from the farm. 

  • Kale pesto pasta
    Fresh.100% Organic 

    These are organic,non GMO and locally grown from our farm.

For more info, visit http://www.facebook.com/homegrownorganic.ph


6. Su Casa Mexican Grill 

    Fusion of mexican and korean taco.

    Something beyond the ordinary. Comes with steak with korean seasoning and combination of cucumber, onion leaves, radish and with a touch of homemade dressing.

  • Carnitas Tacos
    One of our popular dish and this got to be serve on that day. nothing new but our flavour is unique and it does give a lot of flavour in your mouth.

7. Hummus Elijah

  • Hummus Elijah
    I make the #1 best tasting Hummus in South East Asia.

I make many other products which are great but my Hummus is unique. There is nothing like it. It is creamy and smooth. I serve it warm with secret herbs and spices and if you take a bit with a piece of fresh Pita you are addicted to it for life.

I grew up in Israel where Hummus is like Rice in Asia. Its eaten daily and is a fundamental part of our lives. There is always a tradition of “competition” between hummus makers and hummus eaters of who makes the best Hummus.

As a businessman, I’ve traveled outside the Middle East for years and always searched for good Hummus as if its a drug.

Since its close to impossible to find the real authentic Hummus outside the Middle East I have taken the challenge of preparing it myself and over the years I have achieved the highlight level of Hummus just as good as it is made home and even more as per the public opinion and recently have started to serve it in my restaurant “Hummus Elijah”.

  • Falafel Elijah
    Falafel is one of the most popular traditional dishes in the Middle East. Over the years I have leaned how to create a “killer” Falafel sandwich.

I use the most premium ingredients and serve it with a feeling of overwhelming pleasure. 

I grew up in Israel where Falafel is the most popular traditional dish we have. Its eaten daily and is a fundamental part of our lives. 

As a businessman I’ve traveled outside the Middle East for years and always searched for dishes such as Hummus and Falafel which are like oxygen to me.

In Asia it is quite rare to find Falafel and thus as a Falafel lover I had to learn to prepare it myself and over the years I have developed a very high level product as per the public opinion. An recently have started to serve it in my restaurant “Hummus Elijah”. 

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/humuselijah


8. Mercedita T. Madrona

I’m a contest cook and the 1st Filipina Qualifier to the World Food Championships 2013 & 2014, Las Vegas, USA. This year I partnered w/ 2 friends and we got the exclusive franchise to host the Philippine Food Championships (Manila) – International Qualifier to the World Food Championships, Kissimmee, Florida, USA.

We are planning to get a booth at the TASTING VILLAGE to promote Filipino Cuisine in America.

  • Mini Pies/ Tarts
    The usual ulam like Kalderetang Kambing, Adobong Itik atbp serve in mini pies/tarts. Less carb is recommended specially during dinner. Good for potlocks and parties.
  • Panara
    Panara is one dish famous from Taguig, It is part of my hometown culinary heritage. I want to bring Taguig’s delicacy at the TASTING VILLAGE- Kissimmee, Florida.

I love Filipino Cuisines, and I want to show the world the best of Philippine Flavours. Foodies will surely love them, because I tried them in the USA with American friends and those were BOMB!





9. Eat’s a Wrap

  • Laing Fettuccine
    A Filipino favorite, laing gives a familiar coconut milk flavor to fettuccine pasta, and topped with tinapa to finish off that traditional Filipino flavor.  A true Filipino meets Italian dish.

    We’re fans of white sauce based pasta, and we wanted to merge Filipino and Italian ingredients in a dish.  Naturally, we thought of coconut milk, which is common in many Filipino dishes.

  • Chicken Pops
    Salted egg is one of the more popular add-ons to Filipino dishes, in salads or with seafood on the side.  We decided to include it as one of the main ingredients in a main dish, rather than just use it as an add-on.  

    We got to try salted egg prawns in one of our foreign trips, and decided to play around with the ingredient with other meats.  Salted egg and chicken were a perfect match.

10. Pappy’s Barbecue house

  • Rice Sukiyaki with Wagyu Bits
    It’s all in one. No need to add any other meat or chicken portion because one can savor the rice and be content with the serving. The distance taste of wagyu makes the rice appetizing and delicious to the palette.

We started with chicken, pork belly, and pork bbq . Our bestseller is the pork bbq. However, a lot of food entrepreneurs have already went into the same business as ours. 

At one point, I discovered a complete rice meal in one, so kids ( my kids and their friends started liking it and asking for more) can easily eat as soon as they ask for it. Its so easy to make, with the right condiments mixed altogether and the perfect wagyu on the side. The beef has a distinct taste, making it original. 

  • Wagyu Steak
    How we marinate and dry age the steak makes it even tastier and chewy. The special marinate for the stark is what makes it stand out.

Just the same, our kids love steak. I always make it a point to invent and discover ingredients to a perfect combination. And it worked!


11. Fisher Farms

  • Smoked Milkfish – Pure Belly Cut
    The Smoked Pure Belly is unique.First smoked pure belly in the market; more “premium” than other bellies in the market since it uses the most premium part of the bangus.

    It uses virgin beechwood chips imported from Germany – guaranteeing not only a juicy texture and rich smokey flavor but also a chemical-free and safe product.

    It is microwaveable, decadent viand that can be served in minutes.

The smoked bangus belly was created with the indulgent foodie in mind. Since this is the part that most people fight over, we decided to create a pure belly product smoked using our imported beechwood chips which guarantee a distinct and robust smokey flavor, a juicy texture, and a chemical-free and safe product. 

  • All-Natural Fish Frankfurter
    Free from artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives, Fisherfarms All-Natural Fish Sausages are made from 100% fish meat. They are a good source of protein, contain Omega-3, have 0 trans fat, and are free from gluten, casein, nitrites, and MSG.

For more info, visit www.fisherfarms.ph


12. The Beef Barn 

  • Roast Angus beef w wild mushroom sauce & Roast Pumpkin & Carrot Mash
    There is nothing more sinful and comforting than a huge chunk of fatty Angus beef smothered with a creamy wild mushroom gravy. We all love those toasted Crusty bits and Drippings and would always ask for the crumbs of herbs and pepper that has fallen off that roast. And this beef just promises all of that! it’s crusted on all 4 sides and just melts in your mouth giving you a 5 second Delirium. I swear my beef is worth the Heart attack!

    To balance it off, we are pairing it with the beef barn’s signature Roast pumpkin and carrot mash so creamy and natural even an 8 month old baby can eat it! 🙂 

It’s the original sultry roast beef by “the sultry chef”  it has the same flavours and juiciness that you can get in Fancy hotels but with affordable fast food price, without sacrifcing the quality and awesomeness.

For more info, visit www.beefbarn.ph


13. Herbs Bistro 

  • Pan Fried Crispy Deboned Rosemary Chicken Leg
    This dish represent the name of the company because it showcase how herbs and spices can transform a fried chicken to perfection.It also comes with champagne creams sauce which makes the dish even more surprising!!

This dish actually used to be a family recipe of one of the owner’s family.It been tested and then improved by today’s HERBS BISTRO Chefs.This dish will sure be loved by our dear Foodies because most of our people loves to eat fried Chicken. and its very common among Filipinos and HERBS BISTRO’S “PAN FRIED CRISPY DEBONED ROSEMARY CHICKEN LEG” is bringing it to the next level.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/pages/Herbs-Bistro-Groups-Inc/1511509665735554


14. Kah

  • Red Curry Beef with Lychee
    We are the only ones with this dish in Manila. We make our curry paste from scratch. The blend of lychee with the curry is unexpectedly delicious!

    After getting married in Thailand and staying there for over a month we missed authentic Thai food when we got back to Manila. This dish is only served at celebrations in Thailand and is usually roasted duck with grapes and cherry tomatoes added as well. We simplified it and want everyone to try it! 

  • Green Papaya Pad Thai
    Gluten free, starch free, fish sauce free, vegan, vegetarian…a dish that was made for people with very strict dietary requirements. We make our own substitute for fish sauce with mushrooms and pineapple to appease the pickiest eaters.

    Made for individuals with dietary requirements.


15. Cafe d Amore

  • Cheesy Meatloaf
    All in one food. It’s just an experiment for a weekend  dinner get together. Foodies will love it because its an all in one dish. It is a mixture of ground pork hotdog ham egg and cheese.

  • Amore Fresh Lumpia
    It’s heathy and fresh. It’s a combination of fresh lumpia and chinese lumpia with a twist …

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/cafedamoreresto


16. Tarlaqueña

  • Callos Ala Tarlaqueña
    Our callos recipe comes from my grandmother which she learned from her parents who lived in Tarlac. We use the traditional cooking method of “Siga” or slow cooking using wood in open fire.

Our recipe of callos we inherited from our Grandmother.. Her recipe was taught to her by her parents who were natives of Tarlac. This dish is one of the best sellers in our catering business.. We asked our clients what dish stands out from our Menu.. and our Callos is the one they pointed out. 

  • Chicken Croquettas
    We don’t use much extenders.. our croquettas are filled with chicken chunks… best paired with our home made Lemon Aoili Sauce.

This also one of our bestsellers in our Catering Business.. majority of our clients order this for their wedding / birthdays and private events since its very filling, our croquettas are filled with chicken chunks.. best paired with our Home Made Aoili Sauce.

For more info, visit www.tarlaquenacatering.com.ph


17. The Arab Tent

  • Couscous / Beef Kofta in Lamb Stew Sauce
    This dish is a staple of the middle east originating from Yemen, with an assortment of spices and saffron, which hopefully will appeal to local tastes.

This dish is an Arabic traditional specialty that is served in special gatherings like weddings. The addition of saffron in the couscous rice topped with lamb will surely entice the sophisticated foodie’s taste. 

  • Chicken Mussaka
    Served within layers of eggplant and cheese, chicken mussaka is the Arabic/Mediterranean version of Italy’s lasagna.

Normally made with beef, chicken mussaka is a healthy alternative. the chicken is first sautéed in tomato paste, olive oil, and a blend of spices, then carefully layered with eggplants and sautéed tomatoes topped with cream or cheddar cheese. 

For more info, visit https://instagram.com/thearabtent/


18. Pizzacle

PIZZACLE merges the popularity of pizza with the handiness of the Popsicle. Never before has pizza been seen in such an ideal and innovative form as the PIZZACLE. It is in actuality a slice of pizza, or calzone if you may, Firmly wrapped around a stick, therefore enabling the consumer to dine with ease and convenience. The full Italian goodness of your favorite pizza will now be available for mall dining sans the usual mess and the hassle.The PIZZACLE can be had in variety of flavors: Meat Lovers, Hawaiian, Spicy Taco, Chicken Barbecued, Pepperoni, Pinoy Spaghetti, and Choco Banana. At the affordable price this new and original product will surely take the mall habitues by storm. 

An ideal mall product, the PIZZACLE needs no frying. Only a convection or turbo broiler is required for cooking or baking the product and display warmer will be provided to keep baked goodies warm, visually appealing and delicious. Fast, easy and hassle free, the PIZZACLE needs no oil, no liquid ingredients and hence, no mess.

In today’s entrepreneurial environment, many bussiness have been conceptualized and created, but only a few have in reality remained. the PIZZACLE will be one of those ventures with staying power and endurance because of its iniqueness, novelty, convenience and affordability. As they say, many are called…few are chosen.

  • Meat Lovers Pizzacle
    Italian food has been taking the Filipino consumer by storm ever since we can remember. What with the mushrooming of tratorias, pizzerias and gelaterias nowadays? It is indeed a fact that the concept of Italian cuisine has already firmly embedded itself within the Filipino psyche.

No Italian product is much closer to the Filipino consumer’s heart than the pizza. This concoction has been Filipinized, Americanized, Mexicanized and otherwise bastardized many times over. But has always been served either as an entire pizza or by sliced, to be consumed using one’s hands.

The age of modernization has become the era of convenience, practicality and fast food. Every one turns, food stalls abound, offering an endless array of burgeoning  popularity of any kind of food on a stick. Popsicles,  hot dogs, fish balls, sweet bananas and all sorts of barbecued meats have traditionally been consumed with the ease convenience of stick, so why not have a slice of pizza on a stick. 

  • Hawaiian Pizzacle

Mr. Wieneke and myself (Shiv Hiranand) have combined forces and conceptualized for 10 months before making our product finally something tangible and real. We wanted to open a food cart in the industry and take the Filipino consumers by surprise by offering them such a novel and innovative product.  We did a lot of research and development, taste trials, as well as hired a food consultant to make our vision become a reality.  10 months later, we now have the Pizzacle, and we hope this becomes the new way of eating Pizza.

For more info, visit www.pizzacle.com


19. Chivy & Co.

  • Sous Vide Hainanese Chicken
    Chicken is cooked sous vide to retain the moisture and tenderness of the chicken and cooked in its natural juices. Served with 3 different types of sauces: ginger sauce, sweet soy sauce and chili sauce. Paired with fragrant hainanese rice.

Inspiration came from the trip to Singapore where we tried the famous Tian Tian hainanese chicken rice, but we thought that we could may it better than the original.

  • Pollo Wrap
    Chicken was marinated with herbs and spices then cooked sous vide, finished in the broiler to give the chicken its rich golden color.

The inspiration for this recipe came from my father when he wanted to create a pollo loco inspired chicken then tweaked the recipe to pack it with flavor.



20. Poco Deli

  • Charcuterie: Artisanal Sausages, Bacon, Pastrami
    Artisanal charcuterie- Sausages, Bacon, Pastrami. Made in small batches with prime USDA meats from US, French pork,  NZ lamb, and German spices. Naturally smoked in our brick oven.

We were exposed early to the art of charcuterie. I started making bacon and ham when I was 12 years old. We lived in our family ranch in Bukidnon where we fattened and took care of cows and pigs. The passion to create the ultimate sausage and bacon was heightened after visits to the best delicatessens in New York and Europe. 

For more info, visit www.Pocodeli.ph


21. Bakmi Nonya

  • Bakmi (Indonesian Noodle) Ayam or Sapi
    Bakmi is Indonesian staple food, fresh and healthy because our noodles are made fresh with no preservative. For me, bakmi is the best type of noodle in a bowl to have. Bakmi is eaten separate from its soup. Adding just a few soup will not make eater bloated with soup. The reason why the soup is few is because the noodle itself have a good flavor. It is light when u eat it and it’s addicting. It is a fusion of Indonesian Chinese noodle.

It began when we missed bakmi and my hubby wants it for pasalubong. To make the long story short my dad’s friend owner of bakmi restaurant taught me to make basic noodle for bakmi. I combined my knowledge i got from my mom and dad, because our family love to eat good food. I came out with pork and chicken bakmi which i prepare for our family here in manila. The other flavors added when i made this into businees and we won the Next Big Food Entrepreneur.

Why foodies will love our food?

It is easy to adapt by Filipinos, and it is authentic. Based on our experience at Mercato when they try, they are surprised that the noodle is so delicious. They even come back for a second bowl or the week after to try different flavor and even bring their friends and family to try our bakmi. 

  • Sate Babi
    The spices we put on the sate babi is unique. Our sate babi is good even if it’s not eaten right after it is grilled. It doesn’t need sauce for sate babi and it’s not like sate ayam that needs sauce. Sate babi is very interesting, some thing like Bali style of sate. 

It started from my grandma who always have this every Chinese new year and I added more spices.

Why foodies will love this product?

It is delicious. There are so many questions on how this is very different from Pinoy BBQ. Indonesian customers said it’s authentic and the same with the ones sold in Indonesia.  

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/BAKMI-Nyonya/1489351564651422


22. Auntie May’s

  • Angus Beef Salpicao
    It is an original recipe by Auntie May’s family. It is made from C.A.B. Angus Beef.  Marinated, cooked with lots and lots of garlic, flambeed to perfection.  Finished with a sprinkling of roasted, dried garlic bits. 

We started our food business after joining and faring well in UTT 2011.  We were invited to join Mercato Centrale by RJ.  

We initially serve our U.S. beef Tapa and Ginataang Kuhol (both products were entries at the UTT).  We were very fortunate that these products were well accepted by consumers.  we later on expanded our product offering until the time that our ANGUS BEEF SALPICAO was born.  

The idea came from my son, Bonju Reyes and through continues development of the product, we have finally perfected it according to our family’s standard.  

To date, our Angus Beef Salpicao is one of our flagship product and is our top selling dish in the weekend markets. We serve it with rice and we also sell it in frozen packs with 3 individual sachets and special sauce inside.  Also include is a “how to cook guide” so that you can cook it as close to how we do it.  It is a quick solution to your hunger anytime of the day because you can cook it straight from the freezer.



23. Cafe Arroz

  • Arroz
    It is a drink that upgrades the traditional taste of rice coffee as it improves the local practice of growing rice. It is a non-caffeinated drink that introduces a completely new flavor to the beverage industry as it mimics both coffee and milktea. It promotes the use of homegrown materials, but at the same time provides a universal taste.

It started as a college thesis product by Management students from the Ateneo de Manila University that was entered into a business development contest called “Be The Next GKonomist.” In joining this contest, our group aimed to maximize social responsibility by adding value to the raw materials that farmers get from harvesting rice. We want to make people aware of the existence of the product because it slowly faded away from the traditional practices of Filipinos.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/CafeArrozPH


24.  Boom’s Cold Brew Coffee & Beans

We are a couple who just love drinking coffee. We stumbled on (what we think) is the best tasting cup of Barako coffee (prepared the traditional way-boiling), and it has been our favorite ever since.

But we also wanted to take our coffee cold, especially on those very hot days. So we did a little research but most ways could not retain the taste of our Barako beans. It would either be dilluted (with ice cubes) or the taste profile becomes too sour (when heated and then chilled). 

Thankfully, we came across the process of cold brewing which has gained immense popularity in the US and Europe, and is slowly being introduced in Asia. Of course we had to try it, and after much research and development, our Barako Cold Brew Coffee was born. We loved it, and we took a chance, joining food fairs/events and a weekend market. 


It was just last April when we started, and hopefully we can introduce our products to more non-coffee and coffee lovers alike. It’s a fresh new take on coffee, and why not? We’re in a tropical country after all.

  • Boom’s Cold Brew Coffee- Pure Black (unsweetened)
    It’s a different way of brewing and drinking coffee. Our coffee is cold brewed, not hot brewed. We use time instead of heat to brew, resulting in a bold but smoother and cleaner coffee beverage. It is also about 70% less acidic, and does not require much sweeteners.

    We also use locally sourced Barako beans for a well-rounded full coffee flavor. 

  • Boom’s Cold Brew Coffee- Vanilla
    Same as above, only this is slightly sweetened with raw sugar and pure vanilla extract.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/boomscoldbrew




25. The Cake Orchard

  • Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake
    Love cinnamon rolls? Love cheesecakes? Well, they just got married. Eat happily ever after with Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecakes! Thick and creamy cheesecake with swirls of cinnamon running through that deliciously baked cheesecake. The Cake Orchard’s Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecakes are made with love, guaranteed pure bliss with every bite. 

Soft cinnamon rolls topped with cream cheese frosting are heavenly. I came upon this idea that cinnamon and cream cheese are great together. I absolutely adore baked cheesecakes with their thick and creamy mouthfeel. So, I decided to play around my trusted cheesecake recipe and made some swirls of cinnamon run through the thick cheesecake. Now I can enjoy my cheesecakes and at the same time satisfy my craving for some cinnamon rolls with the Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake. Just perfect!

  • Matcha Cheesecakes
    A cheesecake for all bona fide matcha lovers! And for those that are not too! This cheesecake might just change your mind.  Traditional Japanese matcha flavour blends perfectly with the deliciously baked cheesecake. Not too sweet, not too astringent but perfectly creamy and distinctly flavourful. Matcha matches perfectly with cheesecake. They’re just a match made in heaven!  The Cake Orchard’s Matcha Cheesecakes are made with love, guaranteed pure bliss with every bite. 

I’m just a matcha person. I mean, matcha lattes are just so divine! Then again, I’m a baked cheesecake person too. Bipolar cravings made me want to play with my ever so trusted cheesecake recipe. Matcha and cheesecake? The verdict? Matcha matches perfectly with the cheesecake! They’re just match made in heaven! Now that’s no pun.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/thecakeorchard


26. Kumori Japanese Bakery

  • Signature Hanjuku Japanese Cheesecake
    Unlike American cheesecakes which are dense and heavy, the Signature Hanjuku Cheesecake is light and fluffy and makes use of only premium ingredients.  
  • Krone
    Kumori is a Japanese bakery franchise which opened in Manila in Feb 2015, offering a variety of breads and pastries.  The concept is most well known for the Hanjuku Cheesecake, together with a host of other Japanese treats.  We prepare our products using mostly western baking techniques, but heavily influenced by Japanese trends and ingredients. 

Kumori currently has two branches (LGF of SM Makati and Landmark Makati), with two more opening within the year:  SM North Edsa The Block and Robinsons Place Manila.  

For more info, visit https://instagram.com/kumoriph/


27. Cakeshots

Last April 2014 cake shots launched its online store featuring premium alcohol laced cupcakes.  The inspiration of it all started decades ago when as a child my Grandmother’s Rum Raisin Pudding always used to put a smile on my face.  Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if her pudding isn’t around. 

Fast forward to March of 2015…  I started  experimenting on my favorite cupcake flavors and added a bit of spice with different alcohol flavors such as Vodka, Brandy, Whiskey, Rum and Irish Creme Liquor.  After weeks of trial and error, I came up with 6 alcohol laced cupcakes and 3 Virgin (non-alchol) cupcakes. By no means am I a schooled baker.  I’m just a person who loves to eat and enjoys a little zing or cocktail now and then.

  • Black Label Chocoholic
    It’s alcohol infused and laced cupcakes. It’s not your ordinary cupcake.

  • Vita’s Pudding
    Made with Bacardi and Brandy, The pudding is baked as a cupcake instead of a loaf 

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/cakeshotsph


28. Andro’s Cookie Chronicles

I am a 17-year old homebaker. I am about to start as a university freshman of DLSU and because classes will be starting by end of August, I thought of baking cookies and selling them with the help of my Mom.  My 9 year old brother, Jose Andro and I have been baking cookies and selling them on per order basis. Initially, we were only selling oatmeal cookies and choco chip oatment cookies. One day, I was reading through my Mom’s 23-year old  Sunset cookie book when I came upon thumbprint cookies. The original thumbprint recipe has raspberry jam. I thought of substituting the raspberry jam with mango jam. My Mom makes homemade mango jam without any preservatives. Thus we tried making mango thumbprints and it was a huge success with our regular costumers and we changed the name to Sunny Thumbprints because of the mango jam. 

  • Sunny Thumbprints
    Our Sunny Thumbprints are cookies covered in roasted walnuts and topped with homemade mango jam which was created especially for the cookies. This little bite-size cookie will surely make you crave one after another. Its small and delicate feature makes it perfect for any occasion to share with your family and friends.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/androscookiechronicles


29. Gelato Lab

We serve handcrafted gelato using only high quality ingredients. We don’t use flavorings. Also, it is made in small batches so as to retain the freshness and the smooth texture of gelato.

  • Matcha Choco Chip
    Our Matcha Choco Chip gelato is made from high grade Japanese green tea powder to produce an authentic full-bodied flavor. We mix it with chocolate bits to add texture and some contrast.
  • Coffee Stracciatella
    We use premium Colombian beans in our gelato to produce that intense, creamy taste of coffee without any acidity or bitterness. We blend it in with thin bittersweet chocolate flecks to add a crunch in every bite, which perfectly complements the richness of the coffee.
  • Mango Pudding
    We transformed this popular Asian dessert into gelato by deconstructing its flavors and mixing it into the base. We use real mangoes in our recipe, even adding small mango bits to add more juice to the bite.
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream
    Infused with real Bailey’s liqueur for a creamy, boozy flavor, with just the right subtle touch of alcohol.

We also offer a good range of flavors, from classic favorites (like dark chocolate and strawberry) to interesting combinations (like almond mascarpone) to the unusual (like thai milk tea, or pumpkin spice) to liquor-based (like pina colada). 

We continually strive to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that we feel will wow the market and open their eyes to new flavor profiles. 

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/gelatolabph


30. Manila Creamery

  • Mangga’t Suman with Latik Gelato
    It is a deconstructed Filipino dessert that is turned into gelato. The base is made of a creamy milk gelato mixed with sticky rice, mangoes and coconut milk curd (latik). The flavor is interestingly playful in the mouth as it begins with a milky taste hinted with coconut that is then followed by chewy bits of sticky rice and mangoes topped with coconut milk curd.  

During the early stages of our gelato business, we experimented on a lot of flavors like Bibingka but who would have thought that rice cake in gelato would turn out so well. This could quite possibly be one of the first ever rice cake (suman) gelatos ever made and sold. This is truly a modern transformation of a traditional Filipino dessert.

  • Bacio (Kiss) Gelato
    Bacio also known as “kiss” is an Italian flavor composed of chocolate, hazelnut and hazelnut wholes. Here we try to replicate a classic flavor that is virtually in every gelato store in Italy. People may not be too familiar with Bacio but it is similar to the ever so popular Nutella. We even source our hazelnuts in Piedmonte, Italy, to obtain that rich pure hazelnut taste. You literally get a taste of Italy in this one!

When we studied in Italy on how to make artisanal gelato, we ate gelato every single day. Personally, I fell in love with the flavor called ‘Bacio’ and I knew I had to make it when I got back in Manila. It was just a very deep, rich, and delicious flavor that kind of reminded me of Nutella. Foodies will love this because it’s a tasty balance between chocolate and hazelnut. 

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Manila-Creamery/432594913555503


31. The King’s Crumbs Bakeshop

The product started a few years ago in Tagaytay. The store is located in front of the Little Souls Convent less than a kilometer away from Mahogany market entering a small road. The product already has several loyal customers who keeps on coming back all these years. It is must-go after praying at the Little Souls Convent. Foodies will love this product as it is a new and unique way for the buko pie industry. It makes the humble buko pie into a chic and posh pie that can be compared to cakes/pies you can find in Starbucks, purple oven, etc.

  • Coconut Cream Pie
    The dish is the next evolution in the Buko Pie industry. Our product is the original coconut cream pie from Tagaytay City. The product is not your ordinary buko pie and a new taste from the usual buko tart. 
  • Pineapple Cream Pie
    This is a variant of our cream pie product. replacing buko with pineapple, this is a refreshing and new take on cream pies. Curiosity takes place when hearing about the pineapple cream pie and the taste does not disappoint. 


32. Cookie Sticks

Marc and Tricia Castrodes have been producing classic baked products out of their home in Marikina Valley Philippines for many years now. In 2008, as the demand for their products grew, they established a community-based commissary in the property next to their home. From art cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes and artisan breads now comes a fresh take on cookie classics! Hold it, dip it, split it, share it! A new way to enjoy an all-time favorite. That is Cookie Sticks.

  • Cookie Sticks 
    Cookie Sticks introduces an interesting twist to the classic cookie that everyone loves. Instead of selling the cookie in the traditional flat and round shape, Cookie Sticks sells cookies in stick form.  Traditional Cookie recipes will sit alongside various flavors of Grissini sticks. 
  • Grissini Sticks
    It can be enjoyed in so many ways.  With dips or straight from their handy containers.  It could be served along side pasta, cheese or just simply put in a glass/cup and serve to your guests.   

For more info, visit www.originalcookiesticks.com 

33. Dolcelli Food Specialties

  • Ube Royale Cake
    This is the ultimate or even the best ube cake you will ever taste.

The abundance of home grown fresh produce fruits are extensively widespread all over the Philippines. It would be an awesome idea if more Filipino vendors can make specialty products with the use of Philippine’s richest fruits such as our mangoes, ube, langka, durians and avocados. This way we are urging the buying public and consumers to promote and patronize Philippine products.

Since Ube is one of the most patronized products in the Philippines, I thought of making my version of the Ube Cake. 

  • Frozen Avocado Silvanas
    If you crave for something unique, refreshing and light dessert. This will be your best bet.

Silvanas or Sansrivals are well-known classic desserts that Filipino’s love. I was able to showcase my Sansrival in Avocado flavor way way back last Ultimate Taste Test 2. Surprisingly, it had great feedbacks. People loved it! 

So I thought of making it into Silvana type where consumers can conveniently eat it without having to cut the cake. This way, consumers can store it easily in their freezers. It would also be ideal for pasalubongs. 

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/sugarcraftbydenize


34. O’s Pastries

  • Crispy Lollies
    Our dish, Crispy Lollies, is made with crispy and rich dark chocolate coating and creamy pastillas on the inside. On special occasions (and also if you want to make any day extraordinary), our crispy lollies can also be ordered as a bouquet. Also as compared to other chocolate bouquets, ours is more affordable.

We wanted to make a cheaper chocolate bouquet alternative for our clients without making a great dent on their wallets but also not compromising the taste, quality and appearance of their bouquet for their loved ones, hence our Crispy Lollies Bouquet was born.

  • Caramel RaisiNuts Thins
    Our dish, Caramel RaisiNuts Thins, is made with premium nuts and raisins on top of chewy caramel thin bars. They’re easier to munch and lighter on the budget.

We decided to innovate a lighter version of a dish commonly known as Food for the Gods to be offered as a snack, not only as a dessert, hence our Caramel RaisiNuts Thins was born. They’re easier to munch and lighter on the budget.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/opastries


35. VoilaJars

VoilaJars are the only ready-to-bake, 3-step jar cakes.  Just (1) Add water in VoilaJar (2) Mix, and then (3) Microwave for 1 minute…and voila you have a cake!  It has never been this hassle-free which means anyone is now just 3 steps away from a moist, freshly baked cake.

From the experience of making it your own cake (we encourage you to add your own fillings & toppings); enjoying your freshly baked treat, and being creative in reusing our jars – VoilaJars hope that we made you smile and somehow made the world a happier place.

  • Belgian Fudge No.5
    Give in to your cravings with rich Belgian chocolate fudge and chunks within a freshly baked moist chocolate sponge cake.  It’s pure chocolate bliss at its finest.  The best thing about VoilaJars is because you yourself make it in 3-easy steps in less than 3 minutes which means you get all the credit 

Be creative and enjoy it better by adding your favorite fillings and toppings, chefs! 

For more info, visit www.voilajars.com


36. Kapeng Mainit

  • Beignets
    We are the first in the country to introduce buttermilk beignets.

It was an idea from the Disney movie Princess and the Frog. The movie took place in New Orleans where the main character was known for making beignets (French Doughnuts). After working for Bouchon and moving back to the Philippines, I was determined to make the famous Cafe Du Monde beignets, using that as my inspiration. After 4 days and countless of failed attempts, I was able to create a recipe that works for me. Finally, having created my own recipe of beignets.

  • Green Tea Beignets
    We are the only one’s and first in the philippines to make green tea filled Beignets.

After creating a beignet recipe that works, I wanted to elevate and take the beignets to the next level thus filling them with my own green tea filling recipe, that came to me in a dream. For then on, Kapeng Mainit has been famous for the Green Tea Beignets.

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/kapengmainit143


37. Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream

Papa Diddi’s is a lawyer who represented farmers from Northern Luzon, including the Mountain Provinces. As such unique produce from these areas are prioritised as a way to continue his legacy of supporting farmers. 

One product is the forbidden rice – which is less known versus the now familiar brown rice or even red rice. Using it in ice cream pushes further its usage – as it becomes a celebratory product – celebrating the hard work of farmers still propagating an ancient rice variant! 

  • Forbidden Rice Ice Cream
    It uses back rice, an ancient type of rice, reserved only for the royalty. It is roasted to perfection to deliver an all new, pure Filipino ice cream flavour.

  • MangoGinger Ice Cream
    There are many mango flavoured ice cream around. As it is the country’s favourite fruit, it is only perfect to be used a lot. We added a twist, by balancing the sweetness of a ripe mango, with the kick that we taste with ginger!

I grew up with mangoes in my room.  That is because we have so much harvest during the summer, and my parents would give us our share, and you need to “manage” your own supply – specially when they start to get ripe.  With so much produce, we experimented on this fave fruit, including added whatever produce we can match. Until I found its perfect pair: ginger!

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/papadiddis


38. Nothin’ Fancy

Our cupcakes are moist and light, once you try one..for sure you’ll reach out for one more.  

We put our heart into the taste of our products and we’re sure they’ll make their way into yours. 

These are just a sample of our roster of baked treats!  

  • Choco-Banana Cupcake
    Our choco-banana cupcake is a perfect medley.  Its just the right kind of sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Makes monkeys go bananas and chocolate lovers go loco!

  • Lemon Strawberry Cupcake
    We like our combos!  This one is sweet with just a tinge of tangy perfect ending to any meal!

This one’s looks simple to your eyes but will definitely leave a memory in your taste buds!

For more info, visit https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1416569085270283


39. Magpie Cafe 

  • Nokcha Love Bingsoo
    Bingsu is a korean dessert that uses a variety of toppings. Nokcha(green tea in korean)  is one of those flavors that would either make you a lover or a hater of green tea in an instant. We got this challenging bitter ingredient and made it one of the all time favorites sweet dessert in our little cafe in Maginhawa. We use smooth milk snow-flake as the bed for the ingredients, topped with green tea syrup and powder. Added adzuki beans to make it a bit savory and add a little texture to the mix. Topped with Nokcha ice cream. Sprinkled some California sliced almonds to have that crunch, chewy mochis (tteok) are added on the sides and finally a bit of Nokcha Powder to top it off. It is definitely a must try!

Before I was never a big fan of green tea unless it was loose-leaf. First time i tried, it gave me chills down my spine because I felt like I was drinking our garden because it literally tasted like grass. Fast forward to when we started the cafe, we saw that green tea was a hit and is here to stay. We tried playing around different ingredients and found out the perfect balance for it. We then used it to our dessert, the Bingsu. Bingsu is korean shaved ice. It blended perfectly with the milk snow-flake ice and the nuts and the mochi and whole bunch of stuff. From what I can say, we have a lot of converts in our cafe for Nokcha (green tea)—I was one of them too, so that being said, I’m pretty sure we can make the customers, green tea enthusiast and haters alike to fall for, or fall in love even more with green tea with our Nokcha Love Bingsoo.

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/magpiecafeph


40. First Harvest

  • Peanut Spread and Peanut Crunch
    Lovingly made with natural ingredients, our classic Peanut Spread delights with the perfect blend of earthy peanuts and deep honey, all swirled into a smooth and wholesome texture.

With no extenders, you can taste the rich flavor of freshly ground peanuts.
Table sugar is reduced to less than half and honey is used as a healthier sweetener.
No artificial preservatives.

The well-loved classic Peanut Spread dons a new texture with First Harvest’s Peanut Crunch! Sprinkled with homemade pinipig bits that POP with every bite, this quirky combo of smooth and crunchy is perfect for a fun surprise!!

  • Salted Coco Caramel
    Salted Coco Caramel is First Harvest’s take on the Asian heritage recipe – the coco jam. Balanced with salt and swirled with the aromatic flavor of sesame seeds, Salted Coco Caramel brandishes a surprising flavor that is unlike the regular coco jam.

Uses muscovado molasses – crude sugar cane is healthier.

Flavourful and not too sweet! Its sophisticated flavor is sure to please!

Enjoy with suman, or toasted bread. It’s the perfect pair for dark coffee.

No artificial preservatives. 

For more info, visit www.firstharvest.ph


41. Sweet Seductions Enterprise

  • Chocolate Espresso Truffles
    We use Philippine made couverture.

With our goal to promote local sourcing of ingredients we, at Sweet Seductions Enterprise, started supplying locally sourced and manufactured cocoa powder, chocolate compounds and covertures to industrial clients. This year we are focusing our efforts to convince restaurants and commercial establishments to buy locally produced chocolates in efforts to improve the local cocoa industry. 

Currently, we are in the process of teaching cocoa bean fermentation and drying techniques to farmers in Quezon Province and in Barangay Mabini, Batangas. Finalising agreements with farmers in these areas will ensure the continual supply of local cocoa beans, help the cocoa farmers and reduce our carbon footprint. 

We started a line of dairy-free chocolates, chocolates made with stevia and coco sugar for clients with dietary requirements and bean to bar chocolates with no lecithin/preservatives/chemicals/additives. Last month we started making bite sized chocolates for retail with fillings not common in the local market but all locally sourced – barako coffee, and kaffir (for example).

  • Cocoa nut butter
    We make our nut butters from scratch so can customize orders (reduced salt, specific type of sweetener) depending the customer’s dietary needs. We use local nuts as much as possible and don’t add any preservatives, chemicals, colorants, additional oil. 

We have a friend who is allergic to almonds and another who is allergic to dairy so that inspired us to make all natural spreads. Plus we are trying to keep our baby from eating items with preservatives/chemicals. We think there’s a market for this in the Philippines.

Sunshine Bites

  • Forget-me-not S’mores Cupcake
    Forget-me-not S’mores cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse inside. 

Basically it consists of the following: 
Mousse, chocolate cake, graham,marshmallow. 

Did I mention that the marshmallows are blow torched too?

It all started with a desire to serve people with good food.  When I started working, I had the opportunity to buy an oven. I bought it and my first ever cupcake was successful. This made me confident about my future baking endeavors. Among all of the cupcakes I baked, I am confident that S’mores can make it. People who were able to try it were happy about it. It got me more confident when my brother liked it. (He’s really picky when it comes to food.)

S’mores is not just about a cupcake dough and a topping. It makes the cupcake interesting and exciting because of the fusion of ingredients, yet are all complementing.

For more info, visit instagram.com/sunshinebitesph


43. Vice Cream

Stressed? Heartbroken? Partying in your pajamas? With a whole bunch of friends? Or just looking for a sweet fix? 

We don’t care what your reason is; you don’t even have to have one!

Vice Cream just wants to be there.

We’re combining the fun and nostalgia of ice cream with the class and flair of wine. It’s your favorite childhood treat grown-up! 

You don’t even have to wait for happy hour.

You’re welcome.

  • Vice Cream
    Everything’s better when you have a best friend, and Vice Cream wants to be yours! Ice cream and wine? What better combination could there be? 

    Vice Cream is a newly established homemade ice cream business that serves three unique flavors: Merlot, Chocolate Shiraz with Potato Chips, and White Sangria.

We used three different wines to create three unique (but equally delicious) flavours. There’s one for red wine lovers, one for those who prefer white, and one that we combined for those who just want a bit of a kick.

For more info, visit https://instagram.com/vicecream_ph/


44. Rita’s Italian Ice

Our Italian Ice is nothing like the ubiquitous shaved ice or snow cones around. The same process used to make ice cream is applied to the Italian Ice-making technique, and the result is a smooth, fluffy, shard-free ice dessert that dissolves into a syrup-like consistency—it’s pretty delicious.

  • Rita’s Mango Italian Ice
    Our Mango Italian Ice is one of our best-sellers among the Rita’s ice flavors because each batch of ice is made fresh daily. We also use real mango fruit in our ice so the taste is something that the Filipino palate loves. It’s sweet, a bit tart & refreshing making it a staple for our loyal customers. 
  • Rita’s Alex Lemonade Ice
    Our Rita’s Alex Lemonade is very special because of the story behind it. Each year Rita’s commits to raising money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Over the past 9 years, with the help of our loyal guests, we’ve raised $3.9 million dollars and counting! Our Rita’s Fund of Hope will ensure that the travel needs of families whose children are battling cancer are met. 

For more info, visit http://www.ritasice.com/


45. Team Fillypiñana

It all started as a food experiment done at home, in an attempt to replicate the sugar cubes because those things are so rare. The end result didn’t come out in a cube shape, but in a capsule form which we eventually loved. As for the flavors, we wanted a conventional flavor that work well on both coffee and tea, which was vanilla at that time. 

Back then, we were unsure if our food craft will sell, so we did taste-tests during meetups with friends. We also did our first public sale in a fandom convention called Tamashii Convention wherein we put up a limited amount of 26 jars for sale. Surprisingly, all the jars got sold out so we’re positive that it can break out.

  • Rari-Tea Sugar Drops
    Rari-Tea Sugar Drops is our localized version of the sugar cubes, which are usually imported from United States or Canada. The product is very different because the drops are in miniature capsule-shaped forms with vibrant colors. Unlike ordinary sugar cubes, our product comes in three unique flavors: Vanilla, Vanilla-Mint, and Cinnamon, so they can make any hot coffee, tea, or other beverage not just sweeter but also more exciting and flavorful. And because they’re in solid shapes, they’re very convenient to hold and all it takes is to drop one into the cup, stir, and enjoy – no mess, no fuss, no problem. 

For more info, visit www.teamfillypinana.weebly.com


46. Chocoliquor Cakes by Maricar

Hi! My name is Maricar. I live a strange life. I finished medical school and became a general physician, but months after obtaining my license, I entered the crazy world of Philippine showbiz as an actress for ABSCBN. And now I’m baking cakes!

I LOVE (lovelovelovelovelovelovelove!!) chocolate. I also love to research and study on my own. Putting my passions together with my husband’s years of experience of cooking in his Dad’s restaurant (Mr. Poon in Malate) led us to this cake concoction we lovingly call our CHOCOLIQUOR CAKE. 

After MONTHS of research and taste-testing, fighting to keep the inches off our waistlines in the process, we finally found the right blend of chocolate and liquor.

  • Chocoliquor Cake
    Imagine biting into a high quality chocolate bonbon then taking the smallest sip of excellent red wine, just enough to enhance the flavor. That was our inspiration. 

Plus we were challenged to make the experience palatable even to non-drinkers, and safe for everyone, incluing nursing moms and children! 

We are so proud of our choco-liquor cake and want to see how it stands up to the evaluation of 1000 foodies! 🙂 

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/chocoliquorcakes


47. Yvette’s Pastillas & Pasalubong 

  • Pastillas
    My pastillas is pure and has no preservatives. Ingredients used are all branded, we don’t use cheap or generic ingredients.  The taste is not so sweet, it will make you ask and crave for more.

I grew up in a family that is so inclined to food business, company canteen in particular.

During weekends of my high school days, I always help my mother in making sweet candies like pastillas. We sell them in our canteen and offered some in other canteen owned and managed by my Aunt. They just loved our pastillas.

Through the years the ingredients we use in making them kept on increasing, but we were never tempted to try to use cheap and generic raw materials. We wanted to preserve its original taste, texture and quality. 

The unique taste of our pastillas will make you ask and crave for more. 

  • Dome Type Yema 
    The sweetness is just right, the blend of ground roasted nuts added unique flavor to the yema. 

The story about our yema is the same with our pastillas, taste and quality are retained. We even improved them through years of experimenting.

Our relatives, friends and other buyers just loved them. 

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/pages/Yvettes-Pastillas-and-Pasalubong/877883268914902


Ultimate Taste Test Event 2015 (Buy your Tickets Now!)


What: Ultimate Taste Test 2015 — Be a Food Critic for a Day!
When: September 12, 2015, Saturday, 11.00 am – 9.00 pm.
Where: Glorietta Activity Center, Ayala Center Makati 

Ultimate Taste Test  Fee: P500/head . Inclusive of:

  • Food Taste Portions from a minimum of 40+ Home-Based Food Vendors & New Food Discoveries for the entire Saturday
  • A bottle of San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt or Cerveza Negra
    (For foodies 18 years old and above only)
  • Food Critic Ballot for voting your favorite food discoveries. 
Ultimate Taste Test Tickets
1 – Regular ticket P500.00 PHP
2 – Regular tickets P1,000.00 PHP
3 – Regular tickets P1,500.00 PHP
4 – Regular tickets P2,000.00 PHP
5 – Regular tickets P2,500.00 PHP
6 – Regular tickets P3,000.00 PHP
7 – Regular tickets P3,500.00 PHP
8 – Regular tickets P4,000.00 PHP
1 – Senior Citizen ticket P400.00 PHP
2 – Senior Citizen tickets P800.00 PHP

Barkada Promo: Buy 10 tickets + 1 free ticket! 

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