8 Authentic Vietnamese Dishes to Savor at @NewWorldManila’s Vietnamese Food Festival!

New World Manila Bay Hotel in cooperation with New World Saigon Hotel, Vietnamese Airlines and the Embassy of Vietnam in the Philippines to showcase the authentic flavors of Vietnamese Cuisine in Manila. 


The special Vietnamese dishes and beverages are featured in the lunch and dinner buffet at the Market Café and the Vietnamese coffee experience at the Lobby Lounge  from Sept. 1 to 13, 2015.

For Vietnamese Food Lovers, don’t miss to savor these 8 authentic Vietnamese dishes at the Vietnamese Food Festival at New World Manila Bay Hotel: 

1. Ban Mhi 

03. CEREMONIAL CUTTING OF THE BANHMI led by Manila Bay Hotel GM Mark Heywood,   Vietnamese Ambassador Spouse Madam Dinh Thi Thu Duong, His Excellency Vietnamese Ambassador Truong Trieu
Mr. Mark Heywood ( New World Manila Bay Hotel),  Madam Dinh Thi Thu Duong ( Spouse of Ambassador of Vietnam, His Excellency Truong Trieu ( Ambassador of Vietnam) opened the Vietnamese Food Festival with ceremonial cutting of Vietnamese Banh Mi. 

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-38.jpg
Start off your Vietnamese feast with a slice of Banh Mi.


2. Beef Pho

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-20.jpg
The Beef Pho was so good that we can’t help getting second and third servings.

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-28.jpg
The soup broth was particularly flavorful, light and with good beef taste. 

3. Vietnamese Coffee

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-29.jpg
Vietnamese coffee is dark and bitter with a hint of almond flavor. It is brewed in a single-cup filter which acts as a small coffee pot.  



New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-30.jpg
It looks like a hat and sits upon the top of a coffee cup. Inside the single-cup filter is a chamber for coffee and room for hot water. Condensed milk is available at the bottom of the coffee cup.  

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-32.jpg
Mix the dripped coffee with the condensed milk and transfer it to a glass of ice. 

4. Vietnamese Appetizers

Vietnamese cuisine is considered one of the healthiest in the world. Its recipes include a variety of fresh spices and herbs such as galangal, lemongrass, mint, coriander, cinnamon, bird’s eye chili, lime, basil leaves and much more. 

Feast on a good selection of fresh spring rolls, and special Vietnamese salads. 

Vietnamese spring rolls
Fresh Spring Rolls

water fern cake prawn and pork
Water fern cake, prawn, pork  –  Bánh bèo chén, tôm, thịt heo 

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-44.jpg
Make sure to top the water fern cake with pickled vegetables and fish paste.

chicken cabbage salad
Chicken cabbage salad  –  Gỏi gà bắp cải

heart of palm pork salad
Heart of palm, pork salad  –  Gỏi củ hủ dừa, thịt heo

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-45.jpgThe salads are best eaten paired with the crackers.

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-2.jpg
Guest Chefs Tran Van Dong (Chef Dong) and Tran Thanh Thuy (Chef Ana) were specially invited from New World sister property in Saigon to prepare a delightful array of dishes, with each one highlighting a distinct flavor that reflects Vietnamese culture. 

Guest Chef Tran Van Dong has more than two decades of culinary experience at New World Saigon Hotel where he spearheads the preparation of Vietnamese cuisine. He is joined by Guest Chef Tran Thanh Thuy who is known for introducing her fresh ideas in the kitchen.


5. Vietnamese Grilled Skewers

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-40.jpg
Don’t forget to try the different flavors of Vietnamese skewers using their spices like turmeric and lemongrass.



New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-43.jpg


6. Vietnamese Pancakes

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-39.jpg
Another interesting unique dish is the Vietnamese pancake that is cooked upon order. 

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-41.jpg
Vietnamese rice pancake, pork, prawn – Bánh xèo tỏm thit

It looks like an omelet shaped like a pancake but eaten wrapped in the lettuce.


7. Vietnamese Main Dishes

Food trip of the different Vietnamese Main dishes which are specialties from different parts of Vietnam.

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-13.jpg
Fried Mackerel, tomato sauce

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-15.jpg
Vietnamese caramelized pork (It’s like humba)

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-18.jpg
Garlic roasted chicken leg, honey, soy sauce (My favorite!)

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-46.jpg
Pineapple sour soup, prawn


8. Vietnamese Desserts

End your feast with authentic Vietnamese desserts 🙂

New World Manila Bay Vietnamese-50.jpg
The must-try desserts are Sweet Mung Bean Soup with Seaweed, Corn and Coconut Sweet Soup, Sweet Banana and Tapioca Soup, Sweet Black Bean Soup with Coconut Cream, Sweetened Porridge Longan and Jelly, Lotus Seed Sweet Soup and “Baba” Sweet Soup.  

2 Vietnamese usherettes, Anton Diaz (Ourawesomeplanet), 2 Vietnamese usherettes
Congratulations to New World Manila Bay Hotel for the yummy Vietnamese Food Festival!



Market Cafe

This September 1 to 13, New World Manila Bay Hotel in cooperation with New World Saigon Hotel, Vietnamese Airlines and the Embassy of Vietnam in the Philippines showcases the refinements, vivid colors and exotic ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine in all its grandeur. Patrons are invited to take a gastronomic journey to Vietnam with a selection of popular Vietnamese dishes and beverages amid the lunch and dinner buffet at the Market Café.

Lunch Buffet (Monday to Saturday) – P2,000 Net
Dinner Buffet (Monday to Thursday) – P2,000 Net
Dinner Buffet (Friday to Sunday) – P2,500 Net
Sunday Brunch – P2,500 Net

The Lounge

For a refreshing Vietnamese culinary sojourn, bring your business associates and loved ones at The Lounge and discover the coffee culture of Vietnam.  The tradition of coffee drinking in Vietnam stems from its French heritage and burgeoning trade as the fourth largest coffee exporter around the world. 

Savor Vietnamese coffee whether hot or cold with a variety of Vietnamese delicacies for two persons at P900 at The Lounge. Hot Black Coffee with Sweet Condensed Milk (Ca Phe Sua Nuong) or the iced version (Ca Phe Sua Da) can be ordered at P250. 

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P.P.S Inquire about the Vietnamese Promotion Cooking Class, Saturday 12th September

Cooking Class Menu
Traditional Vietnamese rice-paper prawn  –  Gi cun tôm
Grapefruit salad, dried squid  –  Gi bưởi, mc sy
“Pho” Beef noodles soup  –  Ph
Vietnamese sticky rice – Xôi lá d


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