THE FRUIT GARDEN JAMS: “A Bubbly Season” for 2015 Festive Celebrations!

The Fruit Garden is an artisanal jam brand that marries French Heritage with Filipino Flare. Each holiday season, the company produces a new line of jams and packaging that has a story to tell. This year the brand shows off the “Festive Collection”, with Champagne and the bubbly nature of gift-giving as its underlying theme.

Read on to find out more about the “Festive Collection”…

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"A Bubbly Season"

To create something special, the brand coalesces the lavish experience of Strawberry and Spiced Peach Champagne straight from France with delightful jams concocted with locally sourced fruits in their magical event entitled “A Bubbly Season.


"A Bubbly Season"

In collaboration with Filipino Farmers, The Fruit Garden makes its Lemon Marmalade with yellow lemons from Negros. To make the aromatic Guava Violet Jam, the company gets its pink guavas from General Santos. Lastly, Tagaytay Pineapples are used to create the tangy Spiced Pineapple Raspberry Jam.

All of these flavors are made available in attractive, matching coffrets, which would look great under any Christmas tree.


"A Bubbly Season"

Because of the great selection of flavors (Calamansi Brandy, Pineapple Coco Rhum, Mango Lavender, Spiced Pineapple Raspberry, Strawberry Banana, Guava Violet) the Champagne Discovery Set is one of The Fruit Garden’s bestsellers!


"A Bubbly Season"

The colors used in this year’s design are strongly inspired by the natural colors produced by this season’s of jams. Just shows us the amount of thought that goes into every new collection.


"A Bubbly Season"

The inspiration for “A Bubbly Season” comes from the French Champagne Region, Reims. Hence, the bubbles on the elegant packaging mimic the sparkling nature of your favorite bubbly.


"A Bubbly Season"

Some of coffrets this season are named after famous places in France. This includes the “Epernay Coffret” and “Reims Coffret”. Aligning with the Champagne theme, Epernay and Reims are just some of the places in France where one can find world-class wines.


"A Bubbly Season"

Although Reims is famously associated with wine, it was also the place where French royalty was crowned from 898 to 1825 at Notre Dame de Reims.

 The Fruit Garden took several trips to wine cellars with the likes of Moet & Chandon, Mumm, and Pommery to appreciate the level of artistry that goes into Champagne. They get their wine from Le Cellier and packages them in wave bottles.


"A Bubbly Season"

The Spiced Peach Champagne is one of the stars of the show in The Fruit Garden’s “Festive Collection”. It makes for an attractive present, as it has edible glitters that blissfully capture the festivities of the season. Just see how it lights up the room!


"A Bubbly Season"

Pierre Marmonier of The Fruit Garden strives to show the rich history of France due to his recent wine tour. For this event, he collaborates with the head chef of L’Entrecote, Chef Martin Kaspar, to develop a menu using the luxury jams and Champagne.


"A Bubbly Season"

Chef Martin enthusiastically convinces us that jam is more than a fruit preserve. Rather, it is an adaptable ingredient that can be used in any meal of the day.


"A Bubbly Season"

The Strawberry (leftmost glass) and Spiced Peach Champagne are one of the stars of  “A Bubbly Season”. As with any sparkling wine, the moment is very experiential. 


"A Bubbly Season"

Unlike the acidic nature of wine, the Strawberry Smoothie is quite neutralizing. It isn’t cloyingly sweet and is frothy with milk.


"A Bubbly Season"

This is healthy Birchermuesli with Apricot Jam. The muesli blends well with the apricot jam, which gave it an enjoyable sweetness. Definitely beats plain sugar!


"A Bubbly Season"

The Pistolet Canapés with Pineapple Coco Rhum Butter & Glazed Honey Ham is our personal favorite.

The Pineapple Coco Rhum Butter and Glazed Honey Ham combination is reminiscent of our Filipino Piña Ham during Christmas. These are flavors that Filipinos can easily associate with. It definitely felt like a luxurious marriage of French Heritage and Filipino Flavors.


"A Bubbly Season"

The Quiche Lorraine with Berry Jam is a great appetizer idea. The star of the show is definitely the berry jam, which gives the relatively subtle-tasting nature of the quiche a strong, sweet kick.


"A Bubbly Season"

The Foie Gras Parfait with Mango Ginger Jam is a unique clash of flavors. The Mango Ginger Jam worked nicely with the parfait, helping mask some of the metallic richness of the duck or goose liver. 


"A Bubbly Season"

The Asparagus – Peas Risotto with Lemon Jam and Mint Foam was refreshing with the peas and Lemon Jam dominating the flavor.


"A Bubbly Season"

The Panna Cotta with Raspberry Pineapple Jam was surprising! The grittiness of the seeds in the raspberry jam can be felt, which gives the experience another dimension.


"A Bubbly Season"

The Goat Cheese “Pissaladiere” with Guava Violet Jam is a luxurious ending to the night. The goat cheese is rich and mingles with the Guava Violet Jam quite well.


"A Bubbly Season"

The Fruit Garden offers seven different coffrets of assorted jams (additional information will be included at the end).

For this holiday season, they even included festive Christmas bobbles into the mix in their “Epernay” set. Not only can we enjoy good food, wine, and company, but also incorporate the same merriment into the décor.


"A Bubbly Season"

Overall, “A Bubbly Season” was a cozy and enjoyable event, appropriate for the upcoming gift-giving season. People mingled happily and were cheerful all through the night. We learned to appreciate the value of good wines and artisanal jams with The Fruit Garden’s “Festive Collection”!


295 Haig Street, Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 621-4603
Mobile: +63 920 945-3565


Live an Awesome Life!


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Disclosure: We attended the launch of “A Bubbly Season” by The Fruit Garden. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.

P.S.  What else do you think we can make with these artisanal jams? Let us know!



The Champagne Discovery set

The Champagne Discovery Set
P 395.00
6 Assorted Jams (30g each)


The Gift box

The Gift Box
P 520.00
3 Assorted Jam (120g each)
Lemon Marmalade
Guava Violet
Spiced Pineapple raspberry


The wave set

The Wave Set
P 660.00
2 Wave Jams (120g each)
Strawberry Champagne
Peach Spiced Champagne


The reims coffret

Reims Coffret
P 1,020.00
5 Assorted Jams (120g each)


The Champagne coffret

Champagne Coffret
P 2,500.00
2 Wave Jams
Strawberry Champagne
Peach Spiced Champagne
1 Bland de Blancs Champagne Bottle


The Epernay coffret

Epernay Coffret
P 1,350.00
4 Assorted Jams (120g each)
2 Capiz Shell Balls



30g Jar (50 pieces minimum)
Php 53.00 

120g Jar Hexagonal
Php 160.00 

120g Wave
Php 300.00

350g Jar Hexagonal
Php 300.00

400g Honey
Php 330.00

All prices are VAT inclusive – Minimum delivery for Metro Manila Php 10,000 50% down payment on order, balance at delivery.

Leadtime: 1 to 4 weeks depending on volume, and personalization needs.

Product shelf life: 18- 24 months 


Round sticker added on the top of the cap:
Minimum 100 pieces, surcharge (one time) Php 500.00 + Php 3 per piece

Redesign of labels for 30g and 120g bottles:
Minimum volume is 100 pieces surcharge (one time), Php1,000 + Php 5.00 per piece.

Gift boxes:
Discovery set classic and Gift set can be customized with minimum volume of 300 pcs each, subject to separate quotation.

Can be customized with your colors (chosen from the color panel)
1 color logo can be stamped on the box as well (10 pcs minimum)
Surcharge : Php 300.00 for film and Php 20.00 per coffret.


Php 15,000 and above = 3%
Php 25,000 and above = 5%
Php 50,000 and above = 10%
Php 100,000 and above = 15%



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