BAR PINTXOS: Alabang’s Secret Spanish Tapas & Pintxos Bar (A Review)

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BAR PINTXOS is a neighborhood tapas and pintxos bar in the south, serving Catalan/Basque food by Miguel Vecin and Tinchu Gonzalez.

There are no signs going to this place so it’s a bit hard to find. People come here for the authentic Spanish food and to hang out with friends over drinks. We thought it would be a dark bar type of place but it was surprisingly family friendly.

Our family tried it together with my wife’s cousin Pam of Risa Chocolates, who introduced us to Bar Pintxos. Here’s what we think…

Don Gesu Building, Don Jesus Boulevard (Near Alabang Hills), Muntinlupa City
Instagram: @BarPintxos
Telephone: +632 831-0065

Operating Hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00 am-12:00 am
Sunday: 11:00 am-10:00 pm
Monday: closed


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Bar Pintxos is located along the SLEX service road near Alabang. Landmarks are Total gas station, Alabang Hills, and Pancake House.


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You’ll find Bar Pintxos at the back of Don Gesu Building. There’s adequate parking available for those who can get there. 🙂


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I like the neighborhood bar resto vibe. It’s packed at night so I recommend making a reservation if you’re going with a group. 


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BAR PINTXOS MENU: Tapas, Pintxos, Charcuteria (platters) | Wine, Beer

Pintxos are small bite-size bread with toppings that originated in Basque. Tapas are served in small plates that can be shared. 



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★ JAMON ALLIOLI (P65). Jamon Serrano, allioli, parsley.

Bread is topped with generous slices of Jamon Serrano with garlic and oil mayo. Really good value for money. Just remember to savor it in 2-3 bites.


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PIMIENTOS RELLENOS (P90). Chistorra Navarra, cheese, guindillas. 
PIQUILLO BRIE JAMON (P125). Red pepper, brie, Jamon Serrano.

The Chistorra sausage is topped together with the cheese and guindillas chili. The piquillo red pepper adds a nice sweet flavor to the brie and balances out the saltiness of the Jamon. Both are good combinations. Order them together to get different flavor profiles.


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Order the sangria to get you in the right mood for your pintxos experience.


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You can’t go wrong with this combination of umami flavors from the salmon, yogurt, goat’s cheese, truffle honey, and caviar.  


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★ GULAS (P120/pc.). Gulas, shrimp, garlic, olive oil.

Faux worm-like eels called gulas with gambas, in simple garlic and olive oil flavors. Our personal pintxos favorite!


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★ PINTXO DE CHAMPIÑONES (P150/pc). Mushrooms with garlic parsley and Jamon Serrano. 

The big mushrooms look like small burger patties topped with Jamon. A bit expensive considering the pintxo pricing is per piece.


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★ TXOMIN TXAKOLI  (P1,400 – White)

Order the Txakoli white wine. With its right acidity, slighty carbonated feel, and fruity aroma, it’s the perfect pairing for the pintxos.



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★ TORTILLA PATATAS CHORIZO (P220). Egg, potato, chorizo.

You can slice the omelet with potato and bits of chorizo like a pizza and top it with the bread. A great value appetizer to share.


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GUINDILLAS FRITAS (P200). Fried pickled Spanish peppers.

A good pulutan to have over a good conversation–not too spicy and much better than fries.


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A long sausage, typical in Catalan cuisine, served with big white fava beans and sunny side egg. The sausage is meaty, juicy, and with just the right saltiness.


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★ LAMB PAELLA (P275). Paella of the day. 

We liked this single serving of paella with lamb meat that was still big enough to be shared. 


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★ LENGUA (P420). Beef tongue, olive oil,  mushrooms, olives.

The lengua is so tender, with a flavorful sauce from mushrooms and olives. It is served with bread and not with rice (unless you insist).


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You’re sure to meet the wonderful people living in the south. 🙂 Sit by the bar area if you want to mingle and have a chat.


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Make sure to ask for their new pintxos like this Escabeche…


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…and Boquerones made from local fish. 


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For dessert, order a bar of artisan Risa Chocolates–proudly made in the Philippines!


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This is probably one of those places that you would want to keep to yourself and wish that they don’t expand. I like the hidden location and the accidental success story of this tapas bar. 

Order the pintxos as small bite appetizers. I recommend the JAMON ALLIOLIGULAS, PINTXO DE CHAMPIÑONES, and SALMON – TRUFFLE HONEY – CAVIAR. If you go in a group, order a bottle of TXOMIN TXAKOLI to pair with the pintxos.

For Tapas, I recommend the TORTILLA PATATAS CHORIZO and BUTIFARRA. Then the LAMB PAELLA and LENGUA for your main course. Check out Risa Chocolates for dessert. Budget about P500-800/head, depending on whether you order drinks or not.

Make sure to make a reservation, especially if you plan to go at night. It’s definitely worth the drive. If coming from Manila, exit via Sucat and take the service road.  

Overall, an awesome place to meet and eat with your friends living in the south. 


Don Gesu Building, Don Jesus Boulevard (Near Alabang Hills), Muntinlupa City
Instagram: @BarPintxos
Telephone: +632 831-0065

Operating Hours
Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00 am-12:00 am
Sunday: 11:00 am-10:00 pm
Monday: closed


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: We paid for our meal with some complimentary tapas and wine from Miguel. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Congrats to Miguel Vecin on your successful first restaurant venture! 

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  1. FYI, “Gulas” are not eels. It is a certain fish that is sliced in a manner where it looks like eels. Looks funky but it’s delicious!

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