10 Favorites @MadridFusionMNL’s “ALMUSAL” Theme Regional Lunch (Day 2)

Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL

The Regional Lunches at Madrid Fusion Manila presents the finest dish and produce the country has to offer from the Main Islands Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Aside from the buffet of local specialty by different local restaurants, the main highlight was the unique themed dishes prepared by Top Filipino chefs.

Day Two’s theme “Almusal” features reinterpretations of our favorite Pinoy morning food. We love how they added a spin on one of the most important meals of the day. 

The Regional Lunches of Madrid Fusión Manila 2016 is sponsored by the Department of Agriculture and the Day 2 lunch is curated by JJ Yulo. 

Here are our Top 10 favorites on the Day 2 Lunch at Madrid Fusion Manila …


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Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
1. Tapa, Egg Yolk Cream, Rice Cracker By Chef Margarita Fores (Cibo, Grace Park, Lusso, Alta)

Margarita’s way of a modern touch to the Tapsilog.

Perfectly roasted organic lamb on crispy Adlai rice crackers topped with garlic crumbs, guava syrup, and egg yolk. 


Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
2. Hot Chocolate Specials by Risa Chocolates

The drink highlights the notes of their south cotabato beans. It is made of 100% chocolate bean mixed with a little sugar, we love how you can playfully get a chocolate spoon and melt it in the hot choco instead of sweetening with sugar. And instead of marshmallow they used quesong puti and spices for toppers. 


Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
3. Champorado and Eggs over Eggs by: Chef Jayme Natividad (Taza)

Canapé of bihod (fish roe) frittata with chicken egg topped with smoked tomatoes and marinated tuna eggs. 


Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
And very rich creamy Champorado with two kinds of rice the heirloom rice and glutinous rice, two kinds of chocolate the Malagos dark chocolate and Alfonso tablea, with coconut sugar, dilis, dilis powder and evaporated milk.


Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
4. Sandwich of Smoked Lardo Pandesal, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Fried Quail Egg, and Pickled Ampalaya served with Barako Red Eye Gravy
by: Chefs Jeremy and Jen Slagle (Mister Delicious)

The classic kape and pandesal combination.

Pork fat pandesa sprinkled with sea salt, then sandwiched with applewood smoked bacon, quail egg, pickle amplaya and paco. Best dipped with their gravy made from barako coffee and pork hock stock.


Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
5. Morcon of Baboy Damo by: Chef Nico de Asis Millanes (Terrasse Bistro, Portiko Cafe and Loungem Bacolod)

Morcon with a scotch egg inspired twist.

The meat for the morcon is a native black pig sourced from Bukidnon. To have that very rich and dense yolk they chose duck eggs sourced from Pateros. The dish is Bacolod inspired with its dew infused with tanglad which is highly used in the cuisine.


Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
6. Dinuguan Longganisa at Puto by: Chef Edward Bugia (Backyard Kitchen + Brew, The BRGR Project, Pino)

Dinuguan longanissa with homemade puto underneath there’s a savory crème anglaise with salted egg yolk and then red miso coconut chicharon and calamansi 


Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
7. Native Duck and Chicken Pancit Molo with Garlic Infused Rice Crisps by: Chef Don Colmenares (Kusina ni Caloy, Bacolod) 

The dish is an upgrade to the classic Bacolod favorite.

It’s a native duck and native chicken molo infused with native rice cooked in skin and bones of both the duck and the chicken with some fermented garlic. Topped with edible flowers to add depth of flavor that is unique.


Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
8. Saba at Buko (Local Plantain and Coconut) by: Chef Rob Pengson (The Goose Station, Global Academy)

Caramelized , banana, tapioca, coconut crème anglaise, pink sorrel, Palawan honey and rock salt.

Inspired by ginataang kalabasa and coconut pudding but showcases the different ways you can use coconut like the saba cooked in coconut sugar, coconut cream, organic honey and tapioca in one cold dish. 


Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 Day 2-50.jpg
9. Bignay Sangria by: Chef Miguel Vecin (Bar Pintxos)

Sangria using Bignay, a wine from Tarlac, and other local components like lambanog and dalandan liqueur.


Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
1o. Chorizo Ensaymada (collaboration with Tierra de España) by: Chef Chona Ayson (Homemade Treasures) 

We liked the chorizo ensaymada, two of our favorite breakfast paired into one, it is topped with cheddar, queso de bola and quesong puti and chorizo de hubad of Tierra de Espana,


Special Mentions: 

Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 Day 2-72.jpg

Craft Beer by Pedro Brewcrafters

Pedro is a craft beer brewed in san Pedro Laguna, hence the name Pedro. They have three kinds of beer but my favorite would be the Elementary English Ale for that full flavor.

The Summer Wheat Ale is on the sweeter note, being light and fruity. A good entry level for those who are starting out with craft beer.

Procrastination Pale Ale is an american style craft beer it is very fragrant and floral with bitterness in the end. Very typical for an American Pale ale.

The Elementary English Ale is basically a British style pale ale, it is roasted has chocolate & caramel notes very light bitterness but full of flavor.


Regional Lunch "Alumsal" @MadridFusionMNL
Magnum Opus Coffee by Jonathan Choi

Philippinized coffee concoctions.

Painit is a filipino mocha using Kalsada coffee from benguet called mang Jose named after the farmer who grew it. It is made of Malagos chocolate where they turned it into a ganache, using 65% single origin chocolate and local milk. It’s structured like a mocha but with using all local ingredients.

Palamig it’s a take on sago gulaman where they used cold brew coffee milk and cold brew coffee jelly.


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