10 Favorites @MadridFusionMNL’s “STREETFOOD” Regional Lunch (Day 3)

 Regional Lunch

The Regional Lunches at Madrid Fusion Manila presents the finest dish and produce the country has to offer from the Main Islands Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Aside from the buffet of local specialty by different local restaurants, the main highlight was the unique themed dishes prepared by Top Filipino chefs.

Day Three’s theme “Streetfood” features bold reinterpretations of our favorite dishes such as balut, quek-quek, and mais con yelo  to name a few. Along side the Streetfood dishes is the Mindanao theme buffet that boast vibrant rich seafood, delicious fruits and other unique ingredients. 

The Regional Lunches of Madrid Fusión Manila 2016 is sponsored by the Department of Agriculture and the Day 3 lunch is curated by Alicia Sy. 

Here are our Top 10 favorites on the Day 3 Lunch at Madrid Fusion Manila …

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Top 10 Favorites @MadridFusionMNL’s “STREET FOOD” Theme Regional Lunch (Day 3) 

Regional Lunch 
1. Balut and Empanada by: Chefs Denny Antonino and Nicco Santos (Your Local) 

A balut deconstructed dish made with uni & prawn cracker piped with balut egg yolk, topped with apple caviar then finished with pinakurat espuma.

We like how the uni cracker’s taste and color remind you of the crunchiness of the beak and bones of the sisiw “baby chick”.


Regional Lunch

A playful take on empanada is a brioscge biscuite topped with liver terin, longanisa from Cabanatuan Vigan, mango jam, cilantro root and laksa mousse.


Regional Lunch 2. Mais Con Yelo by: Chef Gabriel Bustos 

Sourdough soaked in cereal cream and then frozen to mimic the texture of ice, then topped with sweet corn puree, uni, sea salt, corn flakes and corn sprouts.

We like the sweet on sweet combination with the subtle tangy notes from the sourdough and umami from the seaweed.


 Regional Lunch

3. Dirty Ice Cream in Pandesal by: Chef Margarita Fores (Cibo, Grace Park, Lusso, Alta) 

Sardough pandesal with cervesa negra ice cream topped with barquillos powder, calamansi mustarda, and chicken liver pate.


Regional Lunch

4. Kesong Puti and Aligue on Pan de Sal Crostini by: Chef Justin Golangco 

A tasty appetizer made with fresh carabao milk quesong puti, aligue, chives, lemon zest and pickled red onions.


 Regional Lunch

5. Pamana’s Mangga’t Bagoong and Philippine Nuts

You eat the green mango by pouring beer, leave it as few seconds to be fermented, take it out when it’s all frothy on top then add a pinch of their flavored salt.


Regional Lunch
We liked the different kinds of dehydrated salt flavor like the pinakurat salt, chili salt, kiamoy salt, and sampaloc candy salt. 

I like to pair it with Cerveza Negra for that chocolatey note.


 Regional Lunch
The nuts were made into the three favorite Filipino dishes the sisig, adobo and sinigang.

To really get the flavor the nuts had to be cooked along with the sisig, then served with sisig and chicharon on top.

For the sinigang they cooked the nuts with the broth and added their own sinigang powder mix into it.

The adobo was prepared the same way but topped with adobo flakes for the crunch.


Regional Lunch
5. Coconut Flan Taho and Dynamite Lumpia by: Chef Carlos Garcia (The Black Pig)

Dynamite stuffed with crispy pata dipped in a selection of barbeque sauce, ketchup pineapple and vinegar with chili.

I like the simple but addicting appetizer dipped with their ketchup pineapple.


Regional Lunch
The spiciness of the dish is best paired with their coconut taho filled with pineapple and coconut flesh marinated in rum and lime.


Regional Lunch
6. Binatog and Buko Pandan Daiquiri by: Chef Robert Bolaños (The Moment Group)

Coconut infused rum that’s milk washed for that added Buko flavor as well as to take out that strong alcohol flavor, then added with pandan syrup and pandan gulaman for the sweetness.


Regional Lunch
Boiled white corn with some grated coconut, filled with roasted yellow corn for more sweet flavor, cooked up as a corn fritter topped with a little bit of latik instead of just graded coconut to have a stronger coconut flavor and polenta for added creaminess.


Regional Lunch
7. Inasal Sausage and Quesa Sisig by Butchery

Yummy inasal sausage made into bite sized pieces, I like how they already infused the tuba (coconut vinegar) for that aftertaste.


Regional Lunch
The quesa sisig is their playful take on a family heirloom recipe from Pampanga. They used the pig jowl along with the face and ears like the traditional version.


Regional Lunch 8. Kinhason De Surigao by Region XIII

Four kinds of soft shell the abalone, crab, mussels and spider shell in a squash like soup with  a lot of spices and chili for that kick.


 Regional Lunch
9. Crispy Pork Binagoongan by: Chef Adrian Cuenca (Elbert’s Steak Room)

Pork is simmered in lemongrass and spices fried twice with bagoong.

They used regular bagoong but added tomatoes to neutralize the saltiness and then added some white wine for the sweet and sour taste.

The dish is not as powerful but has a lot of umami.


Regional Lunch
10. Suman and Cassava Truffles Tinudoktudok, Sapin Sapin of Muscovado Gold Pandan Vetiver and Sampaguita by: Chef Victor Magsaysay (Ito Izakaya and Ito Chan in Paris, France)

Thir playful take on kakanin is their sapin sapin infused with sampaguita and suman coated in chocolate truffle from sultan kurat , ginger and pineapples.


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