THE DALMORE 7 Senses Whisky Experience (A Photo Essay) @MakatiShangriLa #LetItBeGreat

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THE DALMORE is a British luxury brand and one of the world’s most revered Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

We were invited to a tasting of 3 expressions–The Dalmore 12, The Dalmore 15, and The Dalmore King Alexander III–with Adam Knox, official spokesperson of The Dalmore. These was paired with a 6-course degustacion menu prepared by Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Galmiche. 

Here’s a photo essay of and what we learned from the 7 senses whisky experience…

Alan Hearn of Arcadis, Patti Javier, Anton Diaz, Raul Manzano, Michael Hearn of Arcadis, Christian Valdes of CMBV Confectionaires Co.
It was an intimate whisky dinner held at the Sage Bespoke Grill Private Dining Room with media, British, and Makati Shangri-La friends.


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The 7 Senses Whisky Event was part of Makati Shangri-La’s “Let It Be Great” British Week campaign from May 23 to 27, 2016.


To set the mood, romantic music was played using Linn’s studio master music player with Bowers & Wilkins high definition speakers.


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We started with the strongest expression–The Dalmore 12.

The whisky is matured in American white oak ex-bourbon casks for the first 9 years, then half of it is finished in 30-year old Gonzalez Byass Matusalem oloroso sherry butts before it is reunited.  


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Marinated Norwegian Fjord Sea Trout with apple, lime, and croutons.

It paired nicely with this super thin slice of the sea trout with the apple and lime providing a citrusy contrast.


Dalmore Whisky Ambassador Adam Knox 04
Adam Knox showed us how to use the nosing glass to smell the aroma from your left to right nostril so you can smell the citrus fruits, chocolate, and aromatic spices of the whisky.

The taste is a bit strong for me, with concentrated citrus and oloroso cherry flavors, and a coffee-chocolatey finish.


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Pressed Guinea Fowl Terrine with orange marmalade and endives salad.

It’s not usual to use Guinea fowl in Manila because some regard it as a pet. It was made into a terrine for this dish, with vegetables on the side. 


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Chef Daniel Galmiche would come over to explain the dishes and help make us feel at home with his cuisine.


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I like the Dalmore 15, which is smoother and velvety when you drink it. This is the best The Dalmore whisky for pairing with meats.

It’s kept in American white oak ex-bourbon casks for 12 years before splitting it into 3 and maturing it in sherry woods–Amoroso, Apostoles, and Matusalem Amoroso for the next 3 years. It is then merged together in an upright sherry butt to infuse the elegant flavors.  


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Pan-roasted Halibut with roasted sweet onion, crabmeat, and rosemary crumb. 

I like how the Halibut was cooked just right. It was still white and the meat had a snap when you bit into it. 


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You can determine the quality of a whisky through its color (the darker, the better) and the viscosity of the liquid (it’s good quality if it clings more to the glass).


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Another way to appreciate the aroma is to put a drop of the whisky on your hand then rub your hands together so that the alcohol evaporates. Cup your hand and smell your palm.

You should be able to smell the aroma of orange marmalade, cinnamon, and nutmeg for The Dalmore 15.


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Braised Scottish Beef Cheek with smoked mashed potatoes, beef jus, and carrot confit.

My favorite dish of the night–tender beef cheek imported from Scotland! The beef with the jus was full of flavor, with a meaty finish as you continued to chew it. The smoked mashed potatoes were smooth and the smoky hints paired nicely with the whisky. 


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The Dalmore uses a 12-pointed Royal Stag as a crest symbol because it was the reward of the founder, Colin of Kintail, chief of the Clan Mackenzie who saved King Alexander III of Scotland from a raging stag during a hunting expedition in 1263.


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Hot Mocha Pudding with cinnamon orange ice cream and streusel.

For dessert, we had a hot mocha pudding with ice cream, nuts, and chocolates. It was paired with the King Alexander III, which is a sweeter expression. 


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The Dalmore King Alexander III has a red berry and passion fruit aroma, citrus zest and creme caramel taste, and a sweet cinnamon finish.


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Barkham Blue served with chutney and walnut blue.

The cheese plate was the ending instead of being a pre-dessert. Loved the exquisite flavor of the Barkham Blue Cheese! 


Michael Hearn, Adam Knox, Pepper Teehankee, Raul Manzano, Patti Javier, Christian Valdes, Chef Danial Galmiche, Alan Hearn, Cristina Cruz, and Anton Diaz

So why was it called a 7 Senses dinner? According to Adam, aside from the 5 senses of taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch, there’s also equilibrium and balance, which you need for a whisky night like this. 

Thank you to Adam Knox for teaching us about The Dalmore expressions, Chef Daniel Galmiche for the Michelin-quality six-course dinner, and the our media and Makati Shangri-La friends for the awesome company.


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Makati Shangri-La. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. I wonder how The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve tastes and feels like? Looking forward to trying it next time.

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