Beer Below Zero (BBZ) Bistro: Comfort Food & the Coldest Beer Ever!

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BEER BELOW ZERO (BBZ) is a Filipino-invented refrigeration technique where the beer–stored at -8 to -12 degree environments–are served ice cold but not frozen. The brand was created by Luigi Nuñez, Vinson Co Say, and Jay-jay Angala on May 16, 2008. Below zero beers, regardless of brand, are known for their distinct frost on the bottle and the ability to turn into slush with a simple tap.

BBZ Bistro is the official home of Beer Below Zero, serving the founders’ favorite comfort food by Chef Ervin Co Say. Here are our favorites at BBZ Bistro…


Kalayaan Avenue corner Rockwell Drive, Makati
Operating Hours: Open 11.00am to 10.00pm
Telephone: +632 777-2229
Mobile: +63 920 972-2901
Facebook: BBZ Degrees

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BBZ Bistro Menu: Appetizer, Soup & Salad, Pasta & Risotto, Pizza | Main Course, Steak and Ribs, Platter, Sandwiches, Dessert | Bar Chow | Drinks | Craft Beers

It’s not a bar but more of a place to eat good comfort food that is best paired with the coldest beer of your choice.



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The complimentary slices of bread with butter and balsamic reduction, served while you wait for your order.


Salmon Tartare (P358). Fresh Norwegian salmon and ripe mango tossed in wasabi mayo, served with sweetened nuts, garlic puree, tobiko, pickled vegetables, and ginger jelly.

The raw salmon is coated with wasabi mayonnaise and mango topped with black tobiko. I like to eat it with a bit of the nuts and pickled vegetables in between bites.


Foie Gras Au Torchon (P648). Duck liver served with caramelized banana & apple balsamic reduction, garlic puree, pickled vegetables, and fried onions.

The foie gras is very smooth and of good quality for under P700. I like it with the bread but I find the the caramelized banana to be too sweet. 


Ceviche (P288). Catch of the day, tossed in lemon vinaigrette with Spanish onion, tobiko, and pickled beetroot.

Raw wahu mackarel served kinilaw-sytle in a nice presentation. I like the snap of the fish meat when you bite into it. 


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Chipirones (P298). Baby squid sauteed in garlic and olive oil.

Small baby squid cooked in olive oil and served with a lot of garlic. Our favorite!


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Beef Salpicao (P358). Beef tenderloin and mushroom sauteed in garlic and olive oil.

Our favorite pulutan–beef cubes with lots of garlic.


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Chorizo & Gambas (P368). Pamplona chorizo & black tiger prawns sauteed in garlic & olive oil.

This is another dish sauteed in garlic & olive oil, but this time with contrasting flavors of tiger prawns and slices of Pamplona chorizo.


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Grilled Tiger Prawns (P398). Grilled Black Tiger Prawns served with mango salsa on the side.

8 pieces of small tasty prawns. You can order this as pulutan or have it with a side of rice.


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Bone Marrow (P398). Roasted bone marrow served with pulled beef, preserved lemon, and bread.

A good value bone marrow appetizer paired with pulled beef.


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Mac & Cheese (P368). Baked macaroni with 4 kinds of cheese.

The kids’ favorite–super cheesy macaroni served abundantly in a hot big bowl. I like the bite of the macaroni and the fact that it’s not too mushy.



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All Meat Pizza (P468). Thin crust hand stretched dough topped with assorted cold cuts, meat balls, and sausages.

The pizzas are served with a super thin and rectangular crust.


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Cinco Formaggi (P398). Thin crust hand stretched dough topped with 5 kinds of cheese: Roquefort, Ewephoria, Parmesan, Mozzarella, and Gruyere.

The 5 cheese was good but felt a bit lacking in pizza dough because of how super thin it is. 


Main Dish

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U.S. Beef Ribs (Full Rack – P1,388). Angus beef ribs grilled with barbecue sauce.

 I like how the entire rack of ribs is marinated in sticky barbecue sauce, making the ribs look black but not burnt. 


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U.S. Beef Ribs (1/2 half – P758). Angus beef ribs grilled with barbecue sauce.

 I like eating it with my hands and biting the meat off the bones. Best paired with Beer Below Zero San Miguel Premium All Malt.


Grilled Pork Chop (P458). Double cut grilled pork chop with red wine jus served with potato gratin and vegetables.

The pork chop is their signature dish. It’s quite thick and tender with nice grill marks for just under P500! No need for additional sauce since the meat is tasty already.


Smoked Pork Belly (P398). Apple wood smoked pork belly with apricot sauce served with potato gratin, pea puree, and pork rind.

The pork belly comes in a big slab with a good layer of shining fat and is tender when you slice it. I like the creamy potato gratin side dish.


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The Tomahawk Steak (Minimum 1kg – P370/100g)

For a large and hungry group of friends, order their biggest Tomahawk steak served as a whole steak topped with butter and sauces on the side.


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Chef Ervin showing how to slice the Tomahawk steak.


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It’s a  good place to eat with the boys who love the mac & cheese, the pizza, and all the meaty-manly dishes.



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Fresh Lemonade (P130)

I like their lemonade with a good balance of citrus and sweet, and a lots of lemon slices. 


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They also serve a wide array of Craft Beers at more affordable prices. Check out the Craft Beer selection.


San Miguel Premium Beer Below Zero (P96)

My personal favorite beer to be paired with beef, chicken, or pork.


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Monkey Eagle Blue Wheatch and Burning Matt (P186)

BBZ Bistro also makes their own craft beer, Monkey Eagle, which is best served NOT below zero so you can still taste the hops and malt flavors.


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Peroni Beer Below Zero (P196)

The founders of BBZ are also the official distributors of Peroni and Miller here in Manila.


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Redd’s Apple Ale (P186)

They don’t have ginger ale but they serve an apple ale version with 5% alcohol content.


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They also use the BBZ freezer to serve their homemade Ice Cream Below Zero.



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BBZ Ice Cream (P115). Mango Margarita, Butter Pecan Baileys, Ube Coconut Rum.

They experiment on ice cream flavors with a combination of fruits and alcohol. 


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My favorite is the Butter Pecan Bailey’s! The ice cream is a bit icy depending on the alcohol used.


Cookies & Cream Cheesecake (P258). Oven baked cheesecake with cookie chips served with BBZ Baileys Butter Pecan ice cream, sweetened nuts, and fruits.

BBZ Bistro’s own version of cheesecake with slices of fruits and ice cream on the side.


Crepe Samurai (P248). Crepe dough filled with riped mango topped with BBZ Bailey’s Butter Pecan ice cream and torched mango.


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The favorite dessert of our boys. A bit messy to eat since we always like to fight over our desserts.


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Overall, a good place to hang out after a long day’s work or just a comforting place to visit with your family where even the kids will enjoy.

Our favorites are the chipirones and the chorizo & gambas for appetizer, and beef ribs and pork chop for the main dish paired with below zero San Miguel Premium All Malt Beer. I love the Butter Pecan Bailey’s ice cream for dessert. Budget about P700/head. 

For the kids, I recommend the mac & cheese, the beef salpicao, cinco formaggi pizza, pork chop, and crepe samurai for dessert.

Congrats to the BBZ team for a great bistro concept!

Kalayaan Avenue corner Rockwell Drive, Makati
Operating Hours: 11.00am to 10.00pm
Telephone: +632 777-2229
Mobile: +63 920 972-2901
Facebook: BBZ Degrees

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Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Luigi Nuñez. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. Congrats on the 8th year anniversary of Beer Below Zero! It’s a bit nostalgic looking at the first time I featured BBZ in OAP when both of us were just starting. 

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