POP CAFE by Kettle Korn: Liquid Nitrogen-Charged Popcorn Pops! @POPCafePH

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POP CAFE is the first Liquid Nitrogen-charged Popcorn Cafe in the Philippines by Kettle Korn–originally created by RFM’s Joey Concepcion–and is the latest craze in enjoying this popular snack.

This is the first time I’ve seen liquid nitrogen used in popcorn. The nitrogen not only provides a cooling effect but also gives a smoky fun factor that even kids can enjoy. The popcorn kernels are made from whole grains and popped fresh in-store too, making for a healthy treat.

We recently tried all the flavors and offerings of Pop Cafe. Here’s what to expect and what we recommend…


SM Fairview Upper Annex Building, Fairview
Facebook: PopCafePH
Instagram: @PopCafePH
Twitter: @PopCafePH

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Pop Cafe’s pilot store opened on the 2nd floor of SM Fairview Annex. Hopefully they open soon in an SM Mall near you.


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Popcafe MenuPopstix, Nitro Glaze, Poprocks | Popcone | Pop Pack, Drinks

The offerings are a bit confusing at the start, because everything just looks like popcorn lollipops with different flavor combinations. 


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What makes this fun is the use of liquid nitrogen for the cooling and smoking effect, which the kids love. You can also ask for a liquid nitro refill.


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Pop Cafe uses 100% food safe liquid nitrogen. Just make sure to remind your kids not to dip their hands in it and they should be fine. 


Poprocks (P120 – dine in only)

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The Poprocks come in 4 flavors: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Green Tea, and Espresso. They are served with a cup of liquid nitrogen.


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You dip the poprocks by yourself into the liquid nitrogen for a few seconds before eating.


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You can bite it with your teeth, but be sure not to touch it with your tongue right after you dip.


Popstix (P50)

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The Popstix are big popcorn lollipops that come in 5 flavors: Smores, Oreo, Elvis, Green Mango, and Caramel Green Apple.


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Our favorite is the Green Mango while the kids liked the Smores and Oreo.


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The popstix are also dipped in liquid nitrogen individually before being served.


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The kids had plenty of fun with the smoking effect. Eating this feels like eating cold crunchy popcorn. 


Nitro Glaze (P50)

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The nitro glazed popcorn are for those who don’t like their popcorn on sticks. This comes in 5 flavors: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Caramel, Green Tea, and Espresso.


POP Cafe-42.jpg
The popcorn is glazed with liquid nitrogen and you can enjoy it piece by piece.


POP Cafe-39.jpg
My personal favorites are the chocolate and espresso flavors.  


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Congrats to Pop Cafe for a very cool popcorn cafe concept! 

What we like:
– It’s a healthy dessert–whole grain corn, popped fresh, and light
– Cool and smoky effect of the liquid nitrogen that kids enjoy
– The service is very helpful

What we don’t like:
– The popcorn offerings are confusing at the start; they need to fix how they communicate the different variants
– The pilot store is in SM Farview; yes, ang layo

What we suggest:
– Include liquid nitrogen ice cream like how Outre does it so that you can have popcorn nitro a la mode
– Create popcorn art that you can eat, like how latte art is for coffee
– Add toppings and sauce options, which can jazz up your popcorn before dipping in the liquid nitro


SM Fairview Upper Annex Building, Fairview
Facebook: PopCafePH
Instagram: @PopCafePH
Twitter: @PopCafePH 


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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Pop Cafe. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. They also offer Drip Coffee with beans from Atok Benquet for P80.

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3 thoughts on “POP CAFE by Kettle Korn: Liquid Nitrogen-Charged Popcorn Pops! @POPCafePH

  1. I hope the staff orients all customers before releasing their orders on how to properly handle liquid nitrogen. I would have preferred that the staff instead handle it & just serve the dipped popcorn. Even if everyone is careful, accidents do happen when we least expect it, especially when kids are involved.

    1. Yes.. I agree with you on that. It could cause severe freeze “burns” when it comes into contact with the skin. Hope they do something about how they serve their food. But I would love to try it, though… I’ll just be very, very careful…

  2. Dear
    Good Day
    I really like the pop cafe by Kelly Korn. It is a very nice and appealing.
    Always, i have be looking for a different and unique idea. I believe this is.
    Plan to start with a pop cafe in Jordan and later on to expand to other countries in the Middle East.
    Please advice me on how you can arrange for such.
    Best Regards

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