VA BENE: Our Favorite Pasta Deli now serves Napolitana-Style Pizza! @_CircuitMakati

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VA BENE is an artisan Italian restaurant by Chef Massimo and Carolyn Veronesi. It started off as a humble pasta deli in Petron Edsa on the corner of Pasay Road and, after much success, opened its second branch in BGC.

The third and latest branch is in Circuit Lane Makati, which now (finally!) serves Napolitana Pizza after strong clamor from the foodie community. 

We checked out Va Bene Circuit Lane on the first night of their soft opening. Here’s what to expect… 

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Va Bene Pasta Deli is located way inside Circuit Lane but still on the ground floor, near Coffee Bean.


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Va Bene Menu: Piatti Picolli, Antipasti, Insalate e Zuppa, Pizza, Pasta, Risotti, e Ravioli | Secondi, Dolci | Beverages: Fresh Juices, Fresh Shakes, Coffee

The pricing is relatively cheaper versus their other branches, with pizzas and pastas ranging from P290-P400. Ambiance is fast casual and simple.


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You are welcomed with complimentary slices of bread with salsa while you wait for your order.



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Salmon Tartar in Tuna Sauce, Pumpkin Bruschetta, and Polenta Arancini with Gorgonzola dip.

You can start with the Italian tapas like the bruschettas. I recommend the polenta balls, which come with a cheesy Gorgonzola dip. 



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Va Bene Salad (P390). Arugula leaves, with caramelized apples, & veal tongue Milanese.

We enjoyed the fresh arugula with the sweet apples cutting through the leafy bitter taste. The breaded veal tongue was a welcome bonus.



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Florentina (P360). Tomato, gorgonzola, mozzarella, parma ham, arugula leaves. 

Instead of the square pizza, Va Bene now serves a 12-inch Napolitana-style Pizza. This parma ham with arugula leaves is a classic combination. 



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They make their own pasta, which is their specially. They now have two types–one with egg and one with just the semonilla flour without egg.


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Duck Ravioli (P360). Mushroom sauce, duck jus reduction.

We love this signature pasta dish with truffle mushroom sauce. Instead of veal cheeks, they use duck ravioli.


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Reginette (P370). Braised lamb shank, Italian sausage, semi-dried tomatoes in mint pesto sauce.

The reginette is hand made pasta without the egg. It looks like a curly flat pasta that is lighter in texture. 


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Cavatelli (P360). Homemade pancetta, garlic, shallots, San Marzano, basil, E.V.O.

The cavatelli looks like macaroni screws. We love the smoky flavor from their homemade pancetta (ham). 


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Casarecce (P290) with squid, ricotta cheese, basil oil in arrabiata sauce.

The squid and the pasta look the same. This dish feels a bit heavy. 



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Basil Panna Cotta (P220). Calamansi Sorbet, Fruit Salad.

I like this light and refreshing dessert. 

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Banana Cake (P250). Mousse, caramelized bananas, chocolate ice cream.

The combination did not work as well as we hoped, and our mousse was a little too frozen. 


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Overall, I’m happy that they now serve Napolitana pizza at Va Bene (only at this branch for now, where they have a brick oven).

I recommend the Va Bene Salad, Florentina Pizza, Duck Ravioli or Reginette, and the Basil Panna Cotta. Will have to go back to try the main dishes and other pizza/pasta flavors. Budget about P600/head.

If you haven’t been to Circuit Lane with your friends, this is a good excuse to do so.

Congrats to Chef Massimo and Carolyn Veronesi for opening your third Va Bene branch this 2016! 


Ground Floor, Circuit Lane, Makati Lane

Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Carolyn Veronesi. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. They have plans to convert the original Petron outlet into an Italian breakfast place.

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  1. That ain’t a Neapolitan pizza. How can you say that? Do you know the difference between pizzas?

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