WHAMMO’S: Our Favorite Childhood Snack in the 90’s is back!


Whammo’s is the mouthwatering super soft choco fudge – rich chocolate cake with fudge filling.

I remember getting addicted to it at one point because it’s one of our favorite baon in the 90’s.



This past weekend some people in social media went crazy over some news that their favorite childhood snack will be making a big comeback.

Whammo’s has been gone for 12 years (since 2004) and is back because of consumers clamoring for premium quality packed bar cakes in Manila.



You’ll close your eyes when you first bite into it after a long time with thoughts of childhood memories popping up in your head.

It’s quite big and filling that can satisfy your snack craving in one sitting. It’s one of the very few bar cakes that’s shaped like a boat and does not use cake liners.


The Peninsula Manila Day 3-24.jpg

Finally, our kids can enjoy the same yummy snack we enjoyed when we were growing up.

Our boys loved it and we are happy making new Whammo’s memories.


It is official –  Whammo’s is expected to hit 7 Eleven shelves this week starting May 25, Wednesday!

Thank you for bringing back Whammo’s this 2016! 


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Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Whammo’s. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. Each piece weighs 49g and sold at P16/piece.

2 thoughts on “WHAMMO’S: Our Favorite Childhood Snack in the 90’s is back!

  1. Been at 7Eleven in Antipolo since I was really excited about this. So sad they’re not aware of the Campaign. Ang ganda panaman ng teaser, sayang, hindi nasustain. 🙁

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