The Slurpee Donuts are Finally Here! (And here’s what we think…) @711philippines

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It’s 7-Eleven’s birthday!

We asked a few of our friends and A-spacers to try the latest Slurpee Donuts–limited edition Mister Donut flavors–inspired by 7-Eleven’s new Peach Raspberry Slurpee.

Here are the results of the taste test and what we think of the #SlurpeeDonut…

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Peach Raspberry topped with Red Sanding Sugar (P25)

The donut is dense and has a cake-like texture, which is perfect for dunking in coffee. It’s topped with sugar shining in a distinct red color.

Most people find it too sweet with a candy-like smell. 


Slurpee Donuts-3.jpg

Peach Raspberry topped with Orange-flavored Decor  (P25) 

This has a smoother icing-like topping with an orange flavor. I prefer it over the one topped with red sanding sugar because it isn’t too cloying.


Taste Test Results

7-Eleven Slurpee Donuts

Most people were attracted to the bright and dandy colors and liked the distinct peach raspberry flavor–just like the Slurpee! The pink donut is a bit too sweet so most people prefer the orange donut.

They’re great for pairing with coffee and for late nights at the office or if you simply need to perk up your afternoon.

Happy Birthday, 7-Eleven!


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with 7-Eleven. The blind taste test was conducted randomly in A-Space Manila. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. Our kids did not like the flavors and texture. They prefer the airy, fluffy donuts more.

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