BANH MI by Chef Rex: Ex-Nobu Chef’s Fresh Take On Vietnamese Classics! #AwesomePampanga

By Sean

As featured in PAMPANGA: Top 10 Most Awesome Restaurants in Pampanga! (2016)


Banh Mi Vietnamese Eatery by Chef Rex Soriano is a fresh take on the traditional flavors of Vietnamese Cuisine.

Chef Rex, a former Nobu Chef from New York, spent his time sharpening his culinary skills in cities from around the world. 


Chef Rex roots his Banh Mi menu in tradition, yet he is unafraid to incorporate other culinary influences and techniques — making Banh Mi Vietnamese Eatery a stand out from other Vietnamese Restaurants in Pampanga. 


1-1 Pacimar Estate, Jesus Street, Pulungbulu, Angeles City
Operating Hours:  Mon-Sat 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Telephone: +63 45 304-1301
Facebook: BanhMi Vietnamese Eatery


The interior has a modern American Canteen-ish feel, which seems to be a trend in Angeles’ newer establishments.

Check out  Banh Mi Vietnamese Eatery Menu.


Signature Salad Roll with roasted peanut dipping sauce (P135). Steamed rice vermicelli, house-cured sausage, shrimp,  and fresh vegetables wrapped in rice paper.

A play on the traditional spring roll, Chef Rex incorporates a crispy eggroll shell into his version which gives the rolls a satisfying crunch. The in-house cured sausage works very well here, and the flavors blend well with the roasted peanut dipping sauce. A must try.


Pho Bo (P195).  Rice noodles are topped with Beef brisket in a clear Beef Bone Consomme, with fresh herbs and spices.

Pho is arguably the defining dish of all Vietnamese Cuisine. It’s a dish that takes hours, if not days to prepare. Banh Mi’s version was close to perfect but did lack a bit of flavor and saltiness.


Goi Gah (P175). Fresh Vietnamese chop salad–with cabbage, egg noodles, onions, peanuts, and crispy wontons. Drizzled in a light ginger-miso dressing.

The Goi Gah is very refreshing and really captures the freshness and contrasting textures of Vietnamese cuisine. The roasted chicken was cooked perfectly and the mandarin oranges were a nice touch that balanced Chef Rex’s ginger-miso dressing.


Special Noodle Salad + Sausage And Fried Spring Roll (P185).

Rice Vermicelli is topped with char-grilled Vietnamese pork BBQ, and House Cured Sausage, with fresh herbs and vegetables. The dish is finished with chopped fried Vietnamese egg rolls and a sweet and sour vinegar sauce.

This was the stand out dish. The Char Grilled pork was flavorful and tender and the noodles were cooked perfectly. A must try for anyone who loves Vietnamese cold noodle dishes.



Special Banh Mi Combination (P160). Vietnamese Baguette packed with house-cured meats , pate, pickled veggies , and cilantro. Finished with crispy chicharrones.

Ban Mi sandwiches have become very popular outside of Vietnam. It’s almost a staple food found in every city with a decent Vietnamese population. The french influences are unmistakable with the crispy baguette and liver Pate. And the sweet-sour and savory elements are true SE Asian flavors.

The Chicharron is a local twist on the traditional sandwich, that wasn’t bad, but did make the sandwich a bit salty.



Super Salad  (175) Brown Rice, Dried Mango, Local Spinach, Curry Spiced Cauliflower, Roasted Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes, Roasted Sweet Potato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Viet Pickles topped with fried onions, nuts, and Cilantro. Tossed in an Apple Cider Vinaigrette.

Chef Rex has always wanted an all Veggie addition to his menu. The Super Salad incorporates the freshest of local greens and vegetables and blends it into a delicious salad that is hearty, healthy and packed full of flavor. Another favorite.



BANH MI is a great concept and very affordable for the quality of food being served in the Angeles area.

The menu is simple, the house cured meats are really tasty and perfectly salted, the veggies crisp. The fresh flavors of Vietnamese cuisine are definitely present in Chef Rex’s Menu.

Order the Signature Salad Roll, Super Salad, and Special Banh Mi Combination. Budget about P300/head.

Congratulations Chef Rex!

1-1 Pacimar Estate, Jesus Street, Pulungbulu, Angeles City
Operating Hours:  Mon-Sat 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Telephone: +63 45 304-1301
Facebook: BanhMi Vietnamese Eatery


Live an Awesome Life,


Sean of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Chef Rex. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

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P.S. Chef Rex’ mother-in-law is from Vietnam and helped him create the menu.

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