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Yellow River

The Yellow River is the second-longest river (5,464 kilometers) in China and the fifth in the world and takes its name from the muddy yellow water coming from the sediments it carries.

It is famed for being the mother river of China and the cradle of Chinese civilization in their early history (2100–1046 BC).

Check out how we experienced the Yellow River Scenic Area of Zhengzhou inside a hovercraft….

Zhengzhou: Yellow River
The Yellow River is also called “The Sorrow of China”, with most parts of Henan influenced by its frequent flooding. It flooded 1,600 times in the past five years with the river bed becoming wider and wider ever year.


Zhengzhou: Yellow River
The hovercraft ride costs 40 RMB for a 40-minute tour. Best to sit beside the window for a better view.

The hovercraft was very stable because of the gas bag in the middle. The most exciting part is when it took off and started moving from land to water.


Zhengzhou: Yellow River

There wasn’t much to see except for the sandbar in the middle of the river.


Zhengzhou: Yellow River

After docking, you’ll have 15-minutes to take pictures and enjoy the scenery at the sandbar. Don’t be surprised if you’ll immediately be surrounded by horsemen and ATV operators.


Yellow river

In the morning farmers would bring their cows and horses down to the river.


Zhengzhou: Yellow River

Typically, one round on a horse costs 10RMB.

(Tip: Make sure to ask for the price and how many rounds you’ll get.)


Zhengzhou: Yellow River
After the hovercraft ride, you can climb the bridge next to the ticket booth to get a different view of the Emperors Yan and Huang Statues. The first emperor is the Yan Emperor that represents wisdom and mercy; the other one is the Huang Emperor known as one of the major gods in Chinese culture. The statues were made using the mountain as the body.

We missed our chance to see the Memorial park up close, but I recommend you take the 5-minute walk to see the magnificent scene.

The statues overlooking the Yellow River is a massive sight and well worth seeing.


Zhengzhou: Yellow River

Braised Yellow Carp with Brown Sauce

The Yellow River is teaming with yellow carp, hence this dish. The fish is fried then cooked again in a thick sauce with a slightly sour taste.


Zhengzhou: Yellow River

Personally, the hovercraft ride just felt too touristy. There wasn’t much to see, but the pictures at the sandbar turned out amazing.

We liked the interesting history and stories behind the famous Yellow River. It was a nice experience to see the second-largest river and the cradle of Chinese civilization.

If you’re in the area make sure to visit the statue of the two emperors.


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