DUMAGUETE OUTDOORS: Manjuyod Sandbar & Dolphin Watching in Bais with the Divaguete!



DUMAGUETE OUTDOORS is a locally run eco-adventure company founded in 2004 by Angelo Villanueva, also known as the Divaguete. Aside from promoting the local culture, Angelo spreads the love for Negros Oriental by getting you “up close and personal” with nature. Not only does the company offer over 13 different adventure packages, they also customize an itinerary based on your needs.

Some of Dumaguete Outdoors’ most popular tours are in the following destinations: Oslob, Apo Island, Twin Lakes, Dumaguete City, Valencia, and Bais. We joined Angelo on the Dolphin Watching and Sandbar Tour.

Here’s our experience at Bais, Negros Oriental…

Aninon St., Barangay Mag-Abo, Amlan, Negros Oriental 6203
Mobile: +63 919 747 7470 |
Email: info@dumagueteoutdoors.com
Website: dumagueteoutdoors.com
Facebook: Dumaguete Outdoors
Instagram: @thesupermodeldiva


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From Manila, we traveled by plane to Dumaguete in one hour and 20 minutes via Philippine Airlines, whose planes fly to the city twice daily–8.40am and 1.20pm. A one-way ticket from Manila to Dumaguete is usually around Php 3,000. 

Travel tip: We booked our flights with Skiddoo, which offered us a cheap and easy way to book our flights online. That’s right. The fastest growing online travel agency out of Australia is now in the Philippines! It’s the cheapest place for you to compare and book airfare.

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From Dumaguete City, you can take a Ceres Liner Bus (P20 non air-conditioned, P50 air-conditioned) in Barangay Calindagan. When you’re at Bais City, take a tricycle going to Canibol Wharf or Capiñahan Wharf where you can rent a boat.

Best way to go there, however, is via private van, which will cost around P1,500 or more. You should make arrangements with your hotel or resort and leave as early as 5am.



We stayed at Atmosphere Resorts, which charges P1,600 for van rental going to Canibol. If you book a tour with Dumaguete Outdoors, their rates are inclusive of the boat ride.

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There are no fixed rates for the boats going to Manjuyod Sandbar. If you are not booked with Dumaguete Outdoors, DIY travellers can hail one for about P2,500 to P5,000–the side trip to go dolphin watching is sometimes included. 

If you go to Capiñahan Wharf, you have the option of passing through a Mangrove Forest on your way to Manjuyod.

To avail of government boats at Bais you can contact:
+63 (35) 402-8174
+63 (35) 402-8040
+63 (35) 402-8180           

Tourism officials can help you buy food and other supplies for your trip.



We waited for Angelo at the wharf where he brought us some fresh seafood from the nearby market.



The ride to the sandbar is approximately 15 minutes. During the rainy season, you should feel a strange mixture of warm and cool air from the Southwest (Amihan) and Northeast (Habagat) Winds.



It’s recommended to go to Manjuyod during the low tide when the sand is most visible, or even dry. Best times to go are anywhere between 5AM to 10AM. By noon, the water is almost 4 meters deep.

Don’t let the high tide dissuade you from enjoying the sandbar though. The water’s striking bluish hues are worth the travel!



When your boat docks, you’re free to roam around and explore.



Since it was early in the morning, we got to try the Dumaguete version of the Suman (steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf) called Budbud.

Another variant of this breakfast treat, called Budbud Kabog, is made with millet (birdseed) instead of rice.



The best way to enjoy it is to dip it into Sikwate (hot chocolate). In regions like Tanjay, chocolate is added to the Budbud already.



The quaint cottages are reminiscent of The Maldives. This is why Manjuyod is often referred to as “The Maldives of the Philippines”.

You can rent large cottages overnight for P4,000 and the smaller ones for P3,000. Day renting is also available for approximately P1,500 from 7AM to 3PM. Contact the Bais City Tourism Office at +63 (035) 402 8338 or the Manjuyod Tourism Office at +63 915 892 1822 for more information.



Manjuyod isn’t the best place to snorkel, but you can take advantage of the clear waters and watch the tiny creatures that come to shore. Watch out for sea lice–while harmless, they can still deliver some nasty stings while snorkelling. 



If you have an inflatable standup paddleboard with you, you can take it for a ride along the sand bar.

(Note: we borrowed Angelo’s on the trip. Visit SUP Tours Philippines if you’d like to purchase your own board. Inflatable SUP boards are approximately P25,000+.)

Baranggay Valladolid, 6316 Loboc, Bohol, Philippines
Mobile: +63 38 5379011, +63 947 8933022 , +63 917 7137577
E-mail: info@suptoursphilippines.com
Website: www.suptoursphilippines.com
FacebookSUP Tours Philippines



With fins designed by Ed Aniel of the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy at Boracay, anyone can become a mermaid!

Visit their website for rates, fin designs, and class schedules.

Fisheye Divers, Station 1, White Beach, 5608 Boracay
Mobile: +63 917 324 3947
E-mail: mermaidphilippines@gmail.com
Website: philippinemermaidswimmingacademy.com
FacebookPhilippine Mermaid Swimming Academy



As an appetizer before lunch, we had Talaba (oysters) with a dash of vinegar. These were bought early in the day at the Bais market.



Sometimes you’ll run into fishermen selling scallops and sea urchins (Salawaki) caught just around the bay.



The urchins are sold by the bucket (yes, by the bucket!). For P300 you can buy around 30-40 urchins at once. Ask the fishermen to open them for you.



Enjoy your freshly caught sea urchin by dousing it in vinegar and scooping up the “meat” with a spoon. So good!



Negros Oriental is home to some of the richest fishing waters in the Philippines, so it’s only natural that our seafood-filled menu was the freshest possible.



Once you’ve had your fill of Manjuyod, your guide can take you dolphin watching at the Tañon Strait while lunch is prepared.



There are various species of dolphin to be found at Bais such as the Spotted, Spinner, Striped, Bottlenose, and Fraiser. Visit in the morning when waters are calmer and dolphins are more populous.



To lure the dolphins, try repeatedly clapping. Apparently, they are very receptive to sharp sounds that mimic “clicking”.

We went to see the dolphins during the afternoon and were lucky enough to find a few playing in the waters. Dolphins prefer flat waters and seldom come out when it’s raining.



For lunch we had hearty servings of Fried Eggplant with Ginamos, Halaan Soup, Grilled Bagis, Liempo, Adobo, and Grilled Pusit.

(Note: Before Dumaguete Outdoors books your trip, they will ask you about any allergens or food preferences you may have. A fully customized menu can be arranged just for you!)



The Halaan Soup, made with ginger, clams, and coconut milk warms you right up after a cold swim.



The fried eggplants are eaten with a local fish paste similar to Bagoong called Ginamos.

Ginamos is a Visayan specialty made with fermented fish. Some people may find their lips a bit itchy if they eat too much of it.



Various kinds of Ginamos made from krill, shrimp, or even talaba can be found at Malatapay Market. This market only happens on Wednesdays and opens as early as 3AM.

To get there, take a tricycle from Dumaguete City and ask to be dropped off at Zamboanguita Terminal. From there, take a 40-minute jeepney ride (P20) and look for an open market near the junction.



The grilled Bagis is fleshy and also best enjoyed with a bit of Ginamos. We recommend adding a dash of Calamansi to complete the flavors.



We really liked the squid for its minimal seasoning. Seafood is best appreciated when ingredients don’t mask the taste.



The liempo, just like any good grilled pork belly, had a great fat-to-meat ratio. Let’s just say this was finished first.



For Filipinos, a picnic without the beloved Adobo wouldn’t be complete!



When lunch was over, we gave Manjuyod a final visit and returned to the wharf. 



Thank you, Dumaguete Outdoors, for the unforgettable adventure, good food, and even better company!

Aninon St., Barangay Mag-Abo, Amlan, Negros Oriental 6203
Mobile: +63 919 747 7470 |
Email: info@dumagueteoutdoors.com
Website: dumagueteoutdoors.com
Facebook: Dumaguete Outdoors
Instagram: @thesupermodeldiva

Average Package Rates:

Tours Offered:
– Lake Balanan & Lake Balinsasayao
– Bayawan Extreme Caving & Mabinay Caving
– City Tours
– Whaleshark Adventure
– Apo Island Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
– Dolphin Watching & Sandbar
– Mt. Kanlaon and Mt. Talinis
– Siquijor Island
– Apo Island
– Boracay
– Bohol

Dumaguete Outdoors also organizes golf games, mountain biking, rock climbing, sugar plantation visits, local cooking lessons, summer camps, fishing trips, and river treks.


Live an Awesome Life,

Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our flights were sponsored by Skiddoo, our stay was courtesy of Atmosphere Resorts, and our experience was courtesy of Dumaguete Outdoors. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. Did you know that Oxybenzone, an active ingredient in most sunscreens, has been known to harm marine life and bleach corals? For ocean-friendly sunscreen alternatives, try Badger Sunscreen, Coral Safe Sunscreen, or Reef Safe. To learn more about how sunscreen impacts ocean life, click here. 

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  2. SUP Tours…i don’t see on their site of a day trip to Manjuyod Sandbar. instead they have a rather expensive 4 day package.

    1. Book your Manjuyod Sandbar trip thru Dumaguete Outdoors. Angelo offers a complete and fabulous package.
      We just experienced this last January and it was awesome. Definitely coming back this April for more of Dumaguete and Siquijor.

      Angelo Villanueva (Divaguete)
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  3. I’m trying to book a night at the Sandbar in June but can’t get a hold of anyone. Can you help? Thanks!

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