The PIG & PALM: What to Expect in Cebu’s @ThePigandPalm by Chef Jason Atherton?

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The Pig & Palm is a Modern Spanish Tapas restaurant in Cebu by renowned British chef, Jason Atherton, and his Cebuana wife, Irha

Chef Jason earned his first Michelin Star in 2011 and has worked with some of the greats, like Nico Ladenis and Ferran Adria at elBulli, and oversaw the opening of 5 ‘Maze’ Restaurants with Gordon Ramsay

He has since branched out and started his own chain of successful restaurants under The Social Company Group with different restaurants in London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, Sydney, and now in Cebu. 

The Pig & Palm is the 16th and his first in the Philippines in partnership with Cebu-based property developers Chris and Carla McKowen. He chose Cebu to honor the hometown of his wife Irha

Here’s what to expect when you dine at The Pig & Palm in Cebu…

The Pig & Palm
MSY Tower, Pescadores Rd. Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
Telephone: +63 32 255-8249
Restaurant Hours:
• Tuesday – Friday 7:30am-12am
• Saturday – Sunday 8am-12am
Bar Hours:
• Tuesday – Thursday 12pm-12am
• Friday – Saturday 12pm – 2am
Twitter: @ThePigandPalm
Instagram: thepigandpalm
Facebook: The Pig and Palm


The interiors are minimalist, with gray brick and hardwood.

The design is a modern take on Spanish Colonial Architecture by architect Lyndon Neri with a warm European vibe. 



The Pig & Palm features a casual bar-style seating common in modern European Tapas Bars and Restaurants, similar to Mecha Uma and Hey Handsome in Manila.


You can see your food being prepared fresh. The attention to detail, the cleanliness, and the meticulousness from the staff is impressive. 


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If you prefer a more traditional type of seating, however, there are tables in the main dining area, which can fit 16 people. (Tip: Reserve the coveted corner table.)

The Pig & Palm Menu: Snacks, Small Bites, Big Plates, Desserts | Breakfast, Fresh Juices, Coffee, Tea | Late Night Snacks


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The Cocktail Bar, adjacent to the main restaurant, is open all day serving signature cocktails and premium liquor. Check out their Beverage Menu.

On the weekends, the place is known to fill up and has become a popular hangout in the evenings. 


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There are 3 booth areas near the Bar that can comfortably fit 4-5 people per booth, which are also used as small private dining tables.



Dill Or No Dill (P250). Gin, Lemon Juice, Elderflower Cordial, Cucumber, Dill, Smoked Salt.

Their signature cocktail and most popular, the Dill Or No Dill is a sweet and slightly sour gin cocktail that is surprisingly refreshing. A must-try!



Rum DMC (P190). White Rum, Tio Pepe, Fresh Lemon, Guyabano Juice. 

The bright tropical flavors really remind you of Cebu. This citrusy drink is perfect for hot days and warm evenings.  



Coff’ Medicine (P250). Don Papa Rum, Kahlua, Espresso. 

A twist on the traditional Coffee Liquor, this drink is a perfect pick-me-up during lunch breaks or for a boost later in the evening. The presentation is pretty cool as well. 


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For groups, there is a larger function/dining area beside the bar.

Mostly used as an auxiliary dining area, it can also host business meetings, presentations, parties, and get-togethers.


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Our favorite is the private dining area next to the kitchen. For large groups, make sure to reserve a table.  



Head Chef Karl Emsen is at the helm of The Pig & Palm and was handpicked by Chef Jason Atherton. Chef Emsen has also made a name for himself working as a Sous Chef in some of the top restaurants around the world with his last assignment at Aberdeen Street Social in Hong Kong.

Working close with Chef Jason, the two have concocted a menu that is both modern and traditional and celebrates the flavors of Cebu.  



Kinilaw Of Shrimp (P275). Fresh Shrimp with Calamansi, Pickled Papaya, Chili, and Coconut. 

The shrimp was fresh and had a nice bite to it. The pickled papaya and chili balanced the richness of the coconut. A perfect light appetizer.  

(Note: Kinilaw is Visayan Ceviche that is basically raw seafood, which is “cooked” by the acid of the Calamansi in a chemical process known as denaturation.)    


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Local Red Mullet (P700). Red Mullet and Clams in a Bacon and Beer Broth. 

The Mullet was fork tender and slid off the bone easily. The clams had a slight sweetness to them that was accentuated by the beer and bacon broth. The broth was surprisingly light and wasn’t briny. 

(Trivia: Red Mullet is called Dalagang Bukid in Filipino.)


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Coal Grilled Austrailian Black Angus Rib-Eye (P1,900) with Oxtail Mashed Potatoes and Chimichurri dressing

Absolutely delicious! The rib eye was cooked perfectly and the Chimichurri was fresh and didn’t mask the flavor of the grilled beef. The simplicity of the dish is what makes this work so well.  


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Basil Sorbet (P195). Yoghurt Mousse, with Lemon Puree, and Malte Meringue. 

The sorbet was refreshing and light and the flavors were subtle enough that you could taste almost every ingredient. This was an amazing end to a great meal.  



Overall, we love The Pig & Palm‘s vibe and their desire to promote local ingredients. We also secretly wish they opened this in Manila instead. 🙂

There is a misconception that it’s a fine dining Michelin star restaurant. Surprisingly, the place is informal, approachable, and provides good value for money for the quality of food they serve. With an emphasis on sharing, it’s a perfect venue for family and friends to enjoy high quality food with a chic European vibe in the heart Cebu.

Make sure to start with the Kinilaw of Shrimp paired with the Dill or No Dill cocktail. Order the Local Red Mullet and/or the Black Angus Rib-Eye and end with the Basil Sorbet. Budget about P1,000/head.

They’ve only been open for a few months so their menu is still in the process of fine tuning. I wish they could have more Big Plates to share in the future, plus more pork dishes (please?).

Congratulations to Chef Jason Atherton and Chef Karl Emsen and all the staff at The Pig & Palm!


The Pig & Palm
MSY Tower, Pescadores Rd. Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
Telephone: +63 32 255-8249
Restaurant Hours:
• Tuesday – Friday 7:30am-12am
• Saturday – Sunday 8am-12am
Bar Hours:
• Tuesday – Thursday 12pm-12am
• Friday – Saturday 12pm – 2am
Twitter: @ThePigandPalm
Instagram: thepigandpalm
Facebook: The Pig and Palm


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of The Social Group for our video shoot for Next Stop: Cebu. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. The name “Pig & Palm” came about because Chef Jason had always envisioned pigs in the Philippines relaxing on the beach, hanging out under palm trees.  

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