What’s in My Samsonite Bag when I Travel?

What's in My Samsonite Bag

People often ask what gadgets and other things I bring along with me when I travel for destination features for the blog. 

Here’s a look inside my Samsonite Bag when I travel…

1. 360 Theta Camera with Tripod

I always need to be on my toes for new technologies. One of my recent discoveries that I just love to use is this camera that captures 360-degree photos wherever I go with my family and team. The best photo-op is when you’re surrounded by nature or find yourself in an amazing location and you want to capture the moment in all its 360 degree glory. This camera is always a nice conversation piece as well.


2. iPhone 6S and LG G5

I usually bring two cellphones–an iPhone as my main communication device and an Android phone for backup purposes. I like the photo quality of the LG G5 and its ability to support 360 degree cameras. This phone is very useful whenever I go abroad because I can put in a local SIM card. It’s a much cheaper alternative to using your provider’s roaming services.


3. Canon 6D with 24-70 L Lens

I’ve been a Canon fan ever since I started my blog. Their cameras are so easy to use and highly recommended for blogging because of the photo and video quality. My best friend at all times. But you just need to get used to carrying the heavy load.


4. Anma Lifestyle Travel Wallet 

One wallet to organize all my tickets, cash, itinerary, cards, and everything else I need for travel. I just need to have a spacious bag to be able to bring this along with my gadgets.


5. Passport with Leather Jacket

You have to protect your passport at all times from liquid spills or even folds, which are no-no’s on this very important travel document. Better to be safe than sorry.


6-7. 4 Power Outlet Extension with Universal Travel Plug

This was a special travel gift from John Lu Koa from our first trip to Taiwan. I never travel without it. 


8-9. Mobile Charger Accessories

I always make sure that my charger cables are heavy duty and I also bring a car charger plug. One needs to be charged all day and night. No coins for me.


10. A simple Travel Wallet

I usually bring enough cash, an international ATM Card, Priority Pass lounge access, and my Citibank Visa Prestige Credit Card.

(Tip: I also bring a laminated colored copy of my passport and my driver’s license)


11. Rayban Sunglass 

Essential to protect the eyes…and to use as props for flatlays and dagdag pogi points. 


12. Calling Cards Silver Case

It’s fully stocked with Our Awesome Planet calling cards designed by my son, Aidan. I also use it to secure other people’s calling cards. After a trip, I make sure to send them a simple of message of thanks or just to say hi and invite them to keep in touch.


13-14. MacBook Pro with It’s More FUN in the Philippines laptop red cover

I use a MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop with Retina display. It’s fast for editing photos with Lightroom or editing videos with Adobe Premiere. I usually bring an external hard drive to for my high resolution photos and videos.


15. Samsonite Torus Business Bag that’s sleek, spacious, and business savvy

One of the most important features I always look for in a laptop bag is space. It should be roomy enough with plenty of compartments so I can better organize my gadgets and their accessories. The Samsonite Torus makes it easier for me to reach for my things because of its several side pockets. With the way I travel, I need to be ready at all times–prepared to just grab and go. And having all these gadgets with me, I need to be worry-free.

I also love how the laptop case in the Torus is detachable, with a fleecy fabric to protect my laptop from falls or bumps. Since the laptop smart sleeve is adjustable, any laptop size fits securely. Another important feature that I like about this bag is its great back support. Let’s be honest, I’m not getting any younger so the optimum comfort feature is definitely a plus for me. 


Live an Awesome Life,


Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com  

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Samsonite. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. I used the LG G5 to take the photo above, that’s why it’s not included.

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