VEUE CABINS: Weekend Staycation at Secret Bolinao Beach! (Photo Essay)

Veue cabins Veue Cabins is a modern beach cabin concept located in one of the hidden treasures of the north–Patar Beach, Bolinao. The name “Veue” was taken from the old French-Latin word meaning “viewpoint”. We loved their clean and relaxing cabins resembling those modern box houses in Europe, plus we had a great front view of the beautiful off-white sandy stretch embracing the deep, blue waters of Patar. Staying here feels like a home away from home, complete with everything you need in a beach house. Here’s a photo essay series of our 3-day/2-night family beach staycation…. VEUE Beach Cabins Sitio Abrac, Patar White Beach, Bolinao 2406, Pangasinan, Philippines Mobile: +63 998 998-5863 Website: Facebook: VEUE Beach Cabins Email:     Veue Cabins We stayed at Veue Cabins with the family and the team during one rainy weekend in August.   Veue Cabins A trip to Patar wouldn’t be complete without visiting the main beach. The shores of Patar Beach are so long that it even reaches the other province.   Veue Cabins Besides Patar Beach, there are 3 public caves that you can also visit (Cindy’s cave, Wonderful cave, and the Enchanted cave). There’s also Bolinao Falls, an old lighthouse, and a church if you have time for a side trip. (Tip: Best to visit early in the morning or during weekdays to avoid the large crowds.)   Veue Cabins The waters are a mix of wavy or flat, depending on the weather and the season.   Veue Cabins The sands are fine enough to sit and enjoy making sand castles on.   Veue cabins One of our favorite feature of the resort is the pool. The pool is only 4ft deep, ideal for older kids to play around in. It also has a ledge that functions as a bar area where adults can drink and chill.   Veue cabins The resort is designed based on how couple/owners Dustin and June Andaya would like their dream vacation home to be. The cabins are patterned after the box houses you’ll find in Europe and Scandinavia. The mix of glass, concrete, and wood gives it that Filipino twist.   Veue cabins We loved how the cabins are adequately spaced between each other, giving a beautiful aesthetic design and that sense of privacy. The property is 3,000 sqm, with each cabin having a 55 sqm floor area, big enough to fit a single family.   Veue Cabins-2.jpg Only a maximum of 4 people are allowed in a room, except if the extra person is a child that’s 10 years and below. The cabin costs P7,500 a night with a minimum stay of 2 nights.   Veue Cabins-6.jpg The sofa is very versatile and can be converted to a queen size bed. There are plenty of extra pillows and blankets provided.   Veue Cabins All the cabins are made to look the same. But our favorites are the two facing the beach where you have the view and the nearby sound of the waves crashing against the shore. Note: There are only six cabins, meaning there will only be 20-30 guests in the resort at maximum capacity.   Veue Cabins-3.jpg The bathroom is simple with enough towels. The entrance to the cabin is well planned that you won’t end up making a mess in the room with sand and water. It has a bathroom access door plus an outdoor shower convenient for a post-swim wash. (Note: Remember to lock the back door.)   Veue Cabins-4.jpg Best to bring your own toiletries because they only provide the basic soap, shampoo, and toothbrush.   Veue cabins The tempered glass helps mute the outside noise from the rain and kids playing by the pool. The blinds are fully adjustable for privacy.   Veue Cabins-5.jpg The cabins are like small houses where you can bring anything you want.   Veue cabins Each cabin has a small kitchen complete with appliances and other items needed for a short stay (induction stove, spoon, fork, knives, bottle opener, cooking utensils, etc.).   Veue cabins There’s also a barbecue grill that can be set up by the caretakers right by your cabin. Tip: Bring water, snacks, and extra supplies.   Veue cabins You can visit the nearby fishing village for fresh catch. But if you just want to relax, Veue also offers room service with dishes from G Resorts.   Veue Cabins A drivers’ quarters is also available, complete with bunk beds and toiletries for P500 pesos (for guests only). The WiFi is quite slow and it’s hard to get a cell signal (we were informed of this in advance), making it an ideal place to disconnect and relax. It’s just be hard to stay for long though because we need the internet for work.   Veue cabins If you’re not into cooking yourself, you can order from G Resorts and have it delivered to your room. They serve your all-time favorite Pinoy breakfast and classic Pinoy home-cooking. The food was just OK for us.   Veue cabins Breakfast Menu Set (P280). Choose from either longganisa, tapa, or daing na bangus, with your choice of egg, fried rice, fruits, and coffee. We ordered the longganisa but we found it too sweet. Best to try the tapa and daing instead.   Veue Cabins-10.jpg It is best to buy from the market and cook your own longganisa and egg breakfast.   Veue Cabins We were planning to have the food delivered to the outdoor dining area of Veue, but because of the weather we opted to eat at G Resorts instead. Check out G Beach Resort Menu   Veue Cabins Order the classic Dagupan Bangus. Bolinao is one of the places that offers the best bangus in the country due to the water they are raised in and the type of feeds they are given. The bangus is rather sweet and the meat doesn’t have an earthy taste unlike the regular bangus from other provinces.   Veue Cabins You’ll never go wrong with seafood thanks to the neighboring fishing village. Order the perfectly cooked Stuffed Squid that doesn’t have that rubbery texture.   Veue cabins You must try the Tuna Sisig! A good, healthy version of a Filipino favorite.   Veue Cabins Pinakbet is also a famous northern Pinoy dish, made from different fresh vegetables, pork, and shrimp paste.   Veue Cabins For dessert, Mrs. June Andaya offered us her hand painted Belgian Chocolates, which you can pre-order and have delivered to your room.   Veue Cabins-9.jpg Overall, our long drive to Bolinao was worth it! We liked staying in the clean, cozy, and carefully planned Veue Beach Cabins, complete with everything you need for a short staycation. It’s an ideal place to relax, disconnect and enjoy the time with the kids. If you have time for a side trip, you can check out the many nearby natural wonders of Bolinao such as their beaches, caves, and waterfalls. Congratulations to Dustin and June Andaya for this successful Beach Cabin concept!   VEUE Beach Cabins Sitio Abrac, Patar White Beach, Bolinao 2406, Pangasinan, Philippines Mobile: +63 998 998-5863 Website: Facebook: VEUE Beach Cabins Email:   Live an Awesome Life, Abi of Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: We were guests of Dustin and June Andaya. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights P.S. The best time to go here is during the Summer or Christmas seasons. How to Get There (from Veue Cabins Here are a few driving tips for your 330km drive from Manila… 1. Take NLEX then SCTEX going to Tarlac. Take Tarlac or Luisita Exit and take Romulo Highway (you may also pass shorter routes by way of Paniqui or Gerona Exit but there are roadworks at the moment) Note: If you are using Waze or Google, do NOT take Urdaneta exit even if directs you to do so. This is a much longer and less scenic route. 2. Head towards Bolinao, passing towns of Camiling, Mangatarem, and Bugallon. 3. Turn left on Olongapo-Bugallon Road, passing towns of Sual, Alaminos, and Bani. 4. Upon reaching Bani, turn right on Bani-Bolinao Road all the way to Bolinao Town. 5. Turn left on Saturnino-Camanguian Road (this will turn into Patar Road) and take it all the way to Patar White Beach Parking Lot, past the Bolinao Lighthouse. Turn left to Patar White Beach. Note: If you are using Waze or Google, do NOT take any left turn road except Saturnino-Camiguin. These are dirt roads (unless that is your thing!) and will not be comfortable. Safest is to drive to Bolinao town and take Saturnino-Camiguin Road. You will see many signs of resorts and Patar Beach on the way.   Veue Cabins-7.jpg Veue Cabins are located a few meters past Patar White Beach (Main Beach Parking Lot). Take the road going up to Natures Beach Camp Compound. They are currently the last property beside G Resorts.

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