Our Best Mobile Photos of 2016! (as Shot by LG G5 & LG 360)

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LG G5 Girona Txuleton
Txuleton (Girona, Spain)

The quality of mobile photography is amazing and I can’t travel now without my LG G5. I love the high resolution, the sharpness of the images, the wide angle lens, and the wacky 360 selfie.

Here are our favorite food and travel mobile photos in 2016 from our trips to Spain, Chiangmai, Dumaguete, Osaka and Kyoto …

Sagrada Familia, BarcelonaSagrada Familia (wide), Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi (Barcelona, Spain)


LGG5 Carabinero Madrid

Carabinero! (Madrid, Spain) 


360 Golden Pavilion Kinkaku-ji Temple, Kyoto

Golden Pavilion Kinkaku-ji Temple (Kyoto, Japan) 


Popout Jamon Serrano, Spain

Jamon Serrano (Madrid, Spain)


LG G5 Chiangmai Mastermind Selfie

Business Mastermind Selfie (Chiangmai, Thailand)


Popout Pork Restaurant, Barcelona

The Pork Restaurant (Barcelona, Spain)


DinoPlay, Mind MuseumDinoPlay Wide, Mind Museum

Dino Play (Mind Museum, Bonifacio Global City)


360 Atmosphere Resorts, Dumaguete

Eco-luxury Escape at Atmosphere Resorts (Dauin, Dumaguete)


Popout Stockholm Cityhall

Stockholm Cityhall (Stockholm, Sweden)


LGG5 Casa Batjo, Barcelona

Casa Batjo by Gaudi (Barcelona, Spain)


Popout Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Plaza Mayor (Madrid, Spain)


360 Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine, Kyoto

Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine (Kyoto, Japan)


Abba Museum, StockholmAbba Museum (wide), Stockholm

ABBA Museum (Stockholm, Sweden) 


LGG5 The Vassa, Stockholm

The Vassa (Stockholm, Sweden)


360 Boqueria Barcelona

Boqueria Food Trip (Barcelona, Spain) 


Si Phum Corner, ChiangmaiSi Phum Corner (wide), Chiangmai

Si Phum Corner (Chiangmai, Thailand)


LGG5 Bocarones, Barcelona

Bocarones (Barcelona, Spain) 


360 Divaguete, Bais

Bais with the Divaguete (Manjuyod Sandbar, Bais)


Mother & 4 boys in KyotoMother & 4 boys (wide) in Kyoto

Mother of 4 Awesome Boys (Kyoto, Japan)


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