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I’ve been to Auckland twice already and this post is a compilation of our travel notes, tips, and tricks when traveling to New Zealand.

This is also an update on our initial post, First Timer’s Guide to Auckland, New Zealand!

Here are the lessons we learned from our last visit to Auckland… 



Auckland - Waiheke-9.jpg

For this Auckland trip, I used my stylish business laptop bag (Samsonite GT Supreme) that weighs less than 7kg, and a big enough luggage to carry the 30kg maximum bag allowance.

The laptop bag can accommodate up to a 15.6″ laptop, and with a smart sleeve, it easily slipped into my telescopic luggage handle, which I appreciate. I didn’t need to worry about my bag falling, making for an effortless travel. This is very useful especially when I travel with my boys, who love to play around and tend to bump into anything near them.


 Samsonite Bag-1

The bag is quite spacious it can easily fit a laptop, travel wallet, sunglasses, and a day’s worth of clothes (just in case the check-in baggage gets lost or delayed). With all these inside, I can still bring a book and a notebook for my notes. Don’t you think the bag still looks spacious even with all that stuff?

I like the way the front pockets are designed so that you can easily access your mobile phones and organize your other gadget accessories in the other pockets. It may also be useful to know that one of the pockets has RFID protection.


Unusual Plug-1.jpg

Make sure to bring a power adaptor. We really love this 1:4 power extension, which is very helpful for charging multiple gadgets.


Drink the water from the tap-1.jpg

Bring your own eco water bottle as you can drink from the tap anywhere in New Zealand!



Auckland - Waiheke-2.jpg

Philippine Airlines is the fastest and easiest way to fly direct to Auckland via Cairns, Australia 4x weekly.



The flight leaves at 11pm in Manila and arrives at Cairns in the morning with a flight duration of 6 hours and 15 minutes.


PAL Flight 

The plane has a 3-3 seating arrangement with business, choice, and economy class seat categories.


Awesome Auckland LG G5-63.jpg

Dinner and breakfast is served. There’s also the rentable MyPAL tablet loaded with all the latest movies. 


Auckland - Waiheke-1.jpg

All passengers have to get off at Cairns airport because the plane needs to refuel and change cabin crew. You have to bring all your things, pass through the security, and wait for an hour and a half.


Auckland - Waiheke-4.jpg

The flight from Cairns to Auckland is around 4 hours and 30 minutes. You land in the mid-afternoon at Auckland Airport.


 Customs Declaration-1.jpg

You have to declare what you are bringing into New Zealand. Failure to do so will result in an instant fine of NZ$ 400 or ~P13,812.

I would say YES to bringing food, medicines, and footwear. Make sure to be ready to show these when asked. 



Auckland - Waiheke-6.jpg

I bought a NZ$49 or ~P1,691 SIM card with 3GB data bandwidth from Vodafone, which is enough for a 5-day trip. Vodafone has very good coverage around NZ.


Awesome Auckland LG G5-61.jpg

2-Degree Telecom is the more cost effective SIM card. You can buy a cheaper data plan than Vodafone’s.



Auckland - Waiheke-135.jpg

One New Zealand dollar is equivalent to P35, which is similar to the Singapore exchange rate.



The best place to exchange currency is at the airport (you can even exchange pesos to dollars). Otherwise, there is a currency exchange in the casino in SkyCity.



Auckland - Waiheke-39.jpg

Auckland City is relatively small with a population of 1.5 million. You can walk the main Queen St. from one end to another.


Waiheke Island-2.jpg
SkyCity is the main entertainment complex in the Auckland with a casino, hotel, restaurants, and the iconic Sky Tower, where you can eat with a 360-degree view of the city and go on an adventure in the Sky Walk and the Sky Jump.

For more info, visit


Auckland - Waiheke-19.jpg

Mount Eden is one of the highest natural vantage points in the city where you can go on a short hike to the dormant volcano crater…


Auckland - Waiheke-23.jpg

…and have multiple panoramic views of Auckland. You can also visit the hip stores and cafes in the Mount Eden suburb. 

For more info, visit


Awesome New Zealand Last Day-23.jpg

Auckland Museum is a must-visit if you want to understand the history of New Zealand…


Awesome New Zealand Last Day-56.jpg

…and get a more in-depth understanding of the Maori Culture.

For more info, visit


Awesome Auckland LG G5-16.jpg

TIP: Visit the Cool House built in 1921 showcasing the different flowers that bloom during the winter season. A perfect place for your OOTD shots and groufies.


Waiheke Island-19.jpg

Fullers Harbour Cruise. Make sure to take the harbour cruise to visit the neighboring islands…



…and experience this magnificent view of the Auckland skyline.

For more info, visit


Auckland - Waiheke-45.jpg

Waiheke Island. This is a must-visit island for a wine tasting tour of the Waiheke vineyards and for buying one of our favorite extra virgin olive oils.

For more info, visit



Avoid buffet or hotel restaurants. We recommend going for what’s locally available and unique in Auckland. Here are our favorites:

Awesome New Zealand Last Day-106.jpg

Ortolana is one of the best farm-to-table restaurants in Auckland located in the Pavilions at Britomart area.


Awesome New Zealand Last Day-98.jpg

They source their meat, produce, and ingredients from their own farms or from neighboring local farmers. 

For more info, visit


Awesome New Zealand Last Day-104.jpg

We had a main dish plus dessert for NZ$ 42/head or about Php 1,400.


Awesome Auckland LG G5-25.jpg

MELT Raclette Auckland. Hunt down the Grilled Cheese food truck of Auckland-based Filipino Chef Jay Avante who’s making waves in the Auckland food truck scene.

Check out the schedule of the Food Trucks at Food Space Auckland via


Awesome Auckland LG G5-30.jpg

The secret to his raclette is he doesn’t actually use raclette cheese but Manuka-smoked Cheddar Cheese.

For more info, visit 


Waiheke Island-143.jpg

Wines. Enjoy every meal with Pinot Gris, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, or Merlot from New Zealand or Australia vineyards. 


Rotorua New Zealand-157.jpg

L&P. Lemon & Paeroa is the “World Famous Drink” made in New Zealand consisting of lemon juice and carbonated mineral water from Paeroa. 


Awesome Auckland LG G5-50.jpg

Giapo. The best place for the most innovative gelato in New Zealand.

For more info, visit


Awesome Auckland LG G5-33.jpg

Miann is a high-end dessert place by couple Chef Brian and Roselle Campbell. Its name is a gaelic word which means “to desire” or “to crave”.


Awesome Auckland LG G5-40.jpg

Miann sells chocolates, petit gateaux, macarons, and ice cream. My favorite is the raspberry-covered green tea ice cream paired with Manuka Tea.

For more info, visit


Rotorua New Zealand-106.jpg

New Zealand Mussels. Eat as many as you want of these New Zealand shellfish. Also try the Bluff Oysters when in season.



Pavlova is the iconic New Zealand meringue-based dessert topped with fresh fruits. It’s named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.


Awesome Auckland LG G5-53.jpg

Breakfast. Enjoy the cheeses, salmon, mushrooms, and sausages either served with bread or rice.




SkyCity Hotel is the best hotel located at the center of Auckland. 



The rooms and hallways are quite spacious with clean restrooms and basic amenities.

For more info, visit


Auckland - Waiheke-10.jpg

Grand Millennium is another good alternative, which is a typical business hotel.


Auckland - Waiheke-11.jpg

The restrooms are quite big and more conducive for twin sharing.

For more info, visit



It’s quite expensive to shop in New Zealand, but these are the places you can go to in Auckland.

Awesome Auckland LG G5-55.jpg

We love the deals of stylish sneakers and shoes at Platypus, with multiple outlets along Queen St.


Awesome Auckland LG G5-57.jpg

Make sure to visit Cotton On for very good fashion deals.


Awesome Auckland LG G5-62.jpg

If you have time, visit the Dress Smart outlet mall, which is already near the Auckland Airport.


Awesome Auckland LG G5-58.jpg

It houses all the branded outlet stores. Shopping for 3 hours might not be enough.



Rotorua New Zealand-158.jpg

Supermarkets. Countdown and Pak & Save are the best places to shop for pasalubong in New Zealand–chocolates, cheeses, and meat products.


Rotorua New Zealand-159.jpg

Whittaker’s Chocolates are the best and tend to be cheaper if you buy them with the supermarket deals.


 Rotorua New Zealand-160.jpg

We love the Kiwi fruit in New Zealand. You can buy on your last day so they’re at their freshest when you bring them home to your family.


Waiheke Island-142.jpg
Feijoa is a pineapple-guava fruit that is dominant in New Zealand. Don’t miss the chance to eat the actual fruit and the other Feijoa-based products.


New Zealand Aviation Day-2.jpg

Another unique product of New Zealand is this Pineapple Lump candy.


 Hobbiton New Zealand-14.jpg
Hobbiton Shop. It’s generally not recommended to buy souvenirs outside Auckland because they’re more expensive, but the Hobbiton shop sells exclusive merchandise at still-affordable prices.


Hobbiton New Zealand-12.jpg

I personally prefer clothing apparel and other accessories. Make sure to buy your souvenirs here.


 Waiheke Island-127.jpg

Comvita. Visit Comvita for high-end health products from New Zealand.


Waiheke Island-132.jpg
They have an extensive line of Manuka Honey products.


Waiheke Island-134.jpg

We recommend these extra strong, pure Manuka honey lozenges.


Auckland - Waiheke-131.jpg

Aotea. Also check out the one-stop-souvenir-shop in Auckland for all your health, beauty, and gifts needs.


Auckland - Waiheke-129.jpg

They carry a cheaper 15+ Manuka Honey by Streamland at NZ $68.90.


Auckland - Waiheke-132.jpg

They also sell fresh New Zealand air, which is quite popular for polluted cities like those in China.


New Zealand Aviation Day-44.jpg



Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our two trips to New Zealand were sponsored by the New Zealand Government and Philippine Airlines. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights

P.S. It’s best to buy your souvenirs in the city and just stuff them in your check-in luggage.

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