Bo Sanchez’s Kerygma Conference 2016 “FORWARD!” (An Invitation)

Kerygma Conference 2007

I was stuck with my multinational job in 2007 and I felt a nagging feeling for a greater calling.

When I attended the first ever Kerygma Conference in 2007 in Ultra, I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to pursue my blog full time.

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Recently, I found the “resignation” letter I wrote my wife when I was in the US attending an Internet Marketing Conference and how she supported my decision.   

I left my high-paying job the succeeding year in May 2008 and I’ve been blogging full-time and living an awesome life ever since …


I would like to invite you to make that life-changing experience on the 10th year anniversary of Kerygma Conference, KCON for short, on November 17-20, 2016 at SMX and SM MOA Arena with the theme, “Forward”.  

Here’s what to expect at the Kerygma Conference …

Celebrate Your Family Day at the KCON 2016 Grand Feast.

KCON2016 - Attendees 2

The last day of the KCON 2016 will be highlighted with a Grand Feast at the Mall of Asia Arena. The Grand Feast is an event in itself – a time to be blessed and refreshed and inspired to move forward.

There will be two Grand Feasts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to accommodate everyone who wants to attend it. KCON ticket holders will be able to attend the Grand Feast in the afternoon, without any hassle, plus enjoy exclusive entertainment. Non-ticket holders will have to get their tickets at SM Tickets for the Morning Grand Feast.

Both Grand Feasts will have plenary talks by Bo Sanchez and other guest preachers. The afternoon Grand Feast, however, will also feature entertainers who will share their talents with KCON attendees. Since it’s KCON’s 10th year, expect big surprises. What a great way to spend quality time with your family.


Learn and be inspired.

KCON2016 - Attendees 3

There are plenary sessions and classes you can choose to attend at the Kerygma Conference. Some can help answer your questions on career, business, family life and raising kids.

There will be five streams, i.e. five sets of classes happening from Thursday to Saturday. You might be interested in setting up a family business. These classes can help you: “How to Bravely Move Forward in Business,” “Secrets on How to Let Money Work for You,” and “Walking the Entrepreneurship Journey with Faith.”

If you are seeking healing, the Wellness stream is a good place to start. Check out its classes on “Health Made Incredibly Simple,” “How Inner Healing Bears Fruit in Our Lives,” and “Healing Your Whole Being,” among others.

Then there are classes on building happy families that you can get valuable insights from. Learn how to “Create an Amazing Family by Design,” “Have Good Family Communication,” and “How to Parent a Child to Be Continuously Outstanding” through neuro-linguistic programming.

“Walk with the wise and become wise,” as it says in the Book of Proverbs.  Soak in all the wisdom that these world-class speakers will give throughout the 4 days of the KCON! Since it’s KCON’s 10th year, no less than the best of the best, the most sought-after and most requested speakers, have been invited to give talks.


Be inspired by Bo Sanchez.

KCON2016 - Bo Sanchez

Of course, not to be missed is the well-loved Catholic lay preacher and bestselling author Bo Sanchez.

If you haven’t heard Bo speak, the KCON 2016 is the best time to do so. This man is truly God’s servant. His words are right on target, penetrating through to your heart and soul. His talks will hit you right smack where you need it. It can be scary sometimes. But it’s good because you’ll finally know what to do to move forward in life!


Listen to world-class speakers and motivators at a very reasonable price.

KCON2016 - Group Photo Speakers

Among the KCON 2016 speakers are Anthony Pangilinan, Dean Pax Lapid, Rose Fausto, Rissa Singson Kawpeng, Chinkee Tan, Ardy and Miriam Roberto, RJ Ledesma, Arun Gogna, Fr. Joel Jason, plus many other dynamic and powerful speakers, including international speaker, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers. Deacon Harold is a dynamic evangelist, radio host and bestselling author, and is one of the most sought-after speakers in the Church today.


(For the complete list of speakers, visit

Help the Young People in Your Life Move Forward.

KCON2016 - Youth

If you have young people in your life – whether they are your own kids, or grandkids, or your nieces/nephews, or maybe even your inaanaks, students, neighbors, etc. – the KCON 2016 has something for them, specifically the Youth Conference. Athlete and TV host Gretchen Ho and youth preacher Obet Cabrillas will be there to inspire the youth, along with other speakers. The Youth Conference is also a fun and safe venue for teens to meet new friends.

The Youth Conference is also a fun and safe venue for teens to meet new friends.


Discover Great Deals and Receive Freebies.

KCON2016 - Kerygma Books Sale

If you love inspirational books, the Kerygma Conference 2016 will be your “haven.” Bo Sanchez’s books plus the books of well-loved authors on topics like healing, finance, family life, and even business can be bought at huge discounts only at the KCON 2016!

New books from Shepherd’s Voice Publications will also be launched including Dr. Larry Gamboa’s A Millenial’s Guide to Kick-Starting a Business and Ichel Alignay’s Family Goals: Embracing the Imperfections of Family Life.

Of course, what’s a momentous event without souvenirs? Discover unique Christmas gift options for your loved ones at the exhibit area, like KCON anniversary T-shirts, hoodies, reversible jackets and journals.

Participants can also expect treats, freebies and amazing discounts from Kerygma Conference sponsors at the SMX and SM MOA Arena. Grab 10 years of KCON Goodness and buy inspirational goodies for gifting to family and friends this Christmas – all in just one venue!

(To get to know our sponsors who’ve made this event possible, visit


Go Forward!

KCON2016 - Grand Feast Attendees

Go if only to renew your passion. Go to renew your strength. Go to grow more.

Just go and allow yourself to receive the blessings, healing, and miracles God has in store for you.

Allow yourself to be loved unconditionally and completely for a change!

Save the date: November 17 to 20. Register at today.


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is an official online marketing partner of Kerygma Conference 2016. 

P.S. Check out these “Forward”-themed shirts!

KCON2016 Merchandise Mockup for Bloggers


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