MIGHTY QUINN’S: New York’s Award-Winning Slow-Cooked Barbecue Now in Manila! @MightyQuinnsBBQ

As featured 10 Most Awesome NEW (Franchised) Restaurants in Manila 2016! Mighty Quinn's Finally, New Yorks’ famed barbecue joint is now open in Manila! Mighty Quinn’s is iconic for their New York-style Barbecue cooked the old school way–with wood and time. While they aim to honor their Texas roots, they break away in their use of non-traditional meats such as pork ribs, burnt ends, and heritage livestock. New Yorkers have raved over their tender and moist beef brisket, savory smokey pulled pork, and impressively massive ribs, all slow smoked to perfection! What separates Mighty Quinn’s from all the regular barbecue joints is their focus on every part of the menu, from the side dishes down to the drinks. Of course, their meats are still the main attraction. Here’s what we liked at the newly opened Mighty Quinn’s Manila…   MIGHTY QUINN’S MANILA 3rd Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila Website: www.mightyquinnsbbq.com Facebook: MightyQuinnsPH Mighty Quinn's The pilot branch in the Philippines is located at the 3rd floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall.   Mighty Quinn's With white-tiled walls, grey slate counters, industrial chairs and tables, and fancy letterings on the wall, Might Quinn’s doesn’t look like your typical barbecue joint.   Mighty Quinn's The restaurant is run cafeteria-style, offering slow-cooked food but with quick service.   Mighty Quinn's Before reaching the counter, you’ll get to see the cutting area. We love how you can watch a big slab of meat being cut as you order.   Mighty Quinn's Pit Master Hugh Mangum worked as a chef with a fine dining background, but his craft comes from his Texan Dad who smoked meat as a hobby. He started off by selling his first cart at a Smorgasburg (a seasonal outdoor foodie market) with only $600 (his weekly paycheck). Those five briskets, six pork butts, and twelve racks of ribs got sold out it 90 minutes.   Mighty Quinn's The meat is cooked the traditional way, with wood and over long periods of time. They use different types of wood such as pecan, oak, apple, and cherry.   Mighty Quinn's Mighty Quinn’s Menu: Meats |  Sides | Drinks They use the same kind of Texan house sauce on all their meats except the chicken.   Mighty Quinn's Beef Brisket (P495-Single Serving, P1295-by the Pound) Their bestseller is the beef brisket. It has an impressive pitch black bark with a deep smokey flavor and is highly marbled. We love its tenderness and tastiness. The meat comes from the chest of the cow, is smoked between 18-22 hours, and rubbed with simple seasoning (salt, pepper, and paprika).   Mighty Quinn's You can even see the smoke ring–the pink line along the outer edges of a cut of smoked meat–a great indication of good barbecue! You can request for a more marbled side of the brisket–the fattier the brisket, the juicier and flavorful it will be.   Mighty Quinn's Pulled Pork (P495-Single Serving, P1295-by the Pound) Pork shoulder or pork butt (heritage breed), smoked for 12-18 hours until it’s ready to be pulled apart. Meat lovers would love this. It has a bold smokey and porky flavor. Very tender and served with sauce.   Mighty Quinn's The crispy bark top and soft meat give it a nice contrast and texture.   Mighty Quinn's Brontosaurus Rib (P1450) This dinosaur-sized piece of meat was a feast for the eyes. The almost one pound slab was deliciously fatty, with mouth-watering meat falling off the bone. It’s not as savory as the brisket and pork ribs though.   Mighty Quinn's Definitely meant for sharing! 😉   Mighty Quinn's Spare Ribs (P495-Single Serving, P1295-by the Pound) These come from the front side of the pig belly. There are twelve ribs to a rack, which are smoked for seven hours.   Mighty Quinn's They’re not the usual baby back, fall-off-the-bone cut, but these spare ribs are larger and are meant to have a little snap to them once you dig in with your hands.   Mighty Quinn's The ribs are very meaty, and you know they’re good when they don’t need any sauce. I just loved nibbling these down to the bone.   Mighty Quinn's Sausage (P435-Single Serving, P1160-by the Pound) The sausage is a mixture of beef and pork, spiked with garlic, chilis, and fennel.   Mighty Quinn's Chicken Wings (P405) The chicken wings were good too. These had a juicy, moist, and slight tangy flavor, but I still prefer their other meat specialties in terms of flavor and preparation.   Mighty Quinn's Mighty Quinn’s takes their sides seriously, which isn’t common for a barbecue joint. I liked all their sides; there wasn’t one that I found disappointing.   Mighty Quinn's Corn Fritters (Sides) A savory treat in the Southern United States, these sweetcorn fritters make for a perfect appetizer. Golden brown on the outside and fluffy on the inside, it’s sweet and savory at the same time.   Mighty Quinn's Don’t forget to eat it with their honey dipping sauce.   Mighty Quinn's Broccoli Salad (Sides) Raw and uncooked broccoli tossed with cranberry, roasted almonds, bacon, and buttermilk bacon dressing. This was my favorite among all the sides. The refreshing salad helps cut through the taste of the meat.   Mighty Quinn's Potato Salad (Sides) Creamy potato salad chock full of bacon, bits eggs, and celery seed in Dijon mustard.   Mighty Quinn's Baked Beans (Sides) Their baked beans is a combination of burnt ends baked beans with sweet and spicy sauce. Probably the best beans I’ve ever tasted. A must order. Sweet Potato Casserole (Sides) The sweet potato casserole tastes like dessert. I like the addition of cinnamon, sugar, and pecan crumble.   Mighty Quinn's Dirty Rice (Sides) Rice lovers would be happy to know they have dirty rice exclusive to the Philippine market. The rice is filled with herbs, scallion, toasted garlic, chopped up meat (including meat fat), and topped with calamansi (Philippine Lemon). Each dish comes with free pickled add-ons. They help enhance the flavor and also cuts through the monotony of the meat.   Mighty Quinn's Bread Pudding (P195) In the States, bread pudding has seasonal flavors. Too bad we only have banana flavor here. The pudding was just OK for me. I found it too sweet for my tastes.   Mighty Quinn's Housemade Iced Tea (P110) I liked their house brewed iced tea. It is slightly sweeter, probably to cater to the local palate.   Mighty Quinn's Overall, we loved Mighty Quinn’s! It’s certainly a Barbecue Haven for hardcore carnivore foodies. I liked that there are only a few items to choose from. Everything on their New York menu is the same except for the dirty rice and the sweeter iced tea. I recommend the beef brisket, spare ribs, and pulled pork. For the sides, I loved everything, but the baked beans, corn fritters, and broccoli salad won me over. Congratulations to the Standard Hospitality Group (the same group that brought in Ipuddo and Yabu) for bringing Mighty Quinn’s to the Philippines!   MIGHTY QUINN’S MANILA 3rd Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila Website: www.mightyquinnsbbq.com Facebook: MightyQuinnsPH   Live an Awesome Life,

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Abi of Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: We were guests at the media launch of Mighty Quinn’s. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights.  P.S. Quinn is the name of his eldest son and middle name of Chef Hugh’s grandmother.

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