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ATV Adventures Rizal is a guided All-Terrain Vehicle tour through the steep mountains and muddy jungles of the Sierra Madre mountain range in Rizal.

Just 1 to 2 hours away from Manila, Rizal is home to countless towering landscapes, scenic views, beautiful waterfalls, and crystal clear Rivers.

It is also a favorite destination of hikers, bikers, and adventure-seekers alike, so it’s only fitting that an ATV adventure trail would co-exist here.

So get ready for some serious off-road adventure!


Sapinit Road, Antipolo, Rizal
Mobile: 0947 308 6374 / 0977 750 2671
Facebook: ATV Adventures Rizal

Watch our fun thrilled Adventure video!


ATV Adventures Rizal is around 1 and half hours away from Manila and is conveniently located near the major highway leading up to Tanay, Rizal.



It’s really hard to miss those mean looking ATVs parked outside the shop, waiting for an adventure.



Like any other activity, you have to first undergo a short briefing from the guides about the do’s and don’ts in the tour.



Safety is their #1 priority so all riders are required to wear protective gear (Helmet, Gloves, Knee & Elbow Pads) and must sign a waiver of liability before the tour starts.



You will then be taught the basics of operating the ATV by their friendly guide, Kuya Gilbert.



Feel free to ask any questions at this point because ATVs are not toys–these are highly capable 150cc work horses that can breeze through steep hills and rocky terrain.



Thankfully, operating the ATV is a no-brainer. You only have to press a small finger lever to accelerate, plus a gear knob to engage it forward, neutral, and reverse. For safety, all ATVs are equipped with brakes on both handle bars.



As a last step, you will have to go through a short test drive in a small track for them to gauge your ability to operate the ATV.

Don’t worry, Kuya Gilbert is more than happy to help.



There are always 2 guides with you, 1 in front to lead the way and another at the back to organize the group.



ATV Adventure Rizal offers 2 kinds of Tours. We booked the best and longest one, which is the Marikina River Tour Adventure.

Marikina River Tour P3500



This trail is pure adventure–it will literally take you to the heart of the jungle! Unlike most ATV trails in the country, the trails here are barely used and are highly vegetated.



The Marikina River trail lasts around 4 to 5 hours (with swimming/dipping in the river) and is about 14km of (seemingly) endless dirt and rocky terrain.


Since the trail passes through remote paths, don’t be surprised if you find mud on your face and clothing. But that’s all part of the fun!



Yup, more mud. Expect to get wet!



During your trip, you will also pass through local communities and small farms.



Friendly locals, especially the kids, are always ready to greet you with their warm smiles.



The tour stops at scenic points to allow for some picture taking.



Here’s a cloudy view of the famous Wawa Dam in Montalban.



This tour is more challenging than the Forest Trail (P2,500) and involves a lot more downhill and uphill, but is well worth it.



The balanced mix of dirt, mud, rock, gravel and steep hills really tests the riders’ skills in navigating the ever-changing terrain.



A few hours and a couple of mud stains later, your group will eventually reach the river, but the adventure doesn’t stop there.



You can wash or freshen up in the cold crystal clear waters of the Marikina River.



The river is a little rocky but is safe enough for guests to swim in.



Just a few steps away is a small foot bridge that connects to the other side of the river bank.



The place may look remote but school kids from far away places cross this bridge every day just to get to school.


The view from the bridge is simply inspiring–it tells the story of the kids who take this bridge on a daily basis.

Some of them have to walk for hours and hours just to attend school.



Props to all those who contributed to building this bridge because it’s a great help to the locals in safely crossing the river.



But wait, there’s more! Just when you think you’ve experienced everything, the true challenge starts when you start to head up to the very steep slope you just came down from.



Of course…even more mud! (When you see it)



Nature abounds, trails wind off in every direction, and steep forest hills surround you. Rizal is definitely an adventurer’s paradise.



On our way back, we were treated to a short detour going up to a DENR park where guests can take their time and enjoy the fresh air and wonderful view.



On our last few kilometers going back to the shop, we suddenly had the urge to just floor the pedal and test out the capabilities of our ATVs.



Feel free to do so, as long as you stay behind your guide and be mindful of your surroundings at all times.

Forest TrailP2500

The Forest trail lasts about 2 hours and will pass through pine trees and forested areas, along muddy off-road trails.


Unlike the River Trail, this tour took us high-up in the hills and through the even rougher terrain.


The trail here is also way harder with more dirt paths compared to the rocky roads in the River Trail.


Half way across the tour we were taken to a look out point where we can see the whole of Metro-Manila!


One thing I liked about this trail is that we were under the canopy most of the time, hence protecting us from harsh afternoon sun.


This trail is pure adventure! I think this trail is way harder compared to the downhill river tour with more extreme up-hill and downhill roads.


You’ll definitely have a blast speeding through humps and bumps on the road.


The gradient of the slopes varies, but this trail has steeper slopes and even deeper roads.


It’s a good mix of both heavily forested trails and sandy rough roads.


At the end of the trail, there is a small hut where riders can enjoy their well-earned meals in small elevated huts, overlooking the pond.


If you want to get out of Manila and into nature, this is definitely for you!

Jungle Trail AdventureP6500


But if you’re still looking for something longer and more extreme then the newly jungle trail adventure might be the right tour for you.


Just recently introduced, the Jungle trail adventure is the longest and most challenging tour that is being offered.


The adventure itself is a combination of ATV ride and trekking for about 6 hours and 30km.


Throughout the tour you will be passing local communities.


crossing rivers


and crossing even more rivers and bridges with your trust ATV.


you then end up trekking in the thick forest and swimming in the river and hidden waterfalls of Sierra madre.


So, you are into extreme fun activites and loves to get explore the mountains, rivers and hidden waterfalls, then this tour is perfect for you.

Overall, we had so much fun and loved the whole package! The protective gear and ATVs were clean and fresh. We didn’t even have a single problem or breakdown during the trail. The ATVs had plenty of power for climbing the steep hills and speeding through rough terrain.

Ok, I might have exaggerated that a bit–the trails were actually beginner-friendly. And thanks to the extremely friendly guides, Kuya Bernie and Sir Gilbert, who were always more than happy to take our pictures.

We loved every inch of the trail, especially the muddy parts and the deep green forests. During the 5-hour tour, we were able to connect with nature, interact with local people, and even swim in the river. It was truly an awesome adventure!


Schedule & Pricing

• Morning, 8am | Afternoon, 1pm
• Forest Trail | P2500 per person | 2 Hours | Forest trails & a view of Manila 
• Marikina River Trail | P3500 per person | 4 Hours | Scenic Views, Up Hill & Down hill, River
• Jungle Trail Adventure | P6500 per peson | 6 Hours | Paved & Rough Road, Trekking, River, Waterfalls

Tour Inclusion:

• Tour Guide
• Helmet & Glove
• Knee & Elbow Pad
• Safety demo & orientation

Things to Bring:

• Closed toe shoes. No slippers/thongs/flip flops allowed.
• Guests are advised to wear pants. The engine can get hot
• Camera or Gopro
• Extra of clothes (Expect to get wet!)
• Swimming gear if you want to take a dip in the river
• Sun block and insect repellent
• Sunglasses
• Small back-pack
• Drinking water
• Spirit of adventure!

Sapinit Road, Antipolo, Rizal
Mobile: 0947 308 6374 / 0977 750 2671
Facebook: ATV Adventures Rizal

Live an Awesome Life,

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NICO of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our ATV ride was courtesy of ATV Adventures Rizal. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

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  1. Attractive pictures and wonderful trip!
    Do you know how to get to ATV Adventures Rizal by public transpotation 🙂

    1. Cubao
      > UV Express @ Jollibee Farmers going to Cogeo (Palengke)

      > take a jeep from Cogeo going to Pintong Bukawe (just tell the driver to drop you at ATV Adventure or near Basekamp in Sapinit Road)
      > take a jeep from Cogeo going to Cabading. Then rent a tryk going to ATV Adventure / near Basekamp

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