WONDERFRUIT: A Weekend of Thainess in a Dazzling Display of Lights, Food, Music and Arts! @Wonderfruitfest

Wonder 42 Wonderfruit is a 4-day International festival that celebrates music, arts, wellness and adventure in an incredible set piece location that looks something straight out of a movie set.  

Annually held in Pattaya, Thailand, the ecologically-conscious festival centers around Life itself while at the same time promotes overall positivity and social responsibility towards nature.   WONDERFRUIT The Fields at Siam Country Club, Pattaya, Thailand Website: www.wonderfruitfestival.com E-mail: info@wonderfruitfestival.com Facebook: @wondefruitfest Instagram: @wonderfruitfestival Next Event: December 2017 Wonder 26 One thing you’ll notice once you enter Wonderfruit is the diversity of the crowd. It’s a melting pot of different nationalities, delectable food, awesome music and beautiful Instagram-worthy set pieces.   Wonder 35 It’s an entirely different world out there, where everyone from every part of the world seems to just get along with each other.   Wonder 3 Just before you enter the festival grounds, Wonderfruit has implemented an easier way of making cashless transactions. Every festival goer is given a bracelet with “Debit card” features, wherein you just have to top it up with money. Every festival goer is given a bracelet with “Debit card” features, wherein you just have to top it up with money.   Wonder 21 We didn’t book any hotels during our stay in the festival because it’s not advisable. We even brought our own tent and camped there till the last day. You’ll be spending most of your time inside the festival grounds anyway and will only go back to your tent to sleep. (Note: They also offer various types of boutique camping and glamping)   Wonder 22 We didn’t want to waste precious time and money going in and out of the festival grounds because it’s located around 1 hour away from the city Hotels. Plus, camping is free of charge, and clean showers, free water, secured lockers, charging stations, and portable toilets are all provided.   Wonder 6 Everywhere you go, you’ll find yourself staring at different kinds of installations and beautiful architecture that doubles as either a stage or a food place.   Wonder 23 It gets scorching hot during lunch time, so we treated ourselves to this refreshing Greenergized Smoothie Whapow made out of mixed berries, and a local Ice candy brand all blended into one smoothie. Yum!   Wonder 7 Most food stalls have their own unique look and feel to attract festival goers to have a look at their menu. #SOT Straight Outta Thonglor serves farm-fresh food straight out of the grill.   Wonder 5 This stylish food truck, on the other hand, serves local street food dishes and cold drinks.   Wonder 25 Wonderfruit is home to many Art Installations some of which are just downright beautiful to look at!   Wonder 4 While others require some interaction between the canvas and the artist, anyone can just grab a paint brush and paint whatever you feel like expressing in this moving canvas.   Wonder 8 If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of this lucky unicorn wandering around. Just kidding! Horse Bikes are scattered all over the festival grounds and are free to ride. They even come in different colors, sizes and some even light up at night.   Wonder 24 Another thing I liked about the Wonderfruit is that they cater to all ages. There is even a dedicated camp packed with fun activities and games aimed towards families and kids.   Wonder 33 Festival goers can also participate in different kinds of free activities like wood carving, tie dyeing, shirt printing, painting, pottery and much more. The best part is they can bring home whatever things they’ve created.   Wonder 34 They also offer free wellness activities which are an ideal opportunity to get realigned and find a little peace, as well as action-packed programs to enjoy. Activities include Yoga, boot camp, meditation, capoeira, photo walk, etc.   Wonder 37 Fashion is another thing to consider in Wonderfruit and you can pretty much wear anything you like to stand out. So make sure to bring lots of unique festival clothes for your daily Instagram OOTD.   Wonder 36 Another thing to watch out for are Filipino talents participating in the event like this power duo Allan Malabanan (@lustbass) and lyricist Jess Connelley (@jessconnlley) as they impress you with their blissful and electronic Music. Eddie Agamos from Tao Philippines also gave a talk about culture conservation in Palawan.   Wonder 38 Just before the sun sets be sure to catch the famous “Soul of Angkorn” and witness a jaw-dropping fire and dance display combined with blazing poles, fans, and fireworks along with the tribal music.   Wonder 9 Nature also shows off its beauty come sunset as the sun turns the sky into a sea of red. Sunsets are incredibly amazing in this part of the world despite the hazy environment.   Wonder 11 Come night time Wonderfruit completely transform into something entirely different. It’s truly a sight to behold.   Wonder 1 Climb on and explore the interactive exhibits inside the crowd favorite Molam Bus by Jim Thompson.   Wonder 2 Back by popular demand, the Molam Bus was a very popular installation from last year that showcases a taste of Isaan culture and Molam music.   Wonder 10 Another crowd favorite is the Solar Stage which comes from the mind of Gregg Fleishman, whose creations are regular highlights at Burning Man. It’s a climbable structure with different levels of lounge-like spaces. The structure itself is made of interlocking wood panels that holds itself together.   Wonder 30 And possibly the brightness and the most eye-catching of them all is this playful art installation by Basurama. The Cym Temple is lined with hundreds of ropes and brightened up by different colored lights. Up close and personal it gives you that dazzling and mesmerizing feeling.   Wonder 14 At night all sorts of boutiques and pop us stores starts to sell and showcase different kinds of products and services. They sell clothes, bags, accessories and they even have an actual Beauty Salon where you can get your hair done.   Wonder 12 They also offer beauty services like hair braiding, henna, makeup, nail design and even body painting.   Wonder 13 Did I mention that dogs are also welcome at the festival? They even have their own bracelet to match, but sadly you have to pay a small fee for their entry as well.   Wonder 19 We also got to try local Thai dishes like the Thai Grilled Sticky Rice & Sato Sticky Rice Wine which kind of reminded me of our own Tapuy.   Wonder 29 Tip: Be always on a lookout for some stalls that only operate at night (6pm onwards) Meal price ranges from Baht 150 to 250 while drink starts at Baht 50 to 150.   Wonder 44 Among the best seller in the festival were the Thai Soup Noodle (Extra spicy of course!) and the surprisingly famous Mother Trucker Burgers which seems to always have a never-ending line of hungry festival goers.   Wonder 20 Everywhere you go, you will always stumble upon Fashionistas that are always dressed to impress and are more than happy to strike a pose.   Wonder 28 Moving towards the other end of the festival, The Farm Stage takes the spotlight as local bands serenade the crowd in this Temple Like stage made out of harvested rice.   Wonder 16 Right beside the Farm Stage, a towering installation called the Dancing Muntjacs (Local Deer) by Joel Stockdill which is built entirely with reclaimed wood.   Wonder 15 This small hidden island, located at the center of the lake, houses soothing musical instruments that isolate you from the hustle and bustle of the festival.   Wonder 32 Another installation that only shows up at night is this cool projector-like interactive art that mimics the movement of whoever stands in front of the beam of light.   Wonder 17 You can still participate in some activities at night like the Power Nap aimed at recharging and rejuvenating your energy. The soothing sounds of the Meditation Gong calm your senses and help you sleep faster.   Wonder 18 Various Moroccan inspired tents are also open at night for anyone who wants to get a quick nap.   Wonder 27 The Rainforest Pavilion also shines brighter at this time of the day with its incredible light display that lights up the whole sky at night.   Wonder 39 The main highlight of this year’s festival is the highly anticipated music of Rudimental. A world renowned London based band know for their layers of brass and vocals over heavy hitting beats, they’ve collaborated with artists like Ed Sheeran and John Newman.   Wonder 40 Crowds gather in front of the main stage as they cheer and chant for their favorite music and bands. Also, a Persian Inspired mobile platform positions itself at the back of the crowd for a better viewing angle for the VIP’s.   Wonder 43 Last but not the least, Lianne La Havas ended the night by serenading the crowd with her soulful sound and effortless soaring vocals. Lianne is an enormously talented singer, songwriter, and multi-Instrumentalist with two acclaimed albums under her belt.   Wonder 41 But just when you think the festival is over, The Quarry is just about to start. It opens after midnight and is an off-site party place just outside the main grounds. Roughly 7mins walk away, The Quarry caters to an even wilder crowd who loves that Party and club feeling.   Wonder 31 Overall, Wonderfruit was a huge success, and everything was running smoothly and organized. The 4-day festival had a balanced mix of excellent music, good food, and awesome art installations. I enjoyed every part of the festival especially the friendly locals and the overall feel and vibe of the place.   Wonder 45 I also liked the fact that most of the installations are interactive and massive. Also, the free activities included when you join the festival are all worth more than the tickets in my opinion. The only thing that I didn’t like about the place is that it gets hot and dusty during lunch time. But I guess it’s all part of the fun experience here at Wonderfruit. So be sure to bring sunblock and a ton of wet wipes if you plan on attending this year. Live an Awesome Life,

abi signature NICO of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our experience was a joint project organized by Third Culture Music. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. P.S. Check their website for this years Wonderfruit Festival in December 2017.

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