IBIZA Beach Club BGC: Signature 15-Course Balearic Grill and Ibiza Beach Club Show!

by Czarina Mae 

IBIZA BEACH CLUB is one of the trendiest beach clubs today, located in Mövenpick Hotel, Mactan Island in Cebu. It’s by the Manny O group, which finally decided to bring Ibiza Beach Club (or IBC for short) to BGC. 


IBC offers their popular Balearic-inspired, signature 15-course grill that includes a variety of grilled meat and seafood and features their very own Ibiza Beach Club Show team, providing nightly performances (except on Tuesdays). 

Here’s what to expect and how to plan your dining experience at Ibiza Beach Club in BGC…

6th Floor, W City Centre, 7th Avenue cor 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibizabeachclubBGC/
Instagram: @ibizabeachclubBGC
Twitter: @IbizaBGC
Phone: +632 755-1777
Mobile: +63 917 633-7499
Website: www.ibizabeachclub.global

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20170426-Ibiza Beach Club-2
Located at the 6th level of the new W City Centre, the Ibiza Beach Club is the most spacious club we’ve ever seen in the country.

With a floor area of 4,000 sqm, they can easily accommodate a thousand people per night, maybe even more!


The BGC branch boasts of the same DNA as the one in Cebu, bringing the beach island vibe to an urban setting and showcasing proudly Philippine-made products and homegrown talents.


The P300 million property is open daily for both lunch and dinner. Here you can have a spacious dining experience and entertainment in an exceptional Center Stage like no other. 

Ibiza Beach Club Menu: Set Tapas | Signature 15-Course Balearic Grill | Starters | Mains | Soup, Salad, Bruschetta | Tapas | Dessert


Guests are encouraged to take a dip in the jacuzzi with a fabulous view of the BGC skyscrapers in an al fresco setting.


20170426-Ibiza Beach Club-4
There are changing and shower rooms beside it. You can even reserve the entire Ibiza Jacuzzi area for a private event.


The main bar is located at the back-right side of the club and easily accessible from the Jacuzzi area for your pool party booze.

Ibiza Beach Club Drinks Menu: Champagne, Wine, Cocktail | Brandy, Tequila, Single Malt, Spirit | Premium Gin & Tonic,  Japanese Whisky | Juices, Coffee, Tea


Sunken City is located outside the main dining hall where you can lounge in plush seats surrounded with water features to mimic that island vibe…


…while enjoying Mediterranean tunes and drinks during happy hour. It’s not hard to see why it’s a popular hangout of Millennials at night.


20170426-Ibiza Beach Club-10
For fine dining occasions, you can book the First Class dining section for added privacy, chic ambiance, and the best view of the BGC skyline.

Highly recommended for small gatherings such as birthdays, baptisms, or milestone celebrations.


20170426-Ibiza Beach Club-11
This section will house the vintage wine cellar of Manny O for those with a more discerning taste.


Expect the Guest Service Officers to welcome you in their stylish uniforms from well-known fashion designer and proud Cebuano, Cary Santiago.


Celebrus Brut NV, Manny O, France (P1,980/bottle, P380/glass). Gold Medal Decanter London 2013.

Start with a Celebrus, Manny O’s signature bubbly with the only remaining bottles available at Ibiza Beach Club.


Signature 15-course Balearic Grill (P2,500/person)

The Ibiza Beach Club’s very own Balearic-inspired, Signature 15-course grill begins with a choice of Caesar Salad or your own creation from the Salad Bar. Then you can have as much as you can of each dish, which is cooked and served whenever you want.

• Salad Bar or Caesar Salad


Rock Lobster [Seasonal] or Salmon
 Jumbo Prawns
Catch of the Day [fish]


Filet Mignon [U.S. Angus]
Ribeye [U.S. Angus]
Beef Ribs
Lamb Chops [New Zealand]
Leg of Lamb 
Chicken Thigh
Pork Belly
Baby Back Ribs

Sweet Ending: Queen Pineapple


Add P600 for an unlimited serving of Award-winning red & white Manny O Wines.



The first course is Caesar Salad or your own choice from the buffet salad bar.



You can choose from a selection of pre-mixed Mediterranean salads, vegetable salads, or macaroni salads.



Don’t forget to grab a Pau de Quejo.


Ibiza Sour (P450). We won’t tell you what’s inside! 

Order the signature Ibiza Sour cocktail, proudly mixed by Manny Os son, Manman Osmeña–whiskey sour with a strong kick & twist. 



Attendants will then ask for your preferred side dish of rice or mashed potatoes, served with grilled vegetables and corn on a cob

We liked their mashed potato, which tasted creamy and has a slightly buttery flavor and a tiny hint of freshly ground black peppers.



The meats are served with four Mediterranean sauces: hummus, tzatziki, lemon aioli, and pesto sauce. No vinegar, gravy, or other French sauces.


Churrasco Buffet

The following meats will be served in no particular order and served based on what’s freshly cooked…

Filet Mignon

The beef was moist and tender with a hint of saltiness, thanks to the bacon wrapped around it. 


Parrot Fish

Grilled to perfection so the fish was still moist with a good bite.


Jumbo Prawns

These tasted just like ordinary grilled prawns. They were sadly overdone as the meat was already sticking to the shell.   


Chicken Thigh

We all agreed that the chicken thigh was very, very good. Juicy and tender and goes well with the mashed potato.



The seafood and chicken thigh are best paired with Manny O Discipulus Blanc white wine (P320/glass, P1,580/bottle).


Pork Belly

We weren’t exactly sure if the pork was grilled or fried. This one reminded us of lechon kawali thanks to its crispy skin.


Beef Ribs

The beef ribs were OK. They were marinated in their tropical sauce, making them a bit sweet.


After 6 different kinds of meat, most of us were starting to feel really full. Don’t forget to pace yourself

(Tip: You can time your meal such that the show would start in the middle of your 15-course dinner.)



The calamari tasted fresh and full of flavor; no need for any sauce. 


Baby Back Ribs

We were underwhelmed by the ribs we were served. It felt like they wanted us to have only the bones since we didn’t taste much of the meat.



The salmon was cooked perfectly–salty but still sweet. This would have gone nicely with fresh slices of lemon.


Lamb Chops

Nicely grilled lamb chops from New Zealand served with mint to lessen the weird gamey aftertaste.


Make sure to pair the meats with Discipulus Syrah red wine (P320/glass, P1,580/bottle).


Leg of Lamb

For some reason, this one did not need any mint at all. The meat was thinly sliced and already good on its own.



The ribeye was grilled to perfection. Cooked medium well, it was juicy with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency–our favorite among the meats served.



This was good and tasted like beef, but I wish they had served it as soon as it got out of the grill.



End on a sweet note with the specialty dessert–Queen Pineapple roasted with cinnamon and sugar, with a side of fresh yogurt and honey. 


Now for the million dollar question: “Is it worth it?

For the quality of the meat, the beach club ambiance, and the entertainment, we say, “Hell, yeah, it is!


Mövenpick Ice Cream (P350 per scoop). Flown in from Switzerland, exclusively for Ibiza Beach Club.

Our favorite so far is the Caramelita. It was so creamy, plus the caramel bits tasted like heaven! 



Make sure to stay around after dinner since the nightly performances by the Ibiza Beach Club Show Team starts around 9:00 PM.



During our visit, we witnessed the Latin performance where the team (which is composed of budding Filipino artists) showcased their sharp yet electrifying movements and high-octane tempo! Kudos to the IBC Performing Arts Academy for a world-class performance


20170426-Ibiza Beach Club-3

Overall, we like how IBC showcases proudly Filipino concepts, world-class entertainment, and a unique 15-Course Balearic-inspired Grill with Manny O Wines.  

You can also order a la Carte or just go for after-dinner drinks and still enjoy the performances. They’re also open for business lunch meetings with a lunch set meal.

It can be a bit intimidating if you visit the first time because the club seems to cater to a more mature audience. But the Beach Club space is actually designed to be enjoyed by Businessman, Professionals, Millennials, and even Families with kids and to cater to different private events or functions at the same time.

Budget about P3,000/head for the 15-Course Balearic-inspired Grill or P1,000/head for a la carte meals or drinks.


20170426-Ibiza Beach Club-1
Don’t forget to use the hashtags #IbizaBGC and #IbizaBeachClub.

6th Floor, W City Centre, 7th Avenue cor 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibizabeachclubBGC/
Instagram: @ibizabeachclubBGC
Twitter: @IbizaBGC
Phone: +632 755-1777
Mobile: +63 917 633-7499
Website: www.ibizabeachclub.global

Operating Hours: Open Daily
Monday to Friday – 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday – 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Sunday to Thursday – 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM
Friday and Saturday –  5:00 PM to 3:00 AM


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Ibiza Beach Club BGC. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Going to the restroom? You might get lost on how to operate the sink, so heres a tip…


To get the water running, turn the knob at the bottom of the faucet and not from the usual top. Dont worry, water will still come out at the bottom.

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