LIO El Nido, Palawan: A Hidden Eco-Tourism Paradise! @ElNidoTourism


Say hello to the future of Palawan. Surrounded by virgin beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and turquoise waters, Lio Eco-Tourism Estate is the crown jewel of El Nido in the making.

Located in an isolated area in my favorite island in Palawan, it’s hard to understand why this paradise hasn’t been featured as much as other travel destinations.

Join me as we uncover the hidden secrets of Lio in El Nido…

Lio Eco-Tourism Estate
Lio Beach, Bacuit Bay, El Nido Palawan
Facebook: Lio El Nido
Instagram: @LioElNido

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Lio-Eco Tourism Estate is an ongoing eco-project by Ayala Land in the mostly untouched northern portion of El Nido.



Conveniently located beside the only airport that flies directly to El Nido and just 15 minutes away from the main town, Lio Eco-tourism Estate is the up-and-coming gem of Palawan.



Planned as an ecologically sustainable tourism destination, Lio will soon be home to eco-hotels, restaurants, and residential communities that will follow world-class standards to preserve the natural beauty of El Nido…



…communities that will respect and appreciate the environment and blend well with their surroundings.



It all starts with Casa Kalaw, the first of the four upcoming hotels in this 325-hectare land area, the others being Hotel Covo, Balai Adlao, and Kalye Artisano, which are now in the works.



Rooms only serve the bare essentials so as not to create disposable trash. And the whole place is carefully designed to generate the lowest impact to nature.



Existing commercial establishments are also built to blend with nature, and local indigenous crafts were mostly used in the design of the whole estate.



Staying true to its eco-promise, Lio Estate is like a small town that has everything–from its own personal airport and jetty port, to residential and commercial establishments and a Green Farm where they harvest all their greens.



With only 55% of the estate to be commercially developed and the rest remaining as non-developable nature reserves and open spaces, tourists can truly be one with nature.



Aside from kayaking in one of Lio’s untouched lagoons, in the future Lio will also offer more truly immersive experiences to provide comfort and fun while preserving the island’s natural beauty.



Everything is done with the least impact to the environment…even their bikes are made out of bamboo!



Being just 15 mins away from the nearest town, guests at Lio can enjoy the beach all to themselves and truly enjoy this quiet paradise.



Amazingly, this quiet paradise is also home to some food and commercial establishments along its beachfront, just like this hidden spa.



Lio is also home to some of the best restaurants in El Nido, like the Pair-A-Dice Burger Bar, which serves mostly burgers and cocktails. My personal favorites were the Blazin’ Asian (P390) topped with mango salsa.

Food 2

We also got to try some of Globy Travelling Chef’s global flavors, like the Indonesian-inspired Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay (P390) and the Colombian-style salad (P990).


For those of you who simply want to relax, Bead Café is a coffee and tea shop with a twist–customers can make their own bead bracelets while they sit and enjoy their coffee.



Sunsets at Lio are also some of the best I’ve ever seen in this part of the country.



In the evenings, you can have a seafood feast at El Nido Grill and the Pukka Bar.


food 3 copy

A must-try is the Crabs in Coconut Milk (P590) and Pukka Bar’s Special Halo-Halo in Coconut.



The oven-baked pizzas from Pizza & Amore are also a welcome treat in a quiet beach resort like this. Who would’ve thought you’d find Nutella and Banana pizza in a place like this?


food 4

And what better way to end the night than with a couple of drinks from the Manille Beach Bar that uses only the best selection from the country’s oldest distillery. Another must-try at Lio Eco-Tourism Estate.



Due to its remote and undeveloped location, guests at Lio can still enjoy some of the best views of the stars.



Of course, no visit to El Nido would be complete without some island hopping. Having its own jetty port means that boats could just pick up guests from the comfort of their hotels.



Island hopping will probably be best enjoyed if you rent a fast craft like the ones that @skippercharters offer, so you spend less time traveling and more time exploring the beautiful islands.



Overall, I support Lio’s valiant effort in making an ecologically sustainable tourism destination in El Nido. All this while developing the land with the least impact to the environment.

If done right, this could possibly allow visitors to experience all of El Nido’s natural beauty while enjoying the modern comforts of a full-service resort designed to benefit nearby local communities.


Lio Eco-Tourism Estate
Lio Beach, Bacuit Bay, El Nido Palawan
Facebook: Lio El Nido
Instagram: @LioElNido

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Live an Awesome Life,

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NICO of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: Our Lio tour was courtesy of Lio Eco-tourism Estate. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Watch out for the first ever Lio Beach Festival happening on June 9-11, 2017 curated by the pioneers of Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival! 

This event will be a celebration of music, arts, and the environment; an experience of beauty and creation, all set against the beautiful backdrop of Lio Beach. The festival will be enlivened by a mix of genres–from Soul Funk, Indi Rock, Reggae, Blues, Electronic, and House, among others.

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  1. But why sell 2K sqm residential lots? You can sell 500 sqm lots and it will still be huge and still would be selective to the rich.

  2. Hi! I wanted to know if the beach in the resort itself is ok without having to island hop. We plan to bring our 2 year old and might not leave the hotel anymore as long as the beach there is already good enough. 🙂 is the sand fine enough?

  3. It‘s so a beautiful place!
    Clean, safty, green and there‘re so many different nice
    places to stay!
    I love Lio Beach ❤️.

    Hope, coming back soon. ❤️👍💋

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