INDUSTRIE FOOD LOFT: What to Eat at Ortigas’ Hippest Food Hall


Food halls are popping up all over the Metro and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

Industrie Food Loft is a 300-sqm indoor food hall located in the Ortigas Business District. It is a collection of 12 unique vendors that offer a myriad of food and drink options!

Items like melt-in-your mouth Wagyu cubes, peri-peri chicken, double-patty burgers, spicy salmon maki, juicy pork belly, fresh oysters, Singaporean street food, specialty coffee, creamy gelato, refreshing cocktails, and beer can all be found under one roof!

Here are some of our favorite picks at Industrie Food Loft…

Industrie Food Loft
2/F CityGolf Plaza, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig
Facebook: IndustrieFoodLoft

Industrie Food Loft

Industrie is located at City Golf Plaza along Julia Vargas in Ortigas. Both regular and valet parking are available. You’ll find it in the same building as the buffalo wings joint, Frankie’s. (Operating hours: Mon-Thu 4:00pm-1:00am, Fri-Sat 4:00pm-2:00 am)

With a normal casual food hall setting, the fun and hip food park has plenty of indoor and outdoor seats, with each booth having a distinct look that compliments the colorful pop-art and industrial interiors.


Industrie Food Loft

It’s also called a food loft because it’s located on the second floor.

Fun Fact: The furniture is custom-made, with some chairs having the logos visible.

Each food concept was carefully chosen with taste, quality, and uniqueness in mind.

Here’s the list of stalls available at the loft: Hoka Modern Japanese, Opster’s Kansi and Negrense Breakfast, The Broken Oven by the Olive Treat, Krates by Kopi Roti, LokLok Asian Street Food, Buns & Bros, Noonchi, The Pullet, Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken, Niku Niku, Prime Shack Mnl, and Manila Creamery.



Industrie Food Loft

Serving grilled skewers, Niku Niku (meaning meat in Japanese) fits the resto perfectly. Inspired by the street food of Taiwan and Japan, they serve four signature beef skewers– Saikoro Wagyu Cubes, U.S. Tenderloin, U.S. Hanger, and U.S. Angus Belly–that each come in customizable Asian flavors and blends.

Of the four flavors, our favorite is the house blend and the tare sauce. The house blend has an intense umami flavor while the tare sauce kind of resembles teriyaki–salty but not as sweet, with a tangy finish.

They make their own sauces and don’t use anything that comes straight from the grocery.

Menu: Niku Niku Mains



Saikoro Wagyu Cubes (P115/stick)

Their bestseller and our favorite is the Saikoro Wagyu Cubes. Juicy, umami-rich cubes that melt in your mouth like butter! Order them with the house blend or tare sauce.

U.S. Angus Belly (P75)

You can also order the U.S. Angus Belly. There’s a lot of fat in it that makes the meat soft and perfect with beer.



I love their beef skewers for being simple yet delicious. Best paired with their delicious Chahan–fried rice tossed with beef garlic and corn.



Industrie Food Loft

Manila Creamery is a local company known for their bold modern take on Italian gelato, concocted by gelato specialists Jason Go and Paolo Reyes, both with degrees from respected gelato schools in Italy.

Foodies love their products made from fresh, natural, and high-quality ingredients sourced both locally and abroad. Their local flavors include ingredients from different parts of the country, like the Malagos Chocolate from Davao, salted eggs from Bulacan, coffee beans from Benguet, and mangoes from the Visayas.

Menu: Gelato | Gelato Shake | Soft Serve Gelato



Mangga’t Suman Gelato (P100). Sticky rice gelato with mangoes and Visayan latik.

Their Mangga’t Suman Latik Gelato is their all-time bestseller and one not to miss. A deconstruction of the classic Filipino “kakanin” turned into gelato, it has creamy milky flavor from the coconut milk curd (latik) with chunks of frozen mango mixed with chewy sticky rice. Yum!

You can also try the pistachio, tutong na kanin, and cereal milk gelato.



They also serve soft-serve ice cream that comes in two flavors–Leche Flan and Mindanao Milk. They prefer milk from grass-fed cows from Mindanao for its distinct taste. Perfectly creamy yet light, with playful flavors.



Matcha Taho Shake (P180). Matcha gelato, malt gelato, taho, matcha jelly.

We also tried their Matcha Taho Gelato Shake topped with jellies and two sticks of Matcha Pocky. The combination of silky smooth taho, matcha, and malted milk has a harmonious, addicting flavor.



Industrie Food Loft

Hoka offers sushi that’s torched right in front of you! Hoka (which means torch in Japanese) fittingly describes this modern Japanese food concept with not-your-usual food items such as kimchi rolls, Philly cheese rolls, breakfast maki, and wagyu rolls.

Most of their sushi rolls, particularly the oburi-based ones, are all torched. Order the Volcano Maki, Spicy Shake Roll, and Tempura Salmon Aburi.

Menu: Sushi Rolls | Others



Spicy Shake Roll (P295)

Fresh salmon rolled in their spicy mayo sauce and nori, then topped with more salmon cubes mixed with tempura flakes.

We can’t get enough of the spicy tuna and spicy salmon combinations. We love it for its subtle heat, the sweet mayo, and the crunch of the tempura flakes.



Tempure Salmon Aburi Maki (P295). Salmon, tempura, mango, cucumber, ebiku, nori, aburi sauce.

This yummy combo gave a surprising burst of creamy goodness.



Industrie Food Loft

Buns and Bros serves up personalities for burgers! A few of what you’ll find here include “The Heartthrob”, a classic cheeseburger sandwich, and “The Assasin”, a Japanese-inspired burger with a kick.

Each one of their burgers is made from scratch, with the real stars being their innovative buns–the black bun made with Cervesa Negra and stout beer, the buttery brioche, and the black roasted sesame bun.



Eager Beaver (P235)

The Eager Beaver is their version of the McGriddle–brioche bun, maple aioli sauce, Angus beef patty, sunny side egg, and home smoked bacon. We loved the sweet, pancake-like feel of the buns and the saltiness from the cheese, bacon, and patty.



The Assassin (P215)

Their bestseller. This burger is host to a number of Japanese flavors–wasabi, nori, and miso–that blend well together with their rosasted sesame bun.

Tip: Ask for the secret menu to double the patties on your burger of choice. 



Industrie Food Loft

The husband and wife team behind this Portuguese and Filipino fusion place boasts of their fast 5-7 minute serving time, hence the name “Tornado”.

Their chicken is pre-baked and marinated and ready to be grilled as soon as the customer’s order.

Menu: Mains | Sides



Peri-Peri Chicken (P140)

Their bestseller is their juicy and perfectly grilled chicken marinated in spices and herbs, but the highlight of this dish is in their special blend of peri-peri sauce that comes in three hotness levels. We prefer the mid level (Tiger Fury) for the tangy flavor and extra kick.

For the side dishes, order their healthy grilled pumpkin.

Tip: If you don’t want rice you can opt to change it to another side.



Ribs (P225)

Their pork ribs smothered in barbecue sauce is also good!

But if you can’t choose between chicken or pork, pick the mix and match, which has both in one plate.



Industrie Food Loft

The owner of Opster’s is a native of Bacolod who’s been missing the taste of home. That’s why he decided to bring his family’s recipes of classic Ilonggo breakfast dishes to Manila.

Opster’s offers homemade adobo flakes, chorizo, karne norte, and tapa prepared just like how they do it back in Bacolod.

Menu: Opster’s Menu



Kansi (P265)

One of the Negros province’s most beloved dishes. Similar to Bulalo (Filipino Bone Marrow Soup), it is made with beef shank that is boiled tender in a bone broth and soured with batwan, a fruit reminiscent of sampaloc and mangosteen. It is then topped with young jackfruit and chili pepper. I love the marriage of flavors in the soup!



The flavors are strong and intense, just like how you’d get it in Bacolod! It’s a hearty comfort food we recommend for anyone curious about Negrense cuisine.



Industrie Food Loft

Loklok is comprised of popular Singapore, Malaysian, and Hong Kong street eats such as skewers, satay, and laksa.

Menu: Loklok Menu



Lok Lok platter (P207)

The Loklok platter offers a wide variety of delicious deep-fried and boiled skewers, ranging from fresh meat and seafood, to fish balls, quail eggs, and vegetables drenched in their own tasty sauces.



Playfully placed in mason jars, you can drown the skewers in their specialty hoisin, satay, garlic, or laksa sauces.

Our picks are the hoisin and satay.



Industrie Food Loft

Known for their signature crunchy pork belly, The Broken Oven by the Olive Treat takes their food to the next level with their play on pork and chicken.

Fun Fact: The Broken Oven got its name when the Olives’ home oven broke down due to the load of orders for their pork belly.

Menu: Mains | Appetizer



Sisig Kanin Balls (P160)

Who doesn’t love sisig and rice? These croquette-like treats are our favorites here.



PB+C Sandwich (P220)

The PB+C Sandwich is their homage to the bestselling dish of Olive Treat, the slow roasted pork belly. We liked the savory sandwich for its sweet, salty, creamy flavors.



Industrie Food Loft

Menu: Munchies | Drinks List 1 | Drinks List 2



(Cold) Krates Redeye (P160)Espresso, Milk, Krates Ice Cubes.

Coffee lovers will swoon over Kopi Roti’s new venture, Krates, a third wave coffee concept offering specialty drinks such as the Krates Redeye, a refreshing take on coffee on the rocks blended with silky caramel milk and a shot of espresso.



It’s a mix of the old and the new, with the coffee ice cubes retaining the traditional Kopi Roti blend and a shot of espresso for that strong kick (this drink can also be spiked with rum).



Cookie Butter Coffee Milkshake (P170)

As for their coffee shakes, we liked the cookie butter coffee milkshake–tons of creamy caramel and spice blended with Lotus Biscoff cookie.



Steamed Pork Siomai (P85/4pcs)

Aside from drinks, they also still serve the classic Kopi Roti coffee buns and kaya toast. We also liked their homemade siomai.



Industrie Food Loft

Apart from the basic soft drinks and beer, you’ll find On The Rocks’ concoctions, coolers, cocktails, and house blend ice teas to be very refreshing. You can even order a whole bottle of liquor!

Menu: Drink List 1 | Drink List 2


Industrie Food Loft

Coco Lychee (P60 +P85 for vodka)

For the coolers, we love their Coco Lychee–a combination of coconut water, lychee juice, and whole lychee fruit. Lychees are very sweet and a bit floral and pair well with coconut.

You can have it virgin or spiked. I prefer it spiked. 😉

Cucumber Ice Tea (P60)

We like their house blend ice tea; the addition of the cucumber makes it even more refreshing and bright!



We love Industrie Food Loft! Go on a food trip here and satisfy your cravings with a variety of quick eats housed under one roof.

It’s a perfect hangout for friends and family. And if you happen to be working in the Ortigas area, it’s a great place to grab a bottle of beer after a long day at the office. Budget about P500/head.


Industrie Food Loft
2/F CityGolf Plaza, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig
Facebook: IndustrieFoodLoft


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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Industrie Food Loft. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.

P.S. Congratulations to owners Kenneth Lachica, Kevin Lachica, Kriby Lachica, Maemae Lachica, Lauren Laudico, and Angela Lachica.

Industrie Food Loft

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