8 Ways to Give Back to Your Parents #StepUp with Visa

Our generation of Filipinos are known to have very tight-knit families. And one of the most beautiful family traditions we have here in the Philippines is how children, once they’re older, genuinely want to give back to their parents for all the years of love and support they received.


Here are some ways we can still continue this tradition…

1. Fulfill their forgotten travel dreams. This could be a postponed honeymoon in Hawaii or the Bahamas, or even an abandoned trip to the Holy Land because they needed to pay for your and your brother’s education. Purchase those tickets with Visa.


2. Volunteer to live with your parents and honor them with your loving presence each day.  

3 generation family

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When one gets married, the norm is to move out and live life on your own. This is what I did when I got married, but in recent time, I’ve had the opportunity to live with my parents again. They’re getting older and my wife and I feel that they need to be with people they can trust. 

It’s indeed a challenging life having two queens in the home, but who else will take care of them? We may not always be there physically, but we try to help out in different ways. They have also been a big help in taking care of our boys, especially when we are away for work.  


3. Pay for the bill every time. Enjoy a hassle-free dining experience with Visa.

This is automatic for us…my brother and I would always take care of the bill.


4. Teach them patiently when they ask for help with their computer or something on the internet.   


Our parents also need to keep up with times. It’s actually a big reassurance for them to be updated and connected with what’s happening with their children.


5. Contribute to the household expenses. Use your Visa for automatic payment of your utility bills–water, electricity, mobile, or cable.   


6. Join them for their health check-ups in the clinic or hospital. Now is the time to step up and take care of them.   

grandparents in hospital

This is also a good time to bond with them, especially with with how long the waiting at the doctors can get.


7. Buy them that book, gadget, or special gift online that isn’t available in Manila. Shop online securely with Visa


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8. Finish strong and start new traditions with your parents now that you’re all grown-up, like monthly dinners or annual trips.


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Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Visa. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

 P.S. Can’t wait for my own 4 boys to grow up in the next decade. I wonder how they will step up?

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