5 Exclusive Restaurants Worth Going to in Newport Mall!

https://www.youtube.com/embed/Jr2acFHgcZY Be an adventurous foodie and satisfy your appetite with different flavors from around the world! Whether it’s tasting one of New York’s finest steakhouses, giving in to those seafood cravings with Hawaiian shrimp buckets and poke bowls, enjoying all your favorite Chinese dishes in one sitting, having a food trip in their bustling indoor Japanese market, or simply chilling over a cup of coffee in a luxuriously inviting space, there’s more than one reason to visit these raved about exclusive restos in Newport Mall…   NEWPORT MALL Newport Blvd (Opposite NAIA Terminal 3), Pasay City, Philippines Contact: +632 ‎908-8888 E-mail: customerservice@rwmanila.com Instagram: @NewportMall_ Facebook: NewportMall Website: www.megaworldlifestylemalls.com/mall/newport-mall Related Blog Post: The Secrets of Newport Mall (this July)! 1.  Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Newport Arguably one of the best steakhouses in New York, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener opened its first branch in the Philippines in partnership with Raymund Magdaluyo and Marvin Agustin.   Newport What we love about Wolfgang’s is how they’ve brought the New York quality to all of their restaurants. Every detail from the procedures, service, cooking, and dry-aging, down to the meat itself is the same as how you would get it in their New York branch.   Untitled Wolfgang Steakhouse Menu: Lunch Menu | Dinner Menu | Dessert Menu The meats are flown in fresh and never frozen! Dry-aging is a highly controlled process that allows the beef’s natural enzymes to break down connective tissues in the muscles, resulting in a tender slab of meat. Humidity and low-temperature levels evaporate moisture–this enhances the beefy flavor of the USDA Prime steaks. On average, this process takes about 28 days.   Newport

Porterhouse for Two (P4,498 +10% service charge). 1kg of USDA Prime Beef.

Wolfgang’s signature is the USDA Prime Porterhouse, best cooked rare to medium for the fullest flavor and texture.

Your steak comes with a marker ranging from red to black (rare to well done). We absolutely loved how meaty and intense the flavor of ours was. The tender steak was not gamey either!   Newport Wolfgang’s Salad (P438 +10% service charge). String beans, prawn, bacon, tomatoes, and onions. We also recommend ordering Wolfgang’s Salad, which is another signature of theirs.   Newport

German Potatoes (P258 +10% service charge). Potato sautéed with butter and onions, then baked.

We really liked the simplicity of the German potatoes as they provided the perfect carb fix to complete our dining experience. Spinach (P398 +10% service charge). Creamed, Sautéed, or Steamed. Order the creamed spinach if you want something delicate and light-tasting on the side.   Newport WOLFGANG’S STEAKHOUSE 2nd Level Newport Mall, Pasay City, Philippines Email: wolfgangssteakhouseph@gmail.com Website: www.wolfgangssteakhouse.ph Facebook: WolfgangsSteakhousePH Instagram: @WolfgangsSteakhousePH Read more: WOLFGANG’S STEAKHOUSE: Best Dry-Aged Porterhouse Steak now in Manila!   2. Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimphouse  Newport Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimphouse is making waves at Newport Mall with their tropical Hawaiian selection of shrimp buckets, crabs, and healthy poke bowls! The name Kahuku comes from a small town in Hawaii famous for its shrimp trucks lined up along the highway.   Newport Johnny Kahuku’s was brought by the same group behind seafood-loving restaurants Red Crab, Clawdaddy’s, and Blackbeard’s Seafood Island.   Newport Menu: Appetizers & Salads | Specials | Poke Bowls  | Shrimp Trucks | Meat & Rice | Endings Famous for their poke bowls and shrimp trucks, the restaurant prepared Newport exclusive dishes in-store for this month of July.   Newport Sambal Shrimps Bucket (P658). Fried White Shrimps in Sambal Chili Sauce, Topped with Tempura Flakes. Our favorite is the Sambal Shrimp Bucket! Sambal is a popular spicy Southeast Asian condiment made from chilies and onions. There are many variations of sambal with some being quite spicy but ours was on the sweet side. The result is a crunchy bite of delicious plump shrimp coated with spicy sweet sambal and white tempura flakes for that crunchy bite.   Newport Coconut Red Curry Shrimp Bucket (P598). White Shrimps, Coconut Curry Sauce with Marble Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Grapes, and Broccoli. The shrimps were fresh and succulent. You can taste the intense flavors of the coconut milk and a bit of spicy red chilis and curry infused in the dish.   Newport Salted Egg Shrimps Bucket (P658). White Shrimps and Corn in Salted Egg and Coconut Kaffir Sauce. While the salted egg is a go-to favorite, I would have preferred more of the salted egg flavor rather than the overpowering taste of the coconut kaffir sauce.   Newport Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimphouse 2nd Level Newport Mall, Pasay City, Philippines Contact: +632 856-0087 E-mail: johnnykahuku.ph@gmail.com Facebook: johnnykahuku Website: www.rwmanila.com/restaurants/johnny-kahuku   3.  Ichiba Japanese Market Newport Find all your Japanese favorites like sashimi, gyoza, tempura, takoyaki, yakitori, oysters, and even King Crabs at Ichiba Japanese Market! Ichiba, which means “market”, brings to Manila the nostalgic feeling of hitting up the bustling and renowned Tsukiji, Kuromon, and Hokkaido seafood markets in Japan.   Newport Ichiba Menu: Rolls & Sashimi | Streetfood | Meat | Donburi & Tempura | Dessert & Drinks Their interiors are my favorite part, screaming with the energetic ambiance of Japan’s famous markets, with huge tanks filled with fresh live seafood, snack stalls where you can watch as they cook in front of you, and even cute sea creature headpieces and props for a memorable photo.   Newport Oyster Sashimi (3 pieces x P320 = P960) Cooking Charge: P130 Check out this huge Japanese Oyster! I actually prefer the  sashimi version sitting in Pon-Zu sauce. The oysters were delicious paired with the citrus juice mixed with soy sauce and rice vinegar.   Newport You can also have them steamed with roasted garlic.   Newport Ichiba Roll (P330) Something different from the usual California Maki is their signature Ichiba Roll. You’ll love the generous portions of kani mix, salmon skin, tamago, mango, and ebi tempura paired with their Japanese sushi rice!   Newport Assorted Yakitori (P560). 2pcs each of Gyukushi, Quail Egg, Negima, and Pork Belly. There’s also something for meat lovers! Tender, bite-sized beef, chicken, and pork fillet yakitori brushed with their flavorful secret sauce that’s great for sharing! Our favorite is, of course, the Wagyu/Angus Cubes. Smoky, juicy, umami-rich cubes that melt in your mouth like butter!   Newport Live Catfish (290p x P350/kg = P101.5) (Cooking Charge= P130) Both kids and kids-at-heart would love the Fishing & Eating Adventure, where you can reel in your own meal!   Newport We had our catfish deep fried, salt and pepper style.   Newport Ichiba Japanese Market 2nd Level Newport Mall, Pasay City, Philippines Mobile: +63917 732 2176 Facebook: IchibaPH Website: www.rwmanila.com/restaurants/ichiba-japanese-market   4. Johnny Chow Newport Johnny Chow is a hip Chinese restaurant with a striking façade and colorful ambiance that’s not hard to miss when strolling along the 2nd floor of the Newport Mall. While its menu mainly serves Chinese bestsellers, the restaurant is also a melding of contemporary Asian cuisines, bringing in Thai, Korean, and Singaporean favorites.   Newport Johnny Chow Menu: Full Menu The Johnny Chow concept was put together by the same people behind the successful John and Yoko, Sumo Sam, and Mr. Kurosawa restaurants in Manila. With servers in violet wigs and classy pop fashion, plus an eccentric interior, the restaurant’s colorful ambiance raises curiosity and imagination for the adventurous foodie.   Newport Famous Hot Prawn with Candied Walnut (P390) The tangy-sweetness of the fruits and the mayonnaise dressing complements the sweetness of the juicy lightly fried prawns, making this dish a favorite among loyal patrons.   Newport Deep Fried Squid in Salted Egg (P415) Salted egg yolk fans will love this Asian version of the calamari!   Newport Cereal Prawn (P525) The crispy cereal is already quite satisfying by itself, with the right crunch and shrimp flavor.   Newport Yang Chow Rice with BBQ Pork (P350) Don’t forget to order their Yang Chow fried rice that goes well with all their dishes. Newport Johnny Chow 2nd Level Newport Mall, Pasay City, Philippines Contact: +632 659-8353 E-mail: info@johnnychow.ph Website: www.johnnychow.ph   5. Cafe Maxims Newport Are you waiting for a delayed flight? While waiting, why not treat yourself to tea, coffee, or merienda at Cafe Maxims located in an elegant lobby filled with comfortable couches in a luxurious setting. Aside from being a venue for family and friends, it’s also a favorite spot for quick meetings. Did I mention they’re offering classic Pinoy breakfast available all day for only PHP88 Net! Besides drinks, Cafe Maxims also offers a variety of food choices…   Newport Premium Bibingka (P320). Pinoy rice cake with cheese and salted egg. Their bibingka is delicious with butter spread on top.   Newport Beef with Goat Cheese Sandwich (P620).White baguette with seared Cajun beef and sautéed capsicums, in mushroom gravy sauce and pommery mustard topped with goat cheese. Served with fries or side salad. Grilled, beefy goodness on good bread paired with earthy mushrooms and tangy-salty-goaty-buttery cheese adding that perfect amount of moisture to the sandwich. The bread was a bit tough, but that’s how I like my baguettes anyway.   Newport Coffee Toffee Nut (P468). Danish dough base bread filled with coffee flavored custard, chopped dark chocolate & chopped cashew nuts, glazed with apricot & topped with coffee crumble, cashew nuts & icing sugar fondant. I love this bread that has a croissant-like texture and goes perfectly well with their tea or coffee. Cafe Maxims Ground Floor Maxims Hotel, Pasay City, Philippines Telephone: +632 908-8885 Website: www.rwmanila.com/restaurants/cafe-maxims   Newport NEWPORT MALL Newport Blvd (Opposite NAIA Terminal 3), Pasay City, Philippines Contact: +632 ‎908-8888 E-mail: customerservice@rwmanila.com Instagram: @NewportMall_ Facebook: NewportMall Website: www.megaworldlifestylemalls.com/mall/newport-mall Related Blog Post: The Secrets of Newport Mall (this July)!   Live an Awesome Life,

Team Our Awesome Planet Disclosure: We curated this post in collaboration with Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights.  P.S. Most of the flagship restaurants are single restaurants exclusive to Newport Mall except Johnny Kahuku with a second branch in Eastwood Mall already.

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