Pepita’s Kitchen: How to Organize a Filipino Feast the Lechon Diva Way?!

Pepita's Buffet

You haven’t experienced Filipino Culture until you have been invited and have eaten a Filipino Feast with a Filipino Family at home.

Dedet, known as the Lechon Diva, shows us how to throw a Filipino Feast with style and deliciousness in your own home.

Here’s a photo essay of our Filipino Fiesta experience catered by Pepita’s Kitchen:


A long communal family table serves as the center of the celebrations with a Filipino table setting.


Create a conversation centerpiece of Filipino Culture knick knacks and Pinoy chi cha like chicharon and chocnut.



Start with unique appetizers something small but tasty, and light enough to spice up your appetite.


Pepita's Filipino Fiesta-2.jpg
Southsea Pearls Seafood

It’s like a savory sago appetizer with seafood in a seashell container.


Bulalo and Oxtail Marmalade

Take it easy on this Bone Marrow and Oxtail marmalade crostini toppings so as not to ruin your appetite.


Pepita's Filipino Fiesta-3.jpg
Lechon Scone by Mr. Thomas

You don’t need a Mang Tomas sauce to enjoy Pepita’s Lechon. So for people who are asking for the sauce, Dedet created a scone with lechon and Mang Tomas flavor.


Pepita's Buffet
Make your Own Palabok

I like my palabok with little noodles and overflowing sauce and unlimited toppings. 


Make your Own Lumpia

Most people would eat this lumpia hubad (naked) without rolling it in the lumpia wrapper to save on the effort and the carbs.


Mixed Seafoods with Labuyo Sauce

Mixed seafood platter with Labuyo sauce, shrimp, crab, corn and Spanish chorizo to balance off the meat-heavy feast.


Pepita's Buffet
Crab Gulong – Gulong

Crab served himay na with aligue and secret sauce. It’s so good mapapagulong ka sa sarap!  


DSC01676.jpgKare Kare

The kare kare sauce with oxtail paired with bagoong with vegetables on the sides.


Pepita's Buffet
A Filipino Feast is not complete without a Lechon!


Pepita's Buffet
Cebuana Lechon

A feminine less salty version of the Cebu Lechon stuffed with sili (chili), bawang (garlic), tanglad (lemon grass) and a secret ingredient.


Serve the lechon by cutting a doorway in its belly to showcase the stuffing and the aroma.


Pepita's Buffet
The secret ingredient is chicken wings!


Pepita's Buffet
I would get the ribs and belly part, a good chunk of the stuffing, and a big slice of the thin crispy skin.


Tagalog Lechon

The 2nd lechon has a Tagalog stuffing made of marbled potatoes, garlic bulb, siling sigang, and kalamansi.


Make sure to get your camera ready to capture the best ringtone or the most exciting part of slicing the lechon.


Pepita's Buffet

The best way to eat this is to mash the potato and the garlic bulb to eat with the lechon meat.


Pepita's Buffet
We would usually ask for the Lechon head, take it home and enjoy it as Lechon Paksiw.

 Pepita's Buffet
We never miss a chance to eat at Pepita’s Kitchen or to an event catered by the Lechon Diva.


Chicken with Portobello Mushroom & Rice

Pepita’s now serves Chicken stuffed with portobello mushroom, pine-nuts, and rice.


Pepita's Buffet
Chicken with Bread Stuffing and Foie Gras

The chicken is baked, deboned and stuffed with the bread drenched in butter with foie gras.


Pepita's Buffet
Seafood Arrozcaldo

The Arroz Caldo was a bit too heavy already but it’s perfect to take home and eat for merienda.



Ginger and Avocado Ice Candy

This will bring you back to your childhood days, and the ginger is best to clean the palate and the creamy avocado for a sweet ending.



As they say, a good meal creates a lasting impression and good bonding memories with new and long time friends.


Guinataang Monggo

A Filipino Feast usually ends in a heavy Filipino dessert.  


Bread Pudding with Macapuno

Reminds you of the leftover pandesal your mom turned into a pudding that your mom used to make at home. 


Pepita's Buffet

You can now have a Filipino Feast in your own home catered by Pepita’s Kitchen!  

The Lechon Diva now provides full or semi-catering for lunch/merienda/dinner/lamay services for a minimum of 15 people at your own home with 1-2 weeks lead time. She has a wide array of menu and can work within your specified budget.

For more info, please email to organize your own Filipino Feast.


Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Dedet. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. Make sure to plan for a take home pasalubong like this Lechon Diva Divalicious Labuyo Sauce!


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