TEPPAN OKOCHI by Mangetsu Osaka: Finest Osaka Teppanyaki by Chef Akihiro Okochi!

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TEPPAN OKOCHI is an authentic Japanese fine dining Teppanyaki restaurant in BGC by Grand Chef Akihiro Okochi of Mangetsu Osaka in Japan.

They specialize in quality seafood and beef from Japan, cooked on Iron Plates (Teppan) and paired with unique Japanese Sake and carefully selected wines from Napa Valley.

It is the first restaurant by the Dize Link Philippines group offering the finest taste of Osaka Cuisine featuring Okonomiyaki, Wagyu Beef, and Eel, with a carefully designed Japanese ambiance in the heart of BGC.

Here’s what to expect and what to order at Teppan Okochi…

TEPPAN OKOCHI by Mangetsu Osaka
Unit 7, Ground Floor, Ore Square Building, 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Facebook: Teppan Okochi by Mangetsu Osaka
Telephone: +63 917 795 0051
Email: teppanokochi@gmail.com
Instagram: @teppanokochi
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM

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Make sure to reserve the best seats in the house around the main Teppanyaki chef’s table. 


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You can also reserve the mini-private rooms if you want a more intimate and private affair.


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Teppan Okochi Menu: Chef Okochi’s Course Menu | Wagyu Steak Course and Eel Course | Meat A la carte | Seafood A la Carte | Yakisoba A la Carte | Appetizer A la Carte | Vegetables and Egg A la Carte | Rice A la Carte | Dessert Menu | Lunch Menu | Lunch Course Menu | Drinks Menu

It’s best to go for Chef Okochi’s Course menu ranging from P2,500 (Wagyu), P3,500 (Angus & Wagyu), P3,800 (Eel), and P5,000/head for the Wagyu course.

They also serve an a la Carte menu and the Chef’s Recommendation based on what’s in season in Japan.



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6 Kinds of Appetizers: (first row) Tako Wasabi, Ebi Mentayco, Nori Tamago (second row) Oyster Omelette, Chicken Teriyaki, Yaki Nasu

The Chef Okochi courses start with an array of mini-appetizers, from 3 kinds for the Angus course and up to 6 kinds for the Wagyu course. 

We liked the playful display of appetizers to start the course specially the big oyster wrapped in an omelet, grilled eggplant, and the octopus wasabi. 


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Bogle Chardonnay (P450/glass, P2,200/bottle)Smooth and creamy, this is moderately rich and succulent, offering an elegant mix of pear, honeydew, and fig, with touches of citrus and spice. Ends clean and pure.

Chef Okochi-san loves California wines, which pair nicely with the Japanese Teppanyaki, like this crisp Chardonnay with fruity notes and a creamy finish from Bogle Vineyards.


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Assorted Grilled Vegetables (P480)

Today’s fresh salad is lightly cooked on the teppan to give it that grilled taste and topped with cheese.



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The seafood meats are imported from Japan and expertly cooked by Chef Okochi and his team. 


Teppan Okochi -5.jpgThe scallops are the big ones you see in Tsukiji, which costs about P600/3 pcs. when ordered a la carte.  


Teppan Okochi -12.jpgNothing beats eating seafood freshly cooked on the teppan and served by the chef himself


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We love how the Chef cooked the seafood–Oyster in Garlic Butter, Teriyaki Scallops, and Shrimp in Truffle Oil! Yum! 



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A5 Wagyu Steak 
Omi Beef Chateau Brian (A5 rank) 100g – P4,900
Omi Beef Rib Eye (A5 rank) 100g – P4,200
Wagyu of the day (A5 rank) 100g – P3,500

The restaurant specializes in only the best A5 Wagyu Steak from Japan with a nice marbling.

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I like how chef seared the sides of the steak on the teppan, making sure not to overcook the inside.


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Then it is cut into cubes and the sides are carefully seared one by one.


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The resulting steak is tender but not too soft, with each piece having a good bite.

It’s flavorful by itself — no need for sauce, just a bit of salt to taste.


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Shafer Merlot (P7,000/bottle). From the first pour, the wine opens an of abundance enticing aromas and mouth-coating flavors of fresh summer berries, dark plums, and strawberries, fresh herbs, and flowers all presented with juicy energy, surrounded by seamlessly textured tannins that will age attractively with cellaring.

Chef recommended Shafer Merlot from Napa Valley 2014 vintage to cut through the fattiness of the A5 Wagyu.



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Prime unajyu “Kiwami” two layer using 2.5 pieces of unagi – P1,590
Deluxe unajyu “tokujyo”  using 2.5 pieces of unagi – P1,290
Superior unajyu “jyo” using 2.5 pieces of unagi – P970

This eel course transports you to Osaka and is as good as the ones in Japan. 

The Japanese eel is sourced locally from a breeder from Butuan.



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The Okonomiyaki is the specialty of Chef Akihiro in Mangetsu Osaka. You must taste the Okochi difference.


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Original Mangetsu Special Okonomiyaki (P580)

You enjoy it like a Japanese pizza with lots of toppings – Osaka Okonomiyaki-style. 


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It was awesome experiencing this with our good college friends, Ana and Meli, who were visiting from the US.



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Three Kinds of Assorted Japanese Sweets (P360)

It was surprising how good their wagashi traditional Japanese mochi desserts: Macha Mochi with Black Syrup made of Moscovado Sugar, Sakura Mochi with edible Sakura Leaf and Kudu Apricot

(Note: The handmade wagashi changes every 2 months and a total of 18 kinds per year.)

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Congratulations to Grand Chef Akihiro Okochi-san for one of the most authentic Japanese restaurants in BGC!

Chef looks serious at the start, but he’s cool once you get to interact with him. 


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Overall, this is the perfect place to treat your special someone or celebrate that special milestone with the fine taste of Osaka cuisine. We love the Japanese Seafood (Scallops, Shrimps, Oysters), A5 Wagyu Steak, Eel course, and Osaka Okonomiyaki paired with either special Sake or wines from Napa Valley.

Budget about P1,000/head for a la Carte course or P2,500/head to 5,000/head for Chef Okochi’s courses.

This is indeed one of the finest Teppanyaki places in Manila! Congrats to Daniel Labudahon and partners for successfully opening Teppan Okochi by Mangetsu Osaka in Manila!


TEPPAN OKOCHI by Mangetsu Osaka
Unit 7, Ground Floor, Ore Square Building, 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Facebook: Teppan Okochi by Mangetsu Osaka
Telephone: +63 917 795 0051
Email: teppanokochi@gmail.com
Instagram: @teppanokochi
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM


Live an Awesome Life,


Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com  

Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of Chef Akihiro Okochi. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights.  

P.S. It’s located in a new Ore Square building in front of the BGC Basketball Court and beside Forty Winks along 31st st. corner 9th Avenue.

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  1. Was there to celebrate my husband Vic’s bday with some close friends from community. Wud u believe, I met him inside the elevator of the condo where he & we live! Lost no time to go there and I must say the food, the personalized attention was spotless! You can go to “Fbigt” and see how thumbs up we all were. Aside fm this i think we had in the process bn blessed w/cooking secrets and tips!
    (I still hv your picture w/Gaita Fores & ur lovely wife during one of our Italian cooking sessions at the hotel in BGC)

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