OhGK! (Oregano Honey Ginger Kalamansi): The Best Healthy Tea Drink in Manila! @GawadKalingaHQ

OhGK!, is a promising start-up health drink boutique from Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farms in Bulacan Philippines.



Their flagship beverage combines oregano, ginger, and calamansi that has been lightly sweetened with honey

Light and refreshing what makes OhGK special is the health benefits it draws from its 100% natural and organic ingredients. 


Gawad Kalinga Enchanted FarmsPandi-Angat Rd, Angat, Bulacan Philippines 
Facebook: @OhGKNatural


We caught up with Danilo Allen (one of the founders of OhGK) at the Bamboo Villa, the very place where OhGK was envisioned — over a year ago.



Danilo explained how he grew up as a scavenger, and how it hard it was for him and his family to live day by day constantly on the look out for food and shelter.

His life turned around when he was accepted into the SEED program at Enchanted Farms.

Now, 7 years later, Danilo started his first social enterprise. OhGK! earns him nearly 35k a month, he hopes his story inspires the younger generations at the farm.


Next, we spoke with Nanay Gloria, who’s oregano tea was the inspiration behind OhGK. 

Nanay Gloria lives on Enchanted Farm and has been a helping hand and surrogate Grandmother to many of the students here.

Nanay was the one who helped Danilo formulate OhGK.



Nanay Gloria explained the health benefits of herbs and using organic produce.

And she is more than happy to share her knowledge with anyone who is willing to learn.



Oregano, is a herb that is used in a wide variety of cuisines, especially popular in Italian cooking, and the main ingredient in OhGK!.

However, many people are unaware of the health benefits of oregano.

Oregano is beneficial to the lungs and helps with respiratory tract disorders, it also helps fight gastrointestinal disorders, menstrual cramps, and urinary tract disorders.

(If applied topically, it relieves symptoms of minor acne and dandruff.)


100% natural honey is of Mother Nature’s best sources of antioxidants and is the sweetener in OhGK.



Gingers health benefits are well known in Asia.

Ginger is can treat many forms of nausea and is especially effective against morning sickness. It can also reduce muscle pain and soreness — ginger is what gives OhGK its pleasant bite.



Calamansi, is another ingredient, giving OhGK a citrusy zest that balances the earthiness of the oregano.

Calamansi is a rich source of vitamin-C and helps to reduce cholesterol and can help to control diabetes. 

(Calamansi is also known as “Musk lime” and is a species of citrus endemic to the Philippines also spelled as Kalamansi.) 


OhGK! is more than just a health drink.  The people behind this delicious start-up, have compelling stories that will move and inspire anyone willing to listen.

Keep an eye out for OhGK as it makes it debut on the Manila markets later this year!

Congratulations Danilo and everyone behind Oh,GK!


Gawad Kalinga Enchanted FarmsPandi-Angat Rd, Angat, Bulacan Philippines 
Facebook: @OhGKNatural


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SEAN NOLAN of Team Our Awesome Planet

Disclosure: The video, photos and blog post are the outputs of our first Creator Camp in GK Enchanted Farm in Bulacan! I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. 

P.S. OhGK! will be joining 30+ other vendors at the Ultimate Taste Test Pro Edition 2017 this September 2-3 at the Glorietta Activity Center. Buy your tickets at www.ultimatetastetest.com

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